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Nana and Tracey

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This is the first time since creating this blog that I've been able to recall any kind of dream memory.

Anyway, I remember being in Nana's place. She is deceased in waking life, but in the dream she was living in a similar kind of property that she used to live in before she had her stroke. It was a bungalow.

Some kids were messing around in her garden without her permission. We rushed outside, and I saw quite a few of them hanging about messing around in her garden near the fence. I saw a bronze or copper coloured bicycle by the front door. I started yelling at the kids to clear off. Poor Nana, she looked a bit shocked and concerned at my yelling and screaming. It mirrored my waking life. These days I am very stressed out and highly strung. I have been losing patience and yelling more often.

Anyway, one of the boys stepped forward, looking sullen and I instantly received the impression that he was being this way because of negative stuff happening to him in his life. I looked at him, and then pulled him into a hug and took him indoors for a chat so that I could try to help him.

I'm not sure if this is the same dream, but I recall talking to Tracey, who is a middle-aged woman I've known since I was a kid. She is unemployed and a toker. I asked her if she could obtain some pot for me. She exclaimed, "I thought you'd never ask!" and promised me she would get me some. I remember there being a big room which was vacated. It was up for rental, and it felt a bit heavy, a bit dim. I think I was considering moving into there. I remember thinking it was similar to Tracey's place.

In waking life, I don't smoke anything, and I'm no longer a toker. I quit in 2005 and haven't had any pot since then. But recent events have been making me consider buying some just to ease the pressure and to help me get to sleep easier. I hope I continue to resist the temptation.

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