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Coralie's Manifestation Manual Step One

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This Manual has appeared in a few sites that have been either taken down or revamped, so I have decided to post it here, as a Blog.

Coralie's Manifestation Manual
Copyright 2011 by Coralie S. Fer♥♥♥♥♥z
This manual can be copied provided a link is included to this copy.


First of all, this is a manifestation manual. It's not about the 'why' or 'why nots' of manifestation- it's a how-to. I'm sure you can find many other articles about why it works or why someone may believe it doesn't. This is not what it's for.

The methods that I will explain are methods that I have learned from various sources, and I will illustrate them the way I have put them to use. They have personally worked for me- because I 'knew' they would. If you want to derive some benefit from it, one thing to do is to believe it will work, or at least to believe it can- and to follow the steps in order. This is important- to not do it would be like to cleaning up your closet without throwing anything out- unless you already dispose of excessive things in your daily life it just won't work.

Catalogue and List

Find out what you really want.
Do you really want an object, or the way it makes you feel? Ponder this, for it is very important. Once you have identified what you want, remember how it makes you feel, for that is very important for the process.

Denials, False Beliefs. Things that Stand in your Way.

Why can't you have it? Make a list of the reasons why you don't feel you have it. Can you afford it? Is money the problem? Do you not feel deserving of the object? Is there something about the object that makes you stop and doubt why you canít have it? List as many reasons you can for not being able to have it- from the inconsequential, ridiculous to the very serious.
Put this list aside for later.

Now you will get into your psychology. Your ideas, where they came from, and how to verify them. If you were born into a religion, you need to make a list of the beliefs about yourself and the world that come from it. Next put down the ideas about the world you got from your parents, no matter if they are ideas you no longer believe. It is irrelevant at this point- you heard it from them, so it goes into the list. Next, make a list of ideas you have gotten from your peers (friends, coworkers, etc.) For example, if you work in an office you may hear jokes like "another day another penny" etc. Then, lastly, write about the ideas you have obtained from society at large: What you see on TV, what your political party of choice tells you about society, etc.

The past and how it affects you

Now, here comes the longest, most tedious part, the part that may be painful, but must be dealt with: Take the first 'worldview list', the one from your parents and religion, and ask yourself how to reconcile those ideas with what you want. If you grew up in a religion that preaches poverty as a good thing, then wanting a big fancy car may be incompatible with your wish. If you grew up in a family in which privation was the norm, in which people with money were looked down on, then you becoming one of them may cause internal conflict. It is at this point in which you must decide where your desire is coming from. If you desire something that is incompatible with your deeply held beliefs, it will not come into fruition until it is reconciled. At this moment you must decide- is this desire ok for me to have? Is it selfish, will it deprive someone else? It is this moment when deep introspection is necessary: If you wish for a harmonious family life then it wouldn't seem to cause an internal conflict- if you wish for a million dollars so you can have some sort of revenge on someone (negative need) then the results can backfire on you. If you recognize that some of the beliefs you grew up with are no longer what you believe now, then this is the moment in which you must challenge them, because plainly rejecting them isn't going to work. This is where some of the homework is. At this point, you have to:

* Take the list of beliefs you made, and disprove them. If you believe that "money is the root of all evil" then you must look it up: Itís (for example in this case) "the love of money is the root of all evil". This is a very important thing to realize; both sentences don't mean the same thing, and the first one (which is incorrect, but the one you hear most repeated) can make you make unfortunate choices when it comes down to handling it.
This may be painful, but you have to do this process with all the beliefs that are not in line with your goal. If this is not possible then you need to get another goal. It's that simple.

When you have gone through all your lists, (which could take a while), you will then make a list of the beliefs you have discarded, and a list of the beliefs you have kept or substituted. You will then, make a ceremony and burn down the discarded beliefs, and flush them down the toilet. You will then keep your new list of beliefs for later.

No, you're not done. This is the one that is most painful:
* Make a list of all the people who have hurt you deeply, and write what they did to you. Then find a way to forgive them. I don't mean 'pretend that it was ok'; that is not forgiveness, that is denial. One way is to revisit what happened, see what part you had in the situation, and then forgive them for what they did to you, and ask (mentally) for forgiveness for whatever part you had in the situation.

Once that is done, and it may take a long time, you may then decide who stays in your life and who doesnít, and emotionally let them go- I donít mean leave your wife/girlfriend/husband, etc. I mean do a severing ritual/meditation and emotionally let them go. That way even if they are there they wonít have a hold on your emotions. Do this as many times as possible. This is extremely important because in manifesting, you must claim your God-given power, and a victim is a person who has given away their power to someone else. So victimhood must go. If you feel a sense of nobility in victimhood, it's time to go back to your lists of beliefs-and find out where it came from, and go through this 'debunking' process before you continue.

These steps may have to be taken more than once, because sometimes in your life stuff comes up that you thought was resolved. It is ok to 'start all over'- There is never finality in this process. While we exist in this three-dimensional existence things do and will come up.

At this point your list of 'why I canít have/do this' should be empty.

Please see Step Two for 'On to Manifesting'

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