The Matrix - Reloaded

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Years ago the first Matrix movie stirred peoples' imaginations. What fascinates me in hindsight is not that it did, but what aspects of it did. Putting all its illogical and less convincing elements aside, "Matrix" had a strong archetypal story lost on many. Instead, many preferred its more negative or paranoid aspects.

A man finds, through unexpected events in his life, that reality is not as he expected. He learns that it is a carefully crafted illusion. He wakes up for the first time, only to find that he never before used the senses and abilities of his true self. He overcomes this atrophy and meets the challenges of his new life, he tries to push hard and attempts to battle his way to freedom. He dies and is reborn, and as he is, he realises that he transcended the need to fight and that his personal demons have no more hold on him, that he transcended the negativity that surrounded him and got access to reality-changing powers by seeing what truly is.

That story was a good one, it would have sufficed. Trying to extend it left a lame feeling that always happens when you take the same amount of content and try to expand it into more of the same (or rather less).

And I have to say that back then I couldn't recognise it for what it was, either. I was not prone to adopting a negative worldview, but I wasn't ready to acknowledge a deeper view of it either.

Guess I know Kung Fu now.

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