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    There are an enormous variety of spirits: with good and bad and all the range between. Humans have associated with many of these, knowingly and unknowingly, since the dawn of humankind. This is reflected in language to a certain extent. Many old sayings and cliches indicate knowledge of spirit/human interactions.

    For example: I'm not myself today; I don't know what came over me; he's in low spirits; you're in high spirits; I don't know what possessed me; the children have the devil in them today; go to hell; it was heaven sent; you're an angel; you're a devil; I'm in heaven; she's in seventh heaven; the wind howled like a banshee; something spooked him; he played like a man possessed; someone just walked over my grave; et cetera.

    And words like God; Heaven, Hell, Hades, Purgatory, Limbo, black magic; Voodoo; The Devil; The Big Kuhuna; black Sabbath; Witchcraft, Spell; Succubus, Incubus, Poltergeist, Sylph, Salamander, Undine, gnome, Vampire, Werewolf, Haunting, Evil Spirit, Imp, Gargoyle, Harpy, Mischievous Spirit, Demon, Pixie, Fairy, Elf, Troll, Dragon, Satan, Angel, Archangel; Karma, Universal Law, Astral, Maya, Avatar, Nature Spirit, Elemental, ...

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    A New Approach to Life and Greater Spiritual Reality

    In the mid nineteen-eighties, I experienced a serious belief system challenge. Glaring contradictions arose at every turn, between my ongoing hard-life experiences and popularly accepted New Age concepts of spiritual reality. I struggled to comprehend and integrate my experience with this paradigm, being forced time and time again to accept illogical compromises. But adaptation of my life experience soon became impossible and I began suffocating under its awkward burden. The popular model rapidly became unworkable in a ...

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    When persons are nearing death, their auras change dramatically. As a mystic and healer with many years experience, I have probably had more opportunities than most to observe the auras of people with terminal illnesses, in the weeks, days, hours and minutes prior to their death.

    The first auric symptoms of approaching death through illness are difficult to diagnose for what they actually are. The etheric aura just starts fading away, very gradually, ...

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    Reincarnation is in my opinion an overly simplified concept, designed to be easily understood and accepted by the general population. But the theory of reincarnation falls down sharply when closely examined.

    That is, if you understand how standard linear time sense behaves in higher dimensional levels, i.e., time sense fluctuates. As far as it goes, the theory of reincarnation is clear enough to explain some very complex esoteric matters in a simple way; without giving people ...

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    Many popular beliefs concerning the nature of Karma, spiritual reality, good and evil, stem from seeds planted by early channeled information and books on the same, from the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. These have a perpetual influence upon contemporary New Age spiritualist thought. The works of Allan Kardec, "The Spirits Book", and, "The Mediums Book" (189 reputed channeled by spirits of high degree, are prime examples.

    Early Channeled Information

    The spirits quoted in Kardek's books clearly state that there are no such things as pure evil spirits, demons or devils, and that the possession of humans by evil spirits cannot occur. They also claim that the practice of all forms of magic and witchcraft are ridiculous, and that exorcism rituals (performed by the church or otherwise) are the ineffectual playacting of deluded human minds; laughed at by all spirits. But my hard life experience totally contradicts these statements. I do not criticize Allen Kardek, who was obviously a sincere and intelligent man. But its my considered opinion that some of the spirit statements and precepts offered by these books, and many others like them, are misleading if not downright untruthful.

    Some questions and answers from Kardek's: 'The Spirits Book:'

    Spirit Question 131:

    Are there any demons in the usual acceptation of that term?


    If demons existed, they would be the work of God; but would it be just on the part of God to have created beings condemned eternally to evil and to misery? If demons exist, it is only in your low world, and in other worlds of similar degree, that they are to be found. They are the human hypocrites who represent a just God as being cruel and vindictive, and who imagine that they make themselves agreeable to Him by the abominations they commit in His name.

    Note: in the above statement, the spirit appears to be referring to living humans that practice various forms of Devil worship, and/or to X human earthbound type spirits.

    Spirit Question 473:

    Can a spirit temporarily assume the envelope of a living person -- that is to say, can he introduce himself into an animate body, and act in the room and place of the spirit incarnated in it?


    "A spirit does not enter into a body as you enter into ...

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    By Robert Deford

    (Excerpts from The Sense of Vision) "The Sense of Vision is a book I am writing. I hope you enjoy reading it and find it useful. I hope to have the completed book published and distributed by a conventional book publisher at a later date."


    Change equals effort applied across time

    I do not know of any way to get around this principle. I wish I did. Such knowledge would have made my life much easier. You see, among many other things, it governs all human attempts at self improvement. It certainly applies to how much you can accomplish by reading a book. I've read a lot of books, just as you have. We both know what I am talking about. Reading books has not put us where we want to be. Something is missing. But until I discovered this principle for myself, and saw how it applied to me, I did not understand what that something was. Now I do.

    Let's think about it for a moment. Reading a book from cover to cover is really a pretty small effort. And, according to the principle, a small effort will result in little change. Also, it isn't going to take a long time to read it. Again, according to the principle, spending a short amount of time will result in little change. As a result, if all you do is read this book, or any other book for that matter, the change in you will be small.

    But you can do more than simply read this book rapidly from cover to cover. Instead, you can study the material it contains. You can ...

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    By Michael Ross

    Why are the dead so silent?

    Since time immemorial, human beings have been desperate to contact their departed loved ones.

    In the mists of time, for example as during shamanistic ceremonies, the same problem of guaranteeing legitimate contact was problematic then as it is now in this new age era.

    The medicine man and keepers of the secrets in earliest civilisations probably let down as many allegedly primitive communities desperate for one word, one quick vision from their departed loved ones, as do mediums and soul retrievers nowadays in spiritualist churches and new age workshops.

    Most of us interested in paranormal matters have probably experienced some wonderful contacts but it is likely we have also been faced with inconclusive ...

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    The gnarled old floor creaks ominously underfoot
    As my broken spirit plummets,
    Spiralling hopelessly downward
    To where the shattered picture lies,
    Framed amidst glittering blood-drenched shards;
    Gritty, gut-crunching splinters
    Stinging my cold, bare feet.

    I try once again and....

    I've lost my smile forever now
    And know not where it went.
    Stripped so unkindly away
    With such dry-sobbing sadness:
    Tear-drenched, bitter-sweet memories
    Ring endlessly throughout this darkness
    That was me.

    I try once again and....

    Oh once I was so young and rich and proud,
    Sparkling brightly under time's slow rich burden,
    Wanting ...

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    To hear these sounds my gentle friend
    Takes courage, strength and mirth
    As Budda sat and laughed and laughed
    When his pain became mankind's.

    The sound of one hand clapping
    The scream of a broken ...

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    Found dancing in tight, sweaty triangles,
    In all the ancient well-known ways,
    The mushrooms are rutting,
    In many of life's darker, damper places.

    Tiny, sensual things -- so full of sporing needs,
    Coming briefly alive in passions sweaty furnace,
    Taking juicy respite from life's boring ritual;
    All engrossing, their dark and fruity ...

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    Take out thy dreadful blue pencil and strike!
    Let loose its savage cutting edge
    And we'll not shed a single tear
    For that battered pile of pulp
    Once laughingly called a manuscript.

    For words must live by worth alone
    Or face such shameful ...


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    Humanity is a Rope

    Stretched between two extremes

    One end holds mortal flesh

    The other, immortal spirit

    Far below. . .the abyss waits darkly

    To cross or not to cross?

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    Shifting sands of time devour
    Lifetimes come and go
    Sweet love missed
    Opportunities lost

    Days of thunder gone
    Wet tears forever dried
    Wasted days and nights
    As crawling forever onwards
    We near that painful hour again
    As pitifully weak we fall at last
    A little bitter mould at dusk.

    And now, after my humble offering....some words from the master, Shakespeare...

    From The Rape of Lucrece:

    by Published on 1st January 1970 12:33 AM

    By Wynne Bruce

    In one moment of rapture,
    I was moved from
    The ordinary of myself
    To a being of

    At one with a moonbeam,
    The light of a star,
    Blended with the dawn,
    And birthed with the opening
    Of a flower.

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