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    Hall of Learning www.glidewing.com is a partner of Astral Dynamics and Robert Bruce. Glidewing handles all products and services pages and sales for Astral Dynamics.

    Wikipedia - References to Astral Dynamics and Robert Bruce






    TV Shows with paranormal content

    30 Odd Minutes is a very fun and quirky little TV show. 30 odd minute episodes explore a wide variety of interests, including OBE, animal communication,ghost hunting, and anything paranormal.

    Radio Shows with spiritual/paranormal content

    Coast to Coast AM: Spiritual and paranormal radio show, with Georgy Noory and Art Bell

    Dreamland Radio: Spiritual and paranormal, UFOs, ETs.

    Evolution Revolution: Spiritual and paranormal with Dulcinea

    BBS Radio: Popular Internet radio show on spiritual and paranormal

    Blog Talk Radio: Internet radio show with Reggie Johnson

    Underworld Radio: With Lia Rames



    Uncovering The Divine Within Discover your true path


    Meditation and Yoga

    Observer Mind Meditation A great site on yoga and spiritual thinking

    Spiritually uplifting wonderful spiritual thinking and living essays and stories!


    OOBE / Metaphysics

    Donald Tyson's Supernatural World useful repository of occult information

    Ghostly Talk ghost hunting and parapsychology

    Carlos Castenada Metaphysical author's work

    AstralResearch Astral research site

    Institute of Projectiology & Conscientiology Consciousness, OBE & bioenergy (Portuguese and Spanish)

    Astralsight an excellent French OBE website

    Astralinfo French William Buhlman OBE website


    Mythology / Ritual

    The Temple of Manannan focusing on the Manx/Celtic god, Manannan, and ritual practices relating to that era.

    Spiritual / Paranormal

    Aeclectic Tarot good ...

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    Translations of Robert Bruce's online works

    (If you know of others, please email links to workshops @ astraldynamics.com)

    Japanese: http://energywork.jp

    Polish: http://www.astraldynamics.pl/

    French 1: http://www.spiritoile.com/livres/projection/projection-french.html

    French 2: http://www.astralsight.com/

    Russian: http://nugos.fatal.ru/book/

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    Caroline Needham

    ..and Finn

    Caroline Needham is the artist behind many of the illustrations in Robert Bruce's books and online works.

    Caroline has an undergraduate degree in Fine Art and Illustration and Masters degree in Medical Art.* She is based in The University of Dundee, where she works as a medical and archaeological artist and lecturer.* Her contributions have been aired internationally on numerous TV shows and films.

    Caroline is also a freelance illustrator, including book covers, business cards and logos, working in a variety of styles and media, traditional and modern. She has an interest and much experience in many of the topics discussed on this website, and has assisted at several of Robert Bruce's life workshops.


    Contact: CarolineNeedhamArt @ Gmail.com


    Samples of Caroline's artwork follow


    Archaeological Skull Specimin - Pen and Watercolour

    Reclining nude life drawing - Pencil

    Brushing Action - Pencil (Energy Work book)

    Aliens in the mind - acrylic and photoshop

    Behold a Pale Horse - Acrylic and Photoshop

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    The energy body also exchanges and draws energies into itself through the hands, from a variety of different sources. Rather than over-complicating matters here, it is best to think of these energies as being simply atmospheric subtle energies. Atmospheric energies have different qualities from the more earthly energies which flow into the feet and legs. The hands, like the feet, contain heavy concentrations of energy exchange ports in the palms and undersides of fingers.

    Hand & Arm Work

    As with the feet and legs, many small areas and individual energy centres in the hands and arms, need to be worked through in order to clear blockages, redefine pathways and generally loosen them up. This early work progressively increases their energetic potential, which increases the amount of energy that it is possible to draw through them. Again, please keep in mind that much of this early work is only done while the NEW system is being learned. This work is very progressive and large areas will quickly come online. Stimulation then becomes a simpler matter, with large brushing and sponging awareness actions being used to stimulate whole hands and arms in pairs. And in time, these become rapid, whole of limb energy sweeping actions.

    Finger Work

    Work on each finger, starting with your thumbs, in the same way and in the same order as you did with your toes, on both hands, one at a time. Unlike the toes though, all the finger joints can be effectively worked on with the stirring action (if necessary or desired), as finger joints are easier to target with awareness than the smaller toe joints are. Using the stirring action on each finger joint should be considered optional, however, and only done if energy blockages are present, i.e., if the ...

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    Energy bounce is a simple but effective awareness technique. It makes use of the awareness resistance factor that occurs when awareness is drawn rapidly through the substance of the energy body. This helps to clear, redefine and strengthen all energy pathways, including the large, internal, bone-marrow cores; by forcing energy to move rapidly through them.

    Awareness Resistance Factor

    When awareness is moved rapidly through the energy body, natural energetic resistance is encountered. This resistance feels as if something is slowing or dragging at the awareness action being used, like you are dragging your awareness through an almost liquid substance. Awareness resistance allows you to feel the substance of your own energy body. Awareness ...

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    Feel all the coming awareness energy raising actions as if you were drawing a large sponge up through each pair of limbs, and were sponging liquid up through them, feeling the whole of them as you do this. Try and stay as physically relaxed as you can while doing these, but don't worry if you tense up a little or tend to twitch a bit at times. A little physical tension will not interfere with this type of energy raising. In time, you'll learn how to do this while standing, walking and even running.

    A deep level of physical relaxation is not required for any of these training exercises; unless physical tension is suspected as interfering with the energy raising process. If tension is a problem, deep physical relaxation and/or trance systems (See Treatise on OBE, or better, Astral Dynamics), should be practiced first.

    If awareness cannot be easily split, and two limbs cannot be effectively worked upon at the same time, it is permissible to work on only one limb at a time. It is much more important to raise some energy than it is to be able to split awareness actions and follow this tutorial exactly as written. Just do your best with all the exercises in this tutorial and adapt them to suit your needs and capabilities.

    Do not worry if one leg or arm does not appear to respond well. Usually one side of the body will be stronger and will thus be easier to draw energy through than the other. Keep trying with the unresponsive side and continue trying to use arms and legs as pairs, when doing these exercises. If one leg or arm is all you can feel, draw energy through it but do not neglect the unresponsive ones. Unresponsive body parts require more development work and should be concentrated on with the ...

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    OBE Resources

    Useful resources on OBE and related topics.


    Robert Bushman: Up-to-date bibliography facility of Out-of-Body Experience (OBE) and Near Death Experience (NDE) going back ...
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    Energy Centre Spin

    Primary energy centres are non-physical vortexes of energy that look, clairvoyantly, like spinning wheels of multicoloured light. Although secondary energy centres cannot so easily be observed, it is logical to suggest they would also have similar attributes. The natural direction an energy centre is spinning in can often be felt with the stirring awareness action, especially with the larger skeletal joint centres. If you feel resistance while using the stirring action, try reversing the direction of that action. If the new direction feels easier and more natural, or has a more positive effect, then there is a good chance that centre will respond better to the new stimulation direction.

    Awareness Momentum

    After repeating any awareness or energy raising action several times you will find it will tend to continue of its own accord, even after deliberate awareness actions have ceased. I call this effect Awareness Momentum. This seems to be caused by a kind of energy body memory taking over and continuing often-repeated body awareness actions. This makes the learning and practicing of NEW techniques and procedures much easier.

    Etheric Wrap Technique

    Etheric Wrap is an extremely versatile technique. It is particularly useful for clearing energy blockages and restoring damaged parts of the energy body. Energy blockages and damaged areas can easily be detected once you get used to the NEW system; as your body becomes more energy sensitive. Areas that are unresponsive; that tingle noticeably; are heavy; sting, buzz or burn; or act in any way different from the rest of your body, sometimes indicate energy blockages or damage in that area. These areas will thus need special attention to restore them.

    When you draw or bounce awareness through your body you may also come upon areas that feel ...

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    In many ways the bio-energetic aspect of the energy body can be likened to a perfect energy reflection of the physical body. Parts of the energy body can also be likened to many of its biological functions. The bio-energy circulatory system, for example, contains arteries (large energy conduits) and veins (smaller energy pathways). Like its physical counterpart, parts of the energy body can become dysfunctional if energy flow (blood) becomes blocked or reduced.

    The bio-energy aspect of the energy body is not just a mere reflection of internal life processes, it also has a profound effect on them. If parts of the energy body become blocked or damaged the stage is set for disease to manifest within the physical body. Clearing energy blockages can therefore be thought of as being good preventative medicine.

    Blood is the mirror image of life energy and has many of the same functions and properties. It takes energy and healing elements into, through and around the physical body. It also expels waste products (waste ...

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    The length of time it takes to develop any kind of ability is extremely variable. It depends greatly upon the original state of the energy body in question, ...

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    Energetic Resistance

    Strong energy movement sensations are primarily caused by resistance within the energy body. This is natural resistance, to an increased flow of energy through blocked or narrowed energy centres and circuitry. Many people, especially during the early stages of energy body development, will feel some very strong energy movement sensations indeed. These sensations will fluctuate from day to day, but will be found to gradually reduce in severity, as the energy body develops to handle the increased energetic flow.

    It is a big but natural mistake, to measure energetic flow into the energy body, by the strength of sensations experienced.* Always keep in mind, that energy movement sensations will always steadily decrease, as blockages are cleared and energetic resistance is reduced.* Sensations must be expected to steadily reduce, and this must be looked upon as a sign of real progress.* On that same note, some people can expect to feel only very mild energy movement sensations, even in the early days of learning the NEW system.* This can be caused by them having naturally more well-developed energy body circuitry than average.* Some energy movement sensation will, however, always be experienced unless acute and widespread energy body inactivity is present.* My bio-energetic research shows this is unusual, and a generally unhealthy sign.

    Energy Movement

    Bio-energy, when it responds in the early stages, will most commonly cause a surging, bubbling, rushing water kind of sensation.* This is especially strong and noticeable in the shins and thighs.* These can be quite intense, even breathtaking at times.* You may also feel strong, bone-deep tingling sensations coming from deep inside the marrow of your bones.* This is usually felt much more strongly in the legs, especially during the early days of bio-energetic development.* I have had many of my volunteers report to me that they have, quite literally, fallen off their chairs and been unable to stand for several minutes, while working with the NEW system.* This usually happens during early feet and leg stimulation, and energy raising exercises, because surging energy movement sensations in their legs have been exceptionably strong.* This level of energy movement sensation is not usually painful.* It is more like how it feels when you restore circulation, after your legs have fallen asleep which is often very uncomfortable, but not exactly painful.

    There are several ...

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    The Heart Center healing tutorial introduces a NEW Energy Ways based healing method that utilizes progressive levels of heart center activity. It also discusses how healing works and from where the healing energy springs. Related issues like healing attunement and practice, with an emphasis on giving practical advice and instruction, are also discussed.

    No matter how you look at it, the act of healing profoundly taps the spiritual roots of your heart. The heart center (heart chakra) is the well-known key to all subtle energy healing methods. The reasoning behind this is deeply spiritual and mystical, but using the heart center is surprisingly easy if you go about it in the right way.

    The Mystic Heart healing method employs simple NEW Energy Ways based techniques. These make it possible to stimulate your heart center directly, causing it to produce a reliable flow of healing energy. This healing method has a number of positive aspects that many popular healing techniques lack. Firstly, this method does not depend upon natural healing ability, so it can be learned by just about anyone. All that is required is the compassion and desire to heal and a low level of energy body sensitivity. Visualization ability is also not required. This method employs simpler but more effective body awareness actions, which anyone can do after a few minutes instruction.

    Regular use of the Mystic Heart method progressively increases healing ability and is therefore excellent for overall psychic and spiritual development. This method can also be adapted to empower any other healing technique you might currently employ, including group and distance healing.

    The Mystic Heart method involves two basic levels of energy, secondary and primary, so it is suitable for both novice and advanced healers alike. At the lower end of the spectrum it utilizes a body awareness pumping action to generate a steady flow of healing energy through the secondary energy body circuit. Anyone can perform this level of healing, even a total novice. And as said, this is a truly excellent way to learn and develop higher ...

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    This article gives some background history on how I discovered body awareness tactile imaging energy work.

    New Energy Ways (NEW for short) is an Energy Body Manipulation & Development System, with strong self-healing ...

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  • Introducing Robert Bruce

    Robert Bruce is an internationally respected author, mystic, and speaker.For over 30 years, Robert has explored the mechanics, energetics and dynamics of paranormal and spiritual phenomena (how things work); especially Out-of-Body Experience, the human energy body, healing and self-healing, spiritual development, psychic self-defence and higher-self communications.
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