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    by Published on 1st January 1970 12:33 AM
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    Light is necessary in order to see the main aura of anything. Living auras react in the presence of light - expanding and brightening. This reaction is most noticeable when a living aura is exposed to sunlight. You could say that auras are photo-sensitive. ...
    by Published on 1st January 1970 12:33 AM

    The exact shade and tone of a colour's aura varies a great deal, according to the shade and tone of the colour you are ...

    by Published on 1st January 1970 12:33 AM

    Auric colours are similar in appearance to after images. After-images are generated by staring - for twenty seconds or so - at a brightly illuminated colour, and then quickly closing your eyes, or looking away.

    It is commonly thought that after-images are generated by colour depletion, of the rods and cones in the eyes, caused by staring at one colour for too long. ...

    by Published on 1st January 1970 12:33 AM

    Auras are seen with peripheral vision (side vision) and cannot be seen by directly focussing on them. To see an aura, you have to look to the side and past your subject. Peripheral vision is extremely sensitive to movement, ...
    by Published on 1st January 1970 12:33 AM

    An English doctor, Dr. Walter J. Kilner, in 1911, used colour as an aid to stimulating auric sight.

    Dr. Kilner, researched the use of auric sight, as an aid to diagnosing the health of his patients. He used dicyanin screens for this. Dicyanin is a dye product of coal tar. These screens consisted of ...
    by Published on 1st January 1970 12:33 AM

    The Human Aura

    The human aura is an energy field that surrounds the human body, and reflects the subtle life energies at work within and around it. This is something like the magnetic field that surrounds a simple magnet. ...
    by Published on 1st January 1970 12:33 AM

    The primary energy centres (chakras) are the non-physical organs of the energy body. There are at least seven primary centres, and over three hundred secondary and minor centres, scattered throughout the human body. All together, they form a complex network of non-physical energy components. These are all joined together by interconnecting pathways, or meridians.

    These centres, and their interconnecting pathways (meridians) were charted ...

    by Published on 1st January 1970 12:33 AM

    The human aura is very sensitive to colour. It reacts to the colours of clothing worn and to the colours of it's surrounding area. Colour affects the subtle flow of energies within the energy body. This accounts for our strong natural likes and dislikes, when it comes to choosing the colours we wear, and those that surround us.

    This sensitivity varies, from person to person, depending upon how sensitive they are and how sensitive their aura is. Women, generally, have more delicate and sensitive auras than men. ...

    by Published on 1st January 1970 12:33 AM


    This shows up in the aura in many different ways, sometimes weeks or months before any physical symptoms appear. An ear infection, for example, will show up in an aura as a gradually thickening shadow over the ear and side of the head. This can be seen several days before ...
    by Published on 1st January 1970 12:33 AM

    There is always a lot of spirit energy and activity, surrounding a dying person, in the days and weeks prior to their death. The amount of this spirit activity seems to depend greatly upon their ...
    by Published on 1st January 1970 12:33 AM

    The most common reason why people fail to see an aura, is simply the way they go about it. The human aura is not a good training ground for the beginner.

    This is what usually happens: Your volunteer sits and waits, for a very long time, while you struggle and strain for a glimpse of their aura. You are trying to relax and concentrate - and master a tricky visual technique - all at the same time. You subconsciously worry about what they are thinking of you. Are they getting bored? Are they getting impatient? Do they think you foolish, a failure, or ...

    by Published on 1st January 1970 12:33 AM

    The same basic technique, used to see the aura of colour, is used to see all other types of aura, including the human aura. This same technique is also a part of full clairvoyance. This is why looking at the auras of colours is such good training for seeing the human aura. The aura of colour is far denser and easier to see than the human aura. This allows the auric viewing technique to be learned much easier and faster, than does practising on the more difficult human aura.

    To see the aura, you have to be able to relax and concentrate, at the same time, and there is a trick to focusing your eyes in a special way.

    An aura must be gazed upon - not looked at!


    First, you need plenty of good, soft light to train in, not dim, but good soft light. It is very important not to have any strong light shining or reflecting into your eyes. It is best to have light coming from behind and above you. If you have, say a window, flooding light into the room, in your field of view, while trying to see an aura, it will distract you and make an aura much more difficult to see. A hundred watt bulb, coming from above and behind you, is fine.

    Step 1

    Get a book and cover it in bright, primary blue or red paper. Stand it upright, on a table, six or seven feet from you (about 2 metres). Experiment with the distance until you find what is just right for you, but the minimum distance should be no less than 4 feet (1.2 meters). Make sure you have a plain, fairly neutral background. Do not view it against a brightly coloured wall, or garish wallpaper. If the wall colour is wrong, hang a sheet of neutral coloured paper or cloth on the wall, as a backdrop. A bed sheet, or some sheets of butchers paper, taped to the wall, will do fine.


    • The book is only a prop for the coloured paper, i.e., it is the aura of the coloured paper you are going to look at - not the aura of the book. Using a brick, covered in coloured paper, would give the same result as would hanging a piece of coloured paper on the wall.

    • The auras of the colours blue and red are, by far, the brightest and easiest to see.

    • The brightness ...
    by Published on 1st January 1970 12:33 AM

    Live event outline

    Robert Bruce life workshops are spiritually transformative events. They contain a unique component that can only be called Dynamic. Group work involves not only teaching but significant hands-on work and problem solving.

    Online workshops are also available through The Hall of Learning Attending one of our online workshops is just like attending a live workshop, only better. Better, because you can attend video classes when it suits you, replay as necessary, and our private interactive forums and chat facilities ensure you have the best advice possible.

    All workshops (depending on length) include learning about the nature of the human energy body and how it can be stimulated and developed; extensive secondary and primary center work (major chakras); ...

    by Published on 1st January 1970 12:33 AM

    It takes practise to see the human aura, so don't be disappointed if you fail, or see very little the first few times you try. If you managed to see the aura of the original blue book, you can learn to see the human aura.

    Using this training method stimulates the brow centre, which is responsible for all types of non-physical sight. With use, it will grow in strength and seeing auras will become progressively easier to do. It may take weeks, before you get your first, proper glimpse of the human aura, if you have poor natural ability for this ...

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  • Introducing Robert Bruce

    Robert Bruce is an internationally respected author, mystic, and speaker.For over 30 years, Robert has explored the mechanics, energetics and dynamics of paranormal and spiritual phenomena (how things work); especially Out-of-Body Experience, the human energy body, healing and self-healing, spiritual development, psychic self-defence and higher-self communications.
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