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    The major chakras are situated at:

    1. Base chakra (base of spine, between anus and genitals)
    2. Spleen chakra (slightly below the belly button)
    3. Solar Plexus chakra (1 hand-span above the belly button)
    4. Heart chakra (centre of the chest)
    5. Throat chakra (base of throat, above where it joins the chest)
    6. Brow chakra (exact centre of forehead)
    7. Crown chakra (whole top of head above the hairline)

    They are best imagined as roughly the size of the palm of your hand, except for the crown chakra which is much larger.

    What Are Chakras?

    Chakras are non-physical organs that transform raw subtle energy into more subtle, and useable, forms of energy, of a different type. The chakras do not, themselves, contain energy. Raw energy is drawn up from the planet, by the minor chakras in the legs and feet, and fed into the main chakra system.

    Subtle energy is, in essence, pure thought energy that permeates and binds the universe together. This living energy field can be tapped, more deeply, ...

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    Astral Rope

    A key ingredient to the new projection techniques is an invisible, imaginary ROPE hanging from your ceiling. This ROPE will be used to exert dynamic pressure at a single point on your astral body to force its separation from the physical.

    The ROPE technique is similar, but more direct and hence more effective than other more passive and indirect methods, such as reaching out and pulling vibrations into you, or visualizing yourself in front of yourself. The idea of pulling vibrations into you is vaguely illogical, if you understand the mechanics of projection.

    The vibrations are an effect and NOT a cause of projection. When enough pressure is exerted on the astral body to loosen it sufficiently, the energy body expands and energy flows through the chakra system to be stored in the energy body. This flow of energy through the hundreds of chakras and their connecting web, or meridians, CAUSES these vibrations. This normally happens, unnoticed, during sleep.

    Putting The Pressure On

    The more passive, indirect methods of projection do exert some pressure on the astral body to separate, but over a wide area. They still shift the point of consciousness out of the body, albeit obtusely. Any mental action that exteriorizes the point of consciousness will exert some pressure on the astral body.

    The action of pulling yourself hand over hand up a rope is a strong, one pointed, natural action that is easy to imagine yourself doing. The ROPE technique concentrates ALL your mental resources into one strong, DYNAMIC action which exerts a high level of pressure directly on a single point of the astral body.

    There are many other, more subtle, ways that exert pressure on the astral body as well. Many of these are unsuspected for what they are. Most ...

    Part 6 

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    More On Rope

    ROPE is a very effective projection technique, but it still has to be learned to be effective. I would like to elaborate on a few points about the technique, inspired by the feedback I have received so far.

    • There is NO visualization required - AT ALL - in the ROPE technique. It is ALL tactile imaging. This means you do NOT have to picture yourself doing it.* That is, to climb ROPE, the correct mental action is to REHEARSE the climbing action in your mind. This mental rehearsal is the ROPE technique.

    • You need to mentally grit your teeth and strain with the action, i.e., you have to put maximum mental effort into it, as if you were really climbing a ROPE, but without allowing your muscles to take part in it - this is ALL mental. Your body must not be allowed to respond. You also need to feel you are very strong, full of energy and could climb like this all night.

    • You will find that a certain way of holding the focus of your mind, while you climb, will exert more pressure on your astral body than another. It is VERY important you note what this is and learn how to apply it. This will tune your climbing action for the maximum effect. When you hit on the right mental focus for the action, you will feel a corresponding dizzy/falling sensation in your Solar Plexus.

    • To use ROPE successfully, it is extremely important to make a firm decision to DO IT. This commitment is VERY important to success. A DO OR DIE effort is needed. This focuses all your mental energy into a single point, for a single purpose - to exit your body.

    • Many people have emailed me with ROPE success stories. In every case - they have been practising ROPE when they suddenly decided to give it a go - TO REALLY DO IT! This commitment to succeed means the difference between actually getting out - OOBE - and experiencing various levels of ROPE induced relaxation, trance, paralysis, chakra activity etc. I cannot stress enough the importance of this commitment to the success of ROPE induced OOBE.

    • While using ROPE, completely IGNORE ALL PHYSICAL SENSATION AND ANY NOISES YOU HEAR. If you react to a sensation, in any way, you will lose the focus of your mental energy and dilute your effort considerably.

    All the energy/chakra work and other exercises in Parts 3 and 4, are designed to stimulate the flow of energy in your body and increase concentration, will power and mental control. By increasing the energy flow during a projection and controlling your mind better, your duration in real time is increased. It is also easier to exit.

    You CAN skip all the exercises entirely and just concentrate ...

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    OOBE & Duality

    If you read the enormous number of case histories available on out of body and near death experiences; you will find many accounts hinting at perceptions of duality which indicate symptoms of the mind split effect at work. It is fairly common, during an OOBE, to be aware of the physical body while also being aware of existing in the projected double, or less commonly, vice-versa. This effect appears to indicate the existence of telepathic and bio-energetic links between the physical body and it's remote projected double (possibly via the silver cord). This link appears to serve the purpose of providing the projected double with the necessary energies it requires whilst operating out of body, while also maintaining an unbreakable connection with it's physical body. This connection also allows the physical body to be, in many ways, monitored (or sensed) so that no harm can come to it during an OOBE.

    During an OOBE, at the moment the projected double is generated and projected from the physical body, the projector's mind effectively splits into two identical parts (mirror images) each containing a complete copy of thinking mind and memory. One copy always remains firmly locked inside the physical body (original hard copy) while a mirror image is reflected into and maintained in the exterior projected double.

    The splitting of consciousness into two (or more) separate but identical copies happens during sleep or any kind of OOBE. I call this effect "The Mind Split Effect".

    Mental/Visual Feedback:

    If a mentally awake physical mind happens to observe (with real time or astral sight) it's projected double at close range during a projection, a strong visual and telepathic connection can form between them. This can be a very disturbing experience and I don't recommend this be tried for more than a few seconds at a time. The awake physical mind (whilst a projection is ...

    Part 8 

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    Waking Paralysis

    Some degree of physical paralysis is a sure sign an OOBE is IN PROGRESS. It shows the mind split, in some form, has already occurred. The physical body has varying degrees of difficulty animating itself when the mind split effect is active. Even though they may not be aware a projection is in progress, a projector's physical/etheric body may feel total physical paralysis, or some degree of lethargy and heaviness and disorientation in their physical body. The degree of this depends greatly upon the strength of the projection and how much energy is being used to maintain it. Strong sensations like these point to an OOBE being in progress.

    The degree of paralysis shows the 'strength' of the projection. A full powered Real Time OOBE will cause total physical paralysis (full waking paralysis) while a lighter level of projection can still allow the projector's physical body to stumble to the bathroom - albeit mumbling incoherently and feeling like they are walking on pillows, body fairly numb and fuzzy - but ambulatory all the same.

    Waking paralysis (often called sleep paralysis) will also occur where the real time body has been generated 'inside' the physical/etheric body, but actual separation or full projection from the physical/etheric bodies has not occurred. This means a partial projection has occurred, albeit internally, and is causing some degree of waking paralysis. The real time 'projectable double' in this case has not projected completely free of it's physical body. If this is suspected, the projector should relax and let it happen, or use a projection technique like rope. A full projection can then occur if it has not already happened.

    Note: ...

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    (A Question from a Reader)


    I Received Astral Dynamics the other day and I found it rather dispiriting. If the mind split theory is true then why bother to do astral projection at all? If this is a copy of ME that leaves the body and not Me what's the point, to just get some memories?

    If the mind split theory is true isn't it logic to think that it is a copy of Us that survives death and not Us? In that case why bother to do anything in life, Why try to progress spiritually if all we have in the end is this world? I could shoot myself right now if that's true it wouldn't make any difference to me.

    When the mind split theory was introduced in the "treatise" I was clinging to the idea that you implied that there was ONE consciousness center that shifted between the bodies but the description of your experience of mind split in "Astral dynamics" clearly establishes that there is two distinct consciousnesses, two "persons" (to Me my consciousness is Me). So I wonder What's the point? Is the spirit of my deceased mother my mother or just a copy of her?

    I had some astral and even higher experiences in my life but I always believed it was Me who had them, now I'm not so sure, I feel like the girl in the movie Bladerunner when she learns that she is an artificial organism and that all the memories ...

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    The NEW system has as much to offer advanced practitioners as it does novices. It can either be used as a stand-alone system, or its principals applied to enhance any other existing system, i.e., Tai Chi, Qi Gong (Chi-Kung), Yoga, Tantra and Reiki, to name just ...
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    The energy body is a complex structure. In many ways it can be likened to a subtle energy reflection of the physical body, composed of highly structured etheric matter. Etheric matter is not scientifically recognized but, metaphysically speaking, this is the binding substance that exists in between matter and non-matter, the substance that binds physical with nonphysical.

    The energy body contains several interdependent energetic circuits. I have defined these logically, through experimentation, observation and reasoning. My terminology, definitions and descriptions here provide a good rule-of-thumb way to understand and deal with the nature ...

    by Published on 1st January 1970 12:33 AM
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    Taken altogether, the required skills for any kind of energy work or metaphysical development can seem pretty daunting. But please don't panic! Taken one at a time the individual skills needed for development are very simple. They are all very easy to learn and do when explained and taught in just the right way. Anyone can learn them! The following development units are carefully structured to present everything in just the right order to make the learning process as easy and painless as possible.

    No prior skills are required to begin with. I have designed the coming sections with the complete novice in mind, but while also catering for the needs of intermediate and advanced students. Anyone can learn and use these techniques, even if they have never had any previous success with energy or development work. I say this without reservation. Some of the theories, techniques ...

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    Your body's point of awareness is normally centered in the eyes. This is its natural location, but it does not have to stay there. Mobile Body Awareness (M.B.A.) is the ability to move and focus body awareness upon any specific part of the physical body. Being able to do this is very simple and easily learned, but is an extremely important skill. Combined with other techniques, this enables the dynamic manipulation of the energy body and its energy centres. This allows specific parts of the energy body to be directly stimulated, and the flow of energy increased in a controlled and deliberate way.

    Note: ...

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    Tactile imaging (T.I. for short) is the active use of body awareness. This is used to directly stimulate and manipulate the energy body in a controlled way. T.I. is a simple extension of M.B.A., and is very easy to learn and do. When body awareness is focused in a specific area, and that point of awareness is given motion, this motion stimulates the energy body in that area. When this motion is done at the site of a primary or secondary energy centre (major or minor Chakras), that energy centre will be directly stimulated. Individual energy centres can thus be targeted and stimulated in a strong and dynamic way.

    Using Tactile Imaging

    Tactile Imaging exercises are only a little different from the simpler M.B.A. ...

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    Five Tactile Imaging actions are needed to stimulate the energy body. Whether you are working on secondary or primary energy centres, or simply raising energy, variations of these same basic techniques are used throughout. With all of these techniques, hold your awareness very close, just inside your skin at the site of the area being worked on. Scratch or rub each energy centre or energy pathway as needed, to help target it and make it easier to follow with your awareness alone.

    Five Awareness Actions

    1. Stirring Action

    Move your point of awareness ...

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    The preliminary stimulation and development work on the feet and toes in this section is vital to the NEW Energy Ways system. Like roots are to a tree, toes are important parts of the powerful energy structures within the feet. Each joint in each toe contains a secondary energy centre, with four poles flowering on the skin's surface. These are connected to the heavy concentration of energy exchange ports which exist on the underside of the feet and toes. As energy raising structures the feet are bases for the largest and strongest energy conduits into the energy body. They are therefore the most important energy structures to stimulate, condition and develop; especially in the early stages.

    The following exercises must be done thoroughly if energy flow is to be significantly increased. One foot will normally activate easier than the other, usually the left foot. It may take several sessions before the less active side begins to respond in the same way. If you feel no sensation in either big toe with the first exercise below, this simply means both these areas are currently inactive. It does not mean that other toes will not respond, or that the NEW system will not work for you...it will. These sluggish areas will progressively clear as the individual parts of larger energy structures are cleared. If nothing is felt after spending several minutes working on each big toe, continue on with the next step in these exercises regardless. In the very beginning, spend at least two or three minutes on each big toe joint centre, or until they begin to respond well. Once a toe centre begins to respond, immediately move onto the next joint centre exercise.

    Toe Work

    Toe Exercise 1

    Awareness target the top of the joint of your left big toe where it joins your foot. This is the second joint in from the toenail. Press your finger into this area, and the slight bony lump you feel there is the top of the joint. This is the site of the first energy centre to be worked on. Give this area a light scratch or rub with your fingernail to highlight it, until it tingles slightly. Use a clockwise stirring action, approximately one inch (2cm) in diameter; depending upon the size of your big toe of course. Slowly scratch or trace this circle on your skin and follow this action with your point of awareness, until you can recreate the exact feel of the stirring action needed there. If you have trouble reaching and touching this area, use a pencil, ruler or artist's ...

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    Hall of Learning Hall of learning and www.glidewing.com are partners of Astral Dynamics. www.glidewing.com handles all products and services pages and sales.

    Brian Mercer: Coauthor of Robert Bruce for the Mastering Astral Projection Book, and the Mastering Astral Projection Audio Companion. A terrific website with information and history concerning Mastering Astral Projection, and also about Brian's other books, including his Sci Fi trilogy, The Kaladrious Reflection

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  • Introducing Robert Bruce

    Robert Bruce is an internationally respected author, mystic, and speaker.For over 30 years, Robert has explored the mechanics, energetics and dynamics of paranormal and spiritual phenomena (how things work); especially Out-of-Body Experience, the human energy body, healing and self-healing, spiritual development, psychic self-defence and higher-self communications.
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