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    Re: What do you think of Aleister Crowley?

    I've just found this thread while searching here. this has a lot of stuff for me to read....
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    What do you think of Aleister Crowley?

    I've never really gotton into ritual magick type stuff (and I've always stayed away from any dark themed stuff) but I got into reading an internet scanned version of his "Magick Without Tears" and...
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    Re: White Robed Figure

    I felt scared when I woke up but I'm not sure how I felt in the dream. Just weird and interested.
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    Re: White Robed Figure

    I'm going to add to this thread, instead of making my own thread, and I hope we both get some enlightenment. I had a very vivid dream last night.

    I was in some kind of job interview with these 2...
  5. Re: Do you get any vibes/opinions on the Erik Medhus phenomenon?

    I did search but couldn't see anything. I was only mildly into the blog with a half-open mind but I got really into one of the mediums on youtube and really fell under the spell of her show.
  6. Do you get any vibes/opinions on the Erik Medhus phenomenon?

    Erik Medhus was the 20 year old son of author/doctor Elisa Medhus, he took his own life in 2009, she then received messages from mediums that he had become a spirit guide, she (and the mediums)...
  7. Re: Do strip clubs probably have succubi and incubi hanging around?

    they may have earthbound negs that thrive off masturbation and whatnot, same as some bars probably have negs that want to hang around alcoholics. I wouldn't imagine they would be sexy. Any sexy...
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    Robert What do you do to relax/have fun?

    any nice vacation spots or anything?
  9. Re: Your opinion- why do you think we came here to earth?

    OK I will
  10. Re: Your opinion- why do you think we came here to earth?

    I suspect...maybe...the source being split into earth life forms isn't some great school or way to experience itself... But what if it was just a mistake.something that didn't want to happen. And...
  11. I am feeling stuck about something...would love to hear people's intuition

    I have a service job in an ice rink which I enjoy but have a few issues with. Mostly one difficult person I can't get on with despite trying to be positive and stand up to him.

    I've been...
  12. Re: Manifesting opposite of what my husband wants! It's not working!!!

    be kind shes trying to change which is more than a lot of people do

    i agree ask and it is givin is a good book
  13. Re: healing schizophrenia permanently, how to get of the pills

    Thanks lord. I'm noting all your advice. I believe myself to be skitzo and telepath but have never been diagnosed or putt on meds mostly because I never told anyone what's going on inside my head,...
  14. Dunno what the heck just happened...advice..raped in dream

    I just had this horrible dream that some guy was molesting me..he looked homeless/addict but had lots of arms and stuck fingers inside me painfully..when I woke up it was so vivid and my body was in...
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    Re: Help with finding lost passport

    Did you try under bed, mattresses, sofa,cushions, drawers,all bags pockets,up on wardrobes,down behind furniture
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    Re: Over-condensing the Light

    I think this is what Chi Gung is all about - flushing out all excess energy to make room for new. You keep too much light/energy in it becomes stagnant, and you have no room for new energy. build...
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    feeling hopeless about lack of confidence

    I feel like I'm pushing back against lifelong lack of confidence and never winning. My parents always tried to push us down in confidence, they were always angry at anyone who stood out and acted...
  18. Re: Your opinion- why do you think we came here to earth?

    i can believe this and i think its more complicated than the "we choose who to be for the lesson we need to learn"..i think theres more to it as your dream describes.
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    Re: Curator Forced to kill bio-art exhibit.

    very strange and interesting...did this "being" have any feelings/consiousness?
  20. Re: Your opinion- why do you think we came here to earth?

    I can't believe we choose our circumstances, because some circumstances send so much bad vibes out. For example, some spirit chose to be one of ten kids in an abusive working class family in 1930s...
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    I dunno what happened

    I won't put down all the details, but I recently went through a couple of weeks where a lot of stuff went great for me, like great new friends were drawn to me and life felt really exciting. Wheras...
  22. Met a friend who gets a bit intense sometimes

  23. Thread: Weird dream.

    by buzzcock

    Re: Weird dream.

    Is it ok if I jump in this thread with a similar dream of my own I had a few nights ago. I was watching a woman hang out with 2 female friends. It was like I was watching it as a thriller film or...
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    Re: Guy at work I have difficulty to deal with

    Well, last week he came up to me and started hanging around, and then he said "hows it going", and then "how's your week been", and I said it was ok, and then he hung around for a bit and then said...
  25. Re: Poll for your UFO beliefs (Survey) , please cast vote.

    DC have you heard the radio head song homesick alien?
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