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  1. Re: Free Online Circle December 2017 and January 2018

    Sorry for the delay in reply. I had extra time before Christmas and the holidays and thought I could try online circle again. But the silly season soon took control of my schedule then I found myself...
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    Re: Recommended book on magick for beginner?

    Franz Bardon's Initiation into Hermetics is the best handbook, I believe. Rawn Clark's Companion Text to IIH is useful . Donald Michael Kraig's Modern Magick - offers some pragmatic helps, too. ...
  3. Re: Free Online Circle December 2017 and January 2018

    What are good times please, to schedule this?
    I live in Perth Australia (UTC+8)
    I would love to have a time that a few of us could get together.

    @IA56 I could certainly type up the circle...
  4. Free Online Circle December 2017 and January 2018

    online circle
    to be held on Skype.

    Time to be determined by interest and availability.

    Topics to be discussed Hermetics and Ascension, the Energy Body and Energy Work.

  5. Sticky: Re: The Human Energy Body as clairvoyantly witnessed

    Free energy body readings offered on Skype.
    Ask to be added as a contact to Aunt Clair on Skype.
    In your message mention this forum and that you would like a reading.
    Microphone and quiet time...
  6. Sticky: Re: The Human Energy Body as clairvoyantly witnessed

    mentions that the crescent moon is bright
    "like laughing God popped a smile "
    his shin is bleeding trailed down left leg
    an accidental puncture
    unnoted before reading

    Beyond the Goetia...
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    Re: Melchchizedeck priesthood

    Melchizedek is a priest who was so loved by God that he was transformed into an angel.
    He is an example of the ascension of human vibration and consciousness to become an eternal servant of God abd...
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    Re: Astral Vision

    Imho and ime, the soul reincarnates affording abilities we call gifts , the spirit has only one life and is that personality forever in the afterlife unless they rest in peace and decay. The works we...
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    Re: the inner eye blink...

    "When the student is ready the teacher will appear". It sounds like a teaching spirit is attending you. When you sit long enough in trance and develop your third eye well enough you should be able to...
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    Re: Deep Trance Difficulties

    Personally I believe that the deepest trance is what affords the greatest development in pathworking. Deep Trance allows boosting of the immune system, healing of the body , restoration of peace, and...
  11. Re: Does meditation also "develop" the energy body?

    Meditation is essential to ascension pathworking and is the fastest way to develop the energy body. Meditation and other forms of altered consciousness such as astral projection, lucid dreaming and...
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    Re: Kabbalah for the Rest of Us

    The abyss imho is not boundless . It is as you suggest surmountable and with each attainment of Kether it becomes easier to cross the visions indicate it is closer and more shallow. and each time the...
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    Re: using dark energy for good cause

    I agree that the interpretation of negative beings may be questioned. For example the Goetic forms are both positive and negative just as the Hermetic elements are both positive and negative and so...
  14. Re: Is it possible to contact goetic beings in the astral?

    IMHO and IME ;
    Yes it is. It is possible to contact any Goetic forms. In Kaballah lore it is suggested to not do this as it is dangerous. I agree. The legend is that the Goetic appear to the mystic...
  15. Thread: Vortex

    by Aunt Clair

    Re: Vortex

    Vortices also occur between dimensions. In group projection we saw these when we first entered Shamballah together in circle and for the first few times when we entered the "window on the edge of the...
  16. Sticky: Re: The Human Energy Body as clairvoyantly witnessed

    W 16 July 2014
    A U shaped structure of 5 forming Goetic gigantic stems appearing attached to each other
    like phalanges or feathers on a fan being ;
    5 Demonic/Totemic
    5 Goddess/God Avatar...
  17. Sticky: Re: The Human Energy Body as clairvoyantly witnessed

    Super Moon of July 2014
    Asmodeus + appeared near the conclusion of a series of lessons which began as an amalgamation of three Goetic forms ;
    Marbas, Asmodeus and Allocer. He appeared this time in...
  18. Re: Secondary/minor chakras and question about kundalini

    Yes the palm is a secondary minor chakra
  19. Re: Secondary/minor chakras and question about kundalini

    The spinal column chakras are the primary ones that used to open upwards for females mouth and intuition and downward for male stomach and genitalia. But newer generations are often born more...
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    Re: Higher Self vs. Soul vs Guardian Angel

    Imho ;
    the Higher Self projects as a golden lion maned aspect from the chest; heart or sunstone.

    The Guardian Angel is a higher vibration aspect that projects from the supernal energy centre...
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    Re: Should I Trust "Masters?"

    Teaching spirits called Mahatma and Ascended Masters come to those who are ready in altered states of consciousness such as in dreamstate or meditative trance. How does one attain a state of...
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    Re: Should I Trust "Masters?"

    The point is that without learning from and becoming initiated by the master teaching spirits one can not become one and one can not ascend.

    So a newb may decide to ignore the teachings and...
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    Re: Should I Trust "Masters?"

    Mahatma do not seek to define 'your reality' or anyone else's. Instead, they offer energy attunements and ascension of vibration and offer lessons on a curriculum that is not based upon physical...
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    Re: Ancient book on magic depics kundalini

    The book isn't actually ancient. Ancient by definition must be millenium old
    not centuries old i.e. before the fall of Rome or before the birth of Christ.

    And it does not appear to be black...
  25. Re: Gaining some sort of clairvoyance, any ideas to improve it further?(probably astral sight)

    All are clairvoyant but at different levels. All can develop clairvoyance with pathworking and intent.

    Basal Clairvoyance occurs while we dream and imagine.
    Developed Clairvoyance occurs during...
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