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  1. Re: Sleep stage apps for tracking cycle of sleep

    have you tried manually? I tried a technique I learned from Clare johnsons book and she says to set an alarm 5hrs after you go to sleep... which then wakeup , 10-20 mins of being up ...then that...
  2. Re: Astral projection and possession ... is it true?

    Ah good old fear tactic. Of course! it's all over youtube. There is motive behind what ANYONE does in regards to ANYTHING... So everyone on youtube whether it's providing content on food or even...
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    Mastering Lucid Dreaming...

    Hello everyone, I was looking to get your guys take on mastering lucid dreams. Do you think this is possible? maybe not being able to recognize your dreaming EVERY time but at least 4-5 Lucid dreams...
  4. Journeys out of the body... By robert monroe... Just finished...and I'm impressed!

    So let me preface I picked this book up on a whim. On a recent visit to my local bookstore I went in to pickup a gift for myself for all the hard work I have been doing lately on various projects....
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    Good day everyone!

    Hi everyone! Feels good to find an active astral community! Although as soon as i registered it said I was banned? not sure if that's a glitch or meant to do that until you activate your account. I...
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