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  1. Re: Do you have an opinion about the structuring of the mind and the him?

    If you want to attempt to understand the mind, I can only point you towards genius thinkers, like Freud and Jung and others of their ilk. Read enough of their works and you will start to understand...
  2. Re: Is the real-time zone the '4th Dimension' ?

    The fourth dimension is probably TIME.

    As for the afterlife..... To make sense of it, you must realize that you and every other human being is an animal. And, all animals, all living beings,...
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    Re: OBE's Vs psychiatric medication

    The biggest issue of taking meds is that they make you drowsy. This makes it very difficult to meditate and do OBE of any kind, because you'll keep falling asleep.

    The only way to counter this...
  4. Re: Issue with access to ordered material

    G'day Henry,

    This problem affects a few people each week. Its due to a very complex .php incompatibility issue. We have an expert working on it. This issue comes from countless upgrades and...
  5. Re: Which is the final goal for the humanity?

    I do not think there is an ultimate finite goal for humans.

    Its like climbing a mountain, and when you get to the top you realize you are only in the foothills and there are bigger mountains...
  6. Re: Searching for help after ten years of muscle tics/spasms

    I think your tics/spasms may be the result of your lifestyle, which you say is improving. I recommend you switch to an organic brand of tobacco. There are a couple, Free Spirit, and, Winston.

  7. Re: Is it safe asking for a healer or a master

    Communicating with your higher self, asking for things like light and better vision, and to move to other places, begins what I call 'the inner dialogue' where you begin talking with your higher...
  8. Re: Issue with access to ordered material

    If you are still having issues, post the email address you used here and I'll take a look. I can't do anything without that email address.

  9. Re: Is it safe asking for a healer or a master

    Sure, it is safe to ask for these things, masters, healers, etc.

    The worrying beings you mention are generally used to test you. A simple banishment generally works to get rid of them if you come...
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    Re: Have you made friends in the astral?

    Generally, as you have discovered, other astral beings do not like having their privacy disturbed.

    I have not made any astral friends per se, though I have occasionally encountered friendly human...
  11. Re: Lobsang Rampa was able to switch his body, isnít this impossible?

    I really do not know if this is possible. I think it might be. And there are probably a few ways this could be done.

    Possession of an alive and awake human by an astral projector is possible. I...
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    Re: Who here has raised their kundalini

    I did this about 30 years ago. Its a long story, which if you research radio shows I've done you'll find the whole story, which takes an hour to do justice to it.

    It took me about a week to do it...
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    Re: Changes due to OOB

    Yes. Conscious OBE can be said to 'open' you to everything, including psychic abilities and Kundalini.

    I always recommend to people interested in raising Kundalini, to first focus on conscious...
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    Re: Regarding Robert Bruce Account

    Britannica Experience.


    Robert Bruce
    (C)Copyright 2000

    The way to connect with your future self is to first connect with your past self, and make this a habit, so it translates...
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    Re: Verbal Affirmations

    There is also this to consider..... when you speak your voice box vibrates, and it activates your throat chakra. This projects your voice onto the astral level. Your higher self is more receptive and...
  16. Re: Can hats and hair interfere with crown chakra activity and Kundalini

    I understand where you are coming from, philosophically speaking.

    However, I have the opposite view.... that there is only one consciousness in the universe....

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    Re: The Kingdom of Nye 4 hour radio show

    This show was several months ago. You'll have to dig around on their site to find a copy.

  18. Re: Can hats and hair interfere with crown chakra activity and Kundalini

    E=Mc squared says it all. Energy is matter at the speed of light, and consequentially, matter is energy that is not at the speed of light.

    The only way to truly convince someone that they have an...
  19. Re: Can hats and hair interfere with crown chakra activity and Kundalini

    The main similarity between the physical universe and the astral is that they occupy the same space.

    Everything else is different.

    A small percentage of people can sense things in the astral,...
  20. Re: Can hats and hair interfere with crown chakra activity and Kundalini

    As far as I know, yes, you need a physical body in order to raise kundalini.

  21. Re: Can hats and hair interfere with crown chakra activity and Kundalini

    Kundalini is not called Medusa.

    Medusa is my term for one of the phenomenon that can appear during a raised kundalini session. This is where you feel lots of snake like things coming out of the...
  22. Re: Can hats and hair interfere with crown chakra activity and Kundalini

    The Medusa effect (my term) gives you perfect psychic abilities...all abilities at the highest level.

    These abilities are energy dependent, meaning that once you are out of the raised...
  23. Re: Can hats and hair interfere with crown chakra activity and Kundalini

    Good point.

    However, I do not know if these things will affect the energy of the head chakras. If the hair is dirty, that would likely cause issues...because all the chakras work better if the...
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    Re: Root Chakra Influencing Brow Chakra

    The root supplies power to the higher chakras.

    The root chakra is the most important chakra to activate, especially for modern people in the West, because they have too much brow chakra mental...
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    Re: Energy work and P.T.S.D.

    I recommend you use the Core Image Work from my book, 'The Practical Psychic Self Defense Handbook' to defuse any disturbing memories you might have, and any false memories that have been tagged onto...
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