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  1. Re: What is the Universe made of? What is real?

    From The American Journal of Modern Physics (2018)
    "Considering Big Bang Theory is not an adequate model of...
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    Re: IA´s dream diary....

    [pun] What a mirror-cal!

    When I want to see what I look like during a first-person lucid dream, I often manifest a mirror.
    My mirrors default to a golden one with elaborate fancy swirly designs...
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    Re: lucid dreaming vs reality

    I agree with both CFTraveller and White Monkey.

    In 2002 I experienced a spontaneous Out of Body Experience/phasing where my RTZ reality and Mindscape Reality occupied the same REEL-ality frame.
  4. Re: What is the Universe made of? What is real?

    Hi CFTraveler, nice to see you here.
    (assuming you're from Astral Pulse)

    Did you know that the life-time of a Higgs Boson is only a zeptosecond,
    that is, one sextillionth (10 -21) of a...
  5. What is the Universe made of? What is real?

    What is the Universe made up of?
    What is real?

    'The Atomic Model' which theorises that we and the universe is made up of stuff has been proven false.
    Even the theory itself recognises that a...
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    Re: is possible to visit nirvana?

    Yes, nirvana or moksha is a state of mind of knowing.
    Knowing what? Knowing the omnipresent stillness that always is. You are that knowing.
    However temporary this state may be, you will know that...
  7. Re: 4th OBE last night - it could have gotten away!

    Hooray Mike! :thumbsup:

    When I successfully phased/OBE my first few times I did the happy dance :redface:
  8. Re: Magnetic Mattresses - Are they good or bad?

    Albert Roy Davis and Walter Rawls were scientists who studied and researched the effects of how magnetism and magnetic fields have on mankind and living systems.
    They are co-authors of the below...
  9. Re: Is eating possible on the astral planes? And more questions!

    Eating and drinking is definitely possible during phasing/ OBEs/ Lucid dreaming.
    My sense of taste and smell seems more acute during phasing. It's like there is minimum noise to interfere with the...
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