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  1. Can Sleeping under a suspended pyramid help with OBEs?

    I read in one of Robert Monroe's books that Robert and friend of his were driving by his old house and the friend commented that the roof was in a pyramid shape and that may explain why he had so...
  2. Re: Can Body Projection in Real Time Zone be video recorded?

    I have a web cam on continuous record were I live to record me if I ever OBE
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    Re: Lucid Dreaming Devices

    I have a device called the Kasina. It is a pretty good light sound device. There are two types of eyewear. One where your eyes are closed and the other where they are open. I have both and prefer...
  4. Can Body Projection in Real Time Zone be video recorded?

    I am curious whether anyone has tried to video their real time zone projection with a video camera. The reason why I ask this is because on Youtube I was watching a compilation of live tv broadcasts...
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    Re: Is there a salt bath tutorial?

    I have had success with a shower scrub with Epsom Salt. I have the Epsom salt in a bowl and then scrub my entire body with it. It seems to have a cooling effect on my skin while doing it. I also...
  6. Can Akashic Records help find Missing 411 People?

    Hello Robert
    There is a series of books by David Paulides called the Missing 411 series which deals with people who visit national parks and disappear under mysterious circumstances. These are...
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