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  1. Re: Can primary center work help pull you into trance?

    Any body awareness work will help pull you into trance if you focus on what you are doing.

    So, yes.

  2. Re: kundalini - is it possible during first meditation?

    While rare, this can happen. This is best described as 'kundalini activation' although it does involve a partial rising of kundalini.

    I have seen this happen in my live workshops, over the years,...
  3. Re: How does grounding protect from psychic attacks

    Obviously no one here has read my book, The Practical Psychic Self Defense Handbook. This gives detailed explanation on what 'GROUNDING' means.

    I strongly recommend that everyone here reads this...
  4. Re: Unable to access Raising Kundalini program


    And we have a lot more coming....:)

  5. Re: Unable to access Raising Kundalini program

    If anyone is having difficulties accessing their programs on please contact the help desk and they'll fix the problem quickly.

    This 'critical error' issue is compex. This is the...
  6. Re: Does the program say anywhere what specific affirmations to use?

    The affirmations needed vary depending on the situation.

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    Re: schizophrenia and gluten free bread

    21 days totally gluten free is a good start...although a longer time may be needed to achieve best results for a condition as severe as schizophrenia.

    Keep in mind that there are many non gluten...
  8. Re: Do you know everything and everyone is me?

    Even if this is the case, you need to be a little more clear with your questions.

  9. Re: Technique to create bodies of energy to structure psychic defenses

    You need to rethink this. Some of your descriptions make no sense.

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    Re: Kundalini and the Afterlife

    After we die, we appear to continue to live on in the astral body. This can also be called the soul, or the soul body. Regardless of what you might like to call it, this is, basically, the same...
  11. Thread: kundalini

    by Robert Bruce

    Re: kundalini

    I don't think this can be done. You hear about 'Shaktipat' where masters, for a fee, will caused kundalini to raise in a student, even over a distance. But these things are usually money making scams...
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    Re: can't watch courses

    Very sorry about this. Contact our helpdesk and they'll fix it for you pretty quickly.

    We can't fix this critical error problem easily, so we are creating a brand new site. This is currently at...
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    Re: Kundalini and Physical Immortality

    Who would want to live forever......?

    ....any evolved person that can see the truth about life would want this.

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    Re: Raising kundalini and bad memories

    If you succeed in raising your kundalini in this life, this will change the reincarnational process. How much this changes would depend on how much the kundalini raising process changed you, and how...
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    Re: Banishing Ritual

    The banishment given in practical psychic self defense is not the same as what is given in modern magick. The one given in practical psychic self defense is an ultra simple earth element banishment,...
  16. Re: Clairvoyant reading Required. Discernment needed for these 3 people

    It is impossible to tell the true nature of a person from a photograph. You would need more information for this.

    Also keep in mind that if a person has a significant entity attached to them, it...
  17. Re: Getting out of sleep paralysis technique

    Sleep paralysis is an uncomfortable state. Not dangerous, but not exactly pleasant. You will often be able to see the room around you through closed eyelids, but movement is impossible. Often, but...
  18. Re: Getting out of sleep paralysis technique

    Unfortunately, many people during sleep paralysis do not have breath control and cannot even blink or move their eyes behind closed eyelids. This is, however, certainly something that should be tried...
  19. Re: Anyone else experience seeing body tactile imaging with their eyes open?

    What I think you are experiencing here, at least in part, is called Body Image Sight (my term).

    Everyone can easily do the basics of this.

    Relax with eyes closed... can be done when in bed, or...
  20. Re: Do you have an opinion about the structuring of the mind and the him?

    If you want to attempt to understand the mind, I can only point you towards genius thinkers, like Freud and Jung and others of their ilk. Read enough of their works and you will start to understand...
  21. Re: Is the real-time zone the '4th Dimension' ?

    The fourth dimension is probably TIME.

    As for the afterlife..... To make sense of it, you must realize that you and every other human being is an animal. And, all animals, all living beings,...
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    Re: OBE's Vs psychiatric medication

    The biggest issue of taking meds is that they make you drowsy. This makes it very difficult to meditate and do OBE of any kind, because you'll keep falling asleep.

    The only way to counter this...
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    Re: Issue with access to ordered material

    G'day Henry,

    This problem affects a few people each week. Its due to a very complex .php incompatibility issue. We have an expert working on it. This issue comes from countless upgrades and...
  24. Re: Which is the final goal for the humanity?

    I do not think there is an ultimate finite goal for humans.

    Its like climbing a mountain, and when you get to the top you realize you are only in the foothills and there are bigger mountains...
  25. Re: Searching for help after ten years of muscle tics/spasms

    I think your tics/spasms may be the result of your lifestyle, which you say is improving. I recommend you switch to an organic brand of tobacco. There are a couple, Free Spirit, and, Winston.

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