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  1. Re: Cinnabar's quest to Master Astral Projection

    Looks like I'm not one of the lucky to master astral projection in 90 days ;o) However, I feel I'm making progress, so I will move on.

    Recently, I have paid more attention to breathing, which is...
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    Breathing: filling the chest first?

    I would appreciate if you could shed some light on this. About each and every breathing exercise I have read about tells me to breath with my belly/diaphragm. However, MAP tells me to fill my chest...
  3. Re: Cinnabar's quest to Master Astral Projection

    Yay! Last night I experienced vibrations for the first time, and I felt how I slowly disconnected from my physical body, like a pudding slowly popping from its mold! I couldn't see anything other...
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    Re: Am I doing good with the program?

    Robert Bruce's book 'Mastering Astral Projection' gives you a clear-cut schedule to follow, which answers your questions.
    I'm a little puzzled by your referring to 'the program', while you do not...
  5. Re: Greetings from the Netherlands, Europe!

    Good to see I'm not the only one from the Netherlands, here!
  6. Re: Cinnabar's quest to Master Astral Projection

    It took me little longer than expected to work out the issue with my hamstring. Massage didn't really work, stretching didn't do it, but a modest leg exercise made the relevant muscle behave, nothing...
  7. Re: Recommended book on magick for beginner?

    I'm skeptical about correspondence courses that claim to teach skills, and as there are definitely no other practitioners in my area, I will be very much on my own. BTW, are you sure about the...
  8. Re: Cinnabar's quest to Master Astral Projection

    I am taking a, hopefully, short break from the MAP program. I find it impossible to thoroughly relax my right hamstring: although I can easily relax it, tension returns in minutes, and I am back to...
  9. Re: Recommended book on magick for beginner?

    Bardon is on my short list. I'm not sure about the BOEL mystery school, as their free one-year online course looks theoretical, and hands out a cheesy looking certificate. Do you have experience with...
  10. Recommended book on magick for beginner?

    I spent a few years in ceremonial magick, working my way through Kraig's Modern Magick, but I must admit I never got anything out of it. It is a lot of work, with no feedback whatsoever, and it feels...
  11. Re: Cinnabar's quest to Master Astral Projection

    I experienced lots of lucid dreams through my teenage days, after which lucidity disappeared. About ten years ago I had my last lucid dream, which has always remained with me, because I figured out...
  12. Re: Cinnabar's quest to Master Astral Projection

    I'm about to complete Part I, and progress feels slow, albeit progressing. Energy work is no longer accompanied by the burning feeling of energy, so I guess some obstacles have been cleared. Every...
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    Re: Throbbing upper lip?

    Thanks for the feedback! The throbbing is already lessening, and I think it is encouraging there might be a blockade being cleared. Let me add to the discussion I was born with a cleft lip, so it is...
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    Re: Inducing trance?

    Looks like I'm getting somewhere! I have reached MAP Chapter 5, and believe I can reach light trance. The key was to improve my ability to empty my mind, as well as feeling the downward movement,...
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    Throbbing upper lip?

    I followed the suggestions from MAP and introduced energy raising to my going-to-sleep-routine. For the past couple of nights, I felt a definite throbbing sensation on the center point of my upper...
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    Re: LOA conflicts

    I'd love to, but this is where the scientist in me gets in the way...
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    LOA conflicts

    Until recently, I have wondered why the Law of Attraction has never been proven scientifically. At first sight, it is easy to set up an experiment where a LOA adept influences a coin to get...
  18. Re: Cinnabar's quest to Master Astral Projection

    Week 4, just made interesting progress in taming my mind. I had already noticed how visualisations/verbalisations easily come with stray thoughts, so I abandoned these, which increased my 'empty...
  19. Re: Cinnabar's quest to Master Astral Projection

    I'm in Week 3, and dream memory is still mweh. I'm finally back to raising energy, which I had paused to restart NEW through MAP, and it is something I have really missed over the past few weeks....
  20. Re: Cinnabar's quest to Master Astral Projection

    Practiced for a week, kept a dream log, which worked out pretty well. However, for the past few nights, I barely remember enough to be able to take notes, and the few notes I manage to take make...
  21. Re: Cinnabar's quest to Master Astral Projection

    A couple of days ago I had the weird experience that I remembered that someone had just talked to me, without recalling the details of who/what/how. I was feeling drowsy at the moment, and had this...
  22. Re: Cinnabar's quest to Master Astral Projection

    Today I was watching a video, felt a bit drowsy, and all of a sudden I realized something had happened to me which I immediately had forgotten about. I have a faint memory of someone talking to me,...
  23. Cinnabar's quest to Master Astral Projection

    Bought 'Master Astral Projection' and started on, you guessed it, Day 1. I do have a bit of experience in meditation, relaxing body and mind, and energy work, but decided to rinse and repeat, just to...
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    Re: Inducing trance?

    Doesn't work for me, I wake up real slow in the morning, and if I don't get out of bed, I fall back asleep. Sometimes I think it is a miracle I wake up at all. Thanks for the suggestion, though...
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    Inducing trance?

    So, I can get deep physical relaxation. It usually takes a minute or 10 to let all tension slide off, and there I am, not feeling my body. Could go on for hours. Cool.

    It takes a little more time...
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