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  1. Re: Who here has developed their psychic senses


    amazing you seem to have some level of psychic ability. Did you develop it through Robert Bruceís methods? Also if I may ask why do you have your name as alphadracooverlord? ...
  2. Re: Who here has developed their psychic senses

    @Antares Like being able to see past present future/vision screen etc like how does it feel or look. Do you get like glad of images can you call it on will how does it work
  3. Re: Connecting and speeding Tactile senses

    I donít know but like I noticed that as soon as I put the intention and set forth doing energy work like I feel my tailbone lock up like something with the tailbone I always feel it lock up and I...
  4. Who here has developed their psychic senses

    Or like if you have some level of psychic ability? What is it like? Do you like think of something than an image appears? How does it feel? Any experience or phenomena
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    Who here has risen their kundalini

    Can you share your experience and like how has it changed your life your karma/luck and like how your interactions with other people and what not. Does it air you brave and fearless and empowered? ...
  6. Connecting and speeding Tactile senses


    Who here has a difficult timer case when I try to speed it up connecting to body and tactile senses then speeding it up. I donít know if it is because of where I am practicing or people...
  7. Re: Opening of chackra and demonic spirits

    Hello Jexx,

    Yes since I am currently homeless I stay in a walking trail park and it is very open and vast. I usually sit on a bench and I feel when people pass by or people who live in houses...
  8. Re: Opening of chackra and demonic spirits

    Right. Like I read and watch a few videos that in the Bible there are hidden meanings behind the stories and chackra sand kundalini are talked about in them. Also I noticed that chackra are...
  9. Opening of chackra and demonic spirits


    I heard from several people that opening chackra scan open you up to demonic spirits like they attach to you or something. I am not sure if opening is the proper term and I believe Robert...
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    Root Chackra


    I see a lens type shape forming in my root chackra after stimulating it left/right up/down after like 15-20 of stimulation. Itís strange as I see this in my minds eye like a dark/grey...
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    My first thought form


    So I was trying out my first attempt at altered state induction. I tried it this morning after waking up in the morning I laid there still sleepy so I was able to still practice it. I...
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    Exact location of chackras


    I am wondering what are the exact location of the chakras. Are they locates the same way as in the front cover with lady in the evolution book. Particularly the heart solar plexus and...
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    Who here has raised their kundalini

    I am windering who has raised their kundalini and like how long did it take ypu to raise. What is it like. What abilities did ypu develop. If you have any interesting stories that would be awesome
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    Re: Energy Bounce

    Hello Susan's,

    Thank youbfor the tip. I actually visualized that as I read it and I felt it tingle with a bold gold color energy wrinkles out of the spine.

    Another reason why ibasked this...
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    Energy Bounce

    Hello what exactly is a energy bounce is it like bouncing a ball from point to point. I don't know if I am doing it right but the way i do it is say from finger tips to shoulder I start at my...
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    practice space


    I've been trying the energy work peactices force while now. I am having progress only thing is that i am homeless now.
    Its hard for me to do the energy practices due to being out in...
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    Hello I am new here

    Hello, I am new here to this community. Hope to meet many experienced people in Astral Traveling and Kundalini raising. I am new to this. I currently practice Chi Gong Nei Gong Tai Chi and...
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