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Thread: World set-up of eating eachother to survive

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    World set-up of eating eachother to survive

    I just wanted to ask whether, in your travels, you have found out why this world has been set up so that, from the smallest microbial entity to the top of the food chain, one must attack and consume the other, simply for survival. This seems to me to be the most cruel and horrific situation which inevitably leads to wars and conflict on the human level. How can this possibly create an environment for growth into compassion and giving beyond self-survival? Is this an evolutionary experiment that uses extreme measures in the hope that a very few will make it and become great beings and the rest are collateral damage? Corral release billions apon billions of eggs at a certain time of the moon, together with the sperm, in a dance of beauty, except that the beauty is realized with such small percentages, who cares about the ones who didn't make it. Are we like that in the greater scheme of things?

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    Re: World set-up of eating eachother to survive


    You need to understand the Ouroboros symbol, of the snake eating its own tail.

    This depicts the great circle of life.

    Life comes from life and is nurtured by life, and is in turn consumed by life.

    The physical universe being an illusion is a part of this.

    The only enduring thing is spirit.

    The physical universe is the realm of hard personal experience. Here, one can make huge progress. In a spiritual realm like the astral dimension, everything is obviously illusory. There is no pain and no suffering that is not of ones own making. the truth is that it is the same down here. We create our own suffering and our understanding is generally too low to escape the human condition.

    It is wise to accept what is and to work with what is. To not accept life as it is will only create more suffering.

    it is only when one realizes the truth about life that the suffering begins to ease.

    Realization is a process that comes through personal experience. There is no other way.

    Being angry at life for the way it is designed is pointless. This just creates more suffering out of nothing.


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