It's been quite a few years since I last saw "Schindler's List" by Spielberg. I haven't even finished watching this time as of yet. But I am absolutely impressed by the kind of spiritual message inherent in this movie, or better: messages.

Many, many scenes encode a real lot of information, historical detail, but also lessons, ideas, emotions, otherwise unexpressable concepts. Many ideas are explored in parallel, and the main protagonists are etched out in rich detail. Liam Neeson for example looks like a real villain when he impersonates Schindler telling his wife that the missing piece for his success was indeed "War."

You can see transformations. I've seen the movie many times, but now I see there is much more in it than I could see before. I think that's what marks a great work of art - you expand your own consciousness, you return to it, and you find still more within it to learn.

Without explicitly stating it, this movie was a deeply spiritual project, and I think if you've ever got to see some interviews and material of Spielberg afterward you could tell that making the movie was a transformation for himself as well.