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Thread: YAD's Dream Journal

  1. YAD's Dream Journal

    This is a lucid dream I had today that gives insight into cultivating extra time through dreaming. Here is a blog posting that explains what that means.

    Lucid Dream – July 26, 2010

    Time To Bed: 5:30am Time When Awoken: 7:20am
    Time required to fall asleep: ~30 minutes.

    The Techniques
    This is the WBTB method using MILD to prepare myself to have a lucid dream. My intent is to cultivate extra time; possibly share a dream and be fully awake and aware during the process.

    I set aside the following concepts: Ego, Fear, Expectations, Sexual Desires and lesser desires, belief in time, belief in physical body, belief in physical law leaving all of these concepts with physical systems so that while in the dream state only the raw experience can go as unfiltered as possible.

    The process of falling asleep.
    As I start to fall asleep, visual imaginations seem to happen nearly instantly. I start to see in a 2D window view people walking, I am not even physically asleep yet and unable to engage them in a full-Spectrum 3D dream environment.

    Hypnogogia then emerges. I look at the fractal pattern. It is a repeat fractal of triangles that have a clear black triangle and blue triangle creating the pattern. They form clouds and rotations. I am becoming more relaxed.

    The hypnogogia morphs into dream imagery, I visually click into a field where I dump a pot of soup into some flowers and some ladies are angry at me for doing so. I am still falling asleep but my sense of vision is completely involved in this imagery.

    I click back to the hypnogogia and semi-awaken state. Audible sounds emerge, I hear my wife calling for me. This and the visual patterns confirm that key indicators of lucid dream success are nearly imminent.

    My body drops off, I go into complete darkness for a second emerging in a car.

    The Lucid Dream

    The dream starts and I am sitting in my black 2006 Saturn Ion holding the steering wheel. I am a bit confused and bewildered. I wonder if I am drunk or stoned because I am not thinking clearly. I decide that I better pull myself together before I drive.

    Looking out of the window, I see a lady who has a semi-automatic rifle and she aims it at a house and shoots. I am in shock at this. Then I realize that I am in proximity to what could be a psychotic woman with a gun who is going to go on a killing rampage.

    I notice some people start running towards her and she is now walking down the street. She turns and shoots at them, they scatter and I start my car. She is walking towards my general direction but not looking at me yet.

    Now I am fully awake and alert but not aware this is a dream quite yet. Fearful for other people instead of driving away, I decide I must make any effort to stop this woman before she kills anyone else, even if it means I die trying. I take a deep breath and with my resolve I step on the gas and point my car right at her.
    She notices me and takes aim but I am moving and ducking left to right as I drive and this throws off her aim. She seems to be holding her ground and I have the car pinned. Now the Saturn doesn't have the best pickup speed and this is very well portrayed in the dream.

    That said, she just opens fire and I slam the car into her sending her flying over the windshield and roof. I speed around a corner and take off.

    My inner though asks me, “You just hit a woman! You might of killed her.”

    Then start laughing, realizing I am dreaming. “Yes, she got what she deserved, she was on a rampage.”

    My inner thought then asks, “You know you are dreaming now, would you have done that in real life?”

    “It is tough to say what happens in circumstances such as these, I have a lot to live for with a family but I know that I am capable of taking action in an effort to save others.”, I reply.

    I look at my hands holding the steering wheel, the detail of the car is perfect. I fully realize I am dreaming by now and decide to drive the car back to see what the end result is. When I get there and park partly on the sidewalk. There is nothing there. No people, nor the woman I shot at.

    I don't expect there to be, I decide to go with the flow. My daughter who is 12 is there. She is special needs. Has a long list of complications from brain-damage at birth, down-syndrome, autism and pervasive learning disorder. I wonder if we are somehow mutually sharing the dream. I decide to treat it as if that is the case.

    I walk to her and take her hand. It feels like her hand, the same textures and size. I am very aware of my tactile senses. I look at her and she smiles.

    “Looks like we get to hang out in a dream?”, I tell her.

    “Let's just go for a walk to the beach and have some fun, how does that sound?”, I ask her.

    She nods.

    I wonder just how she may interpret dream data. I imagine that she is quite capable of dreaming in the same vivid spectrum of detail that I am experiencing with her. I am very curious and happy to have this opportunity to be in a lucid dream and simply walk with her to the beach.

    As we walk I tell her that I don't want her to limit herself here. That she is still a very special person that has the same freedom to grow and be limitless. She just looks at me smiling and walking in her complicated walk that she usually does.

    As we walk, I decide to tell people that this is a dream in the event of any mutual exchange is possible. It seems every time I am lucid I cannot dismiss this opportunity having had mutual dreams in the past.

    People don't really seem to respond to well. I stop a couple and tell them they are dreaming and they just tell me to piss off and walk away. There is this african lady and I hear her say, “This is my dreamworld, not yours.”

    “If this is your dream, then I really want to talk to you.”, I reply.

    She ignores me and continues walking, “If you are dreaming, let's talk about this dream. I want to know more about what you think about it.”

    “Just go away, leave me a lone. You are not real!”, she tells me.

    “I am real enough to talk with, let's just chat about your dream.”, I ask... but it's too late she vanishes leaving the dog she was walking bewildered as it looked around for her.

    My interaction with her caught the attention of a person who seems to be an amputee. He is probably in his 50's, a bit weathered looking and he angrily yells at me, “Get out of here, no one wants some crazy person bothering them!”

    I walk over to him, “This is just a dream, there is no harm in talking with each other.”

    He seems to respond to the dialog and replies, “This is not a dream, you crazy son-of-a-bitch! Get out of her before you piss me off!”

    He pushes me with his one good arm and I let him.

    “There is no need to get violent, you won't be able to hurt me even if you tried.”, I explain.

    “You wanna make a bet? You don't think I could kick your ass?”, he yells.

    I calmly stand there looking at him knowing I am dreaming and I laugh, “No, you couldn't hurt me even if you tried. Go a head, hit me if you want.”

    He pushes me and grabs my arm and I don't resist. “You won't be thinking this is a dream if I bite your damn finger off!”, he yells.

    I laugh, “Go ahead, bite my finger off. This is a dream, I will prove it to you.”

    He is a bit shocked that I am not resisting, not afraid and allowing him to just do what ever he wants. Angry at my claim that this is a dream, he sets out to start to bite my finger. He bites into it and it really does hurt. I can feel his teeth press the flesh of my finger against the bone. This is a rare sensation of bone; I seldom have that much tactile clarity but regardless of the pain signal, the detailed realism of the event. I stand resolved that I am dreaming and know it's no big deal, I let it continue.

    “It's ok, you can keep biting the finger clear off if you want. I don't mind. It's starting to bleed and I think you really need to bite harder.”, I tell him as he is kind of crunched forward holding my arm gnawing on my finger looking up at me from his side profile.

    I just enjoy the experience, I look at the blood now running out where the teeth join my finger. In fustration, he lets go and I show him my hand. There is a bite size loose piece of flesh in the middle of my index finger. Instantly I heal the finger and all the blood disappears.

    “There, it's good as new, this is a dream this should be your first piece of evidence.”, I tell him.

    It seems like his mouth is sore and he has loosened some teeth and one of them starts to fall out.

    “You teeth are not falling out, this is another very common dream experience where we construct a fear that our teeth are falling out when in reality you are fine. Don't give that too much attention, this is a dream. I assure you.”, I tell him.

    He looks at me amazed and bewildered. “It can't be a dream! It's real!”, he tells me.

    “Dreams are real, when you are able to observe them. They are a kind of dream reality.”, I point at the sidewalk and cause the concrete to start to reveal a hypnogogia mesh underlying the concrete.

    He looks at that and it really gets his attention. “Oh my god, this is a dream!” he yells.

    “Enjoy the dream, and tell all your friends.” I tell him as I then take my daughter's hand and decide that now is a good time just to enjoy our walk on the beach. I was satisfied in trying to connect with others.

    We walk down the beach and the sand feels nice. It's a beautiful day. I could see the Ocean. We were walking on a sidewalk that had bricks laid down with a concrete rim. There were people sitting on the beach, some had lawn chairs, others towels.

    I just walk in silence with my daughter and just enjoyed our time. I wondered about dream objectivity and if she in any way is actually with me. Having had mutual dreams I do not doubt that possibility but then wonder how on Earth could she ever tell me. She can't speak in real life. This produces an impossible realization that in no way could I ever know; she couldn't understand or confirm a mutual dream. I muse on these thoughts as we walk.

    After a while of walking, she disappeared. .

    During the walk, she disappears. I decide to go look for her. I walk back the way I came, past the finger biter who is still there looking at his hand and clearly in deep thought. I walk to the place where I first met my daughter and enter an apartment building.

    I walk around the hallways for a while and it's like a maze, I feel a bit lost so decide to use the elevator. At first there is only one floor on the elevator; which makes no sense. I press the button and the elevator just opens at the same floor. The reason for this is I am loosing awareness that I am dreaming.

    When the button's change again to a new set and I hit a secret basement key labeled “F”; I do a reality check and realize I am dreaming again. I stop and just observe the dream. I examine the stark reality of it.

    The elevator door feels like real steel. I see my reflection in the grainy steel. I look up and see a black widow web with insects stuck in; there is no spider. This causes me to remember many dreams I have had where very aggressive and exaggerated spiders have attacked me. I laugh about them and know not to project such thoughts into that web.

    I simply observe the details and how clear they are rendering. If I didn't have a keen sense of dreaming there is no question the overwhelming realism that presents itself would certainly make me think otherwise.

    Here I am, in this lucid dream experience and so far it's been a lot of wandering around and although interesting and fun it seemed to lack anything purposeful. I decide that I want more from the dream then just details and environments; that is never going to change.

    I have been in e-mail communication with a few researchers. There are two that I have spoken with that I thought if in any way I could induce a mutual dream amongst us; that would prove to be one of the more interesting topics in our e-mail exchange.

    I focus my intent and then focus on them. Perhaps dragging two into a dream is a bit much but I feel the effort of trying is far more important then not. The first obvious problem was I was stuck in an elevator; or at least thought I was in an elevator.

    They were not present so I would have to try to summon them here. I started with that tangent and focused on their names, even saying out-loud that I want to summon them to my dream. I focus and call out, even stick my hands out but all this does is cause the texture of the elevator to swirl into hypnogogic meshes.

    I completely remove the elevator and all sensory details away by focusing; soon I am in a void where there is no details. Just emptiness and swirls of energy.

    I get mental impressions of them in the void. There is white light flickering in a vertical mirage, it seems to move and fold on itself. Everything is in flux and I lose focus.

    I emerge out of the void at my home area. There is no sign of the people I want to share dreams with; I cannot expect that my effort is the technique that could be used although I realize this is a very difficult task. I should be happy that I was even able to try at all.

    There are people I know around me are there so I resume engaging people in efforts to tell them it's a dream. The problem is and I realize it, is how would I be able to verify that it is a mutual dream without sounding like a complete weirdo in real life.

    I decide that the reward would be if I could help them gain some insight that they are in a dream world should my telling them; and the objectivity exist... then that is worth an effort.

    Anyone I know or recognize I tell them they are dreaming. One runs away from me and runs into the house. I follow him up a flight of stairs. He was carrying some boxes into the house; then he returns but this time he is invisible but the boxes are not. I watch as these boxes float as if carried by someone down stairs. The detail was really fascinating to watch. It was very surreal and also helped me stay centered in awareness that this was a dream.

    The inside of the house is not what it looks like in reality. I know my friend lives here so I call out at my friend. “I'll be with you in a minute, I am just upstairs”, she yells.

    “That's ok, I just want to let you know that this is a dream!”.

    She doesn't answer back and I decide to explore this strange surreal house. I walk by a crib and I look inside and see my oldest daughter from the previous dream sleeping in there with a blanket I recognize.
    I look at her and she changes to my youngest daughter, the 18 month old.

    The focus causes the dream to shift yet again, and now I find myself in a hotel room. There is this attractive blonde woman in the dream. She has long flowing locks of blond hair, really nice make-up. She has a nice sized set of boobs on her and over all is quite a sexy woman.

    I am not centered and she is talking to me as if she is my girlfriend. She hits on my and wants to have sex, I tell her I am not interested. “Why don't you want to make love to me! Am I ugly or something?”

    I look at her up and down, she is very attractive but I realize I am dreaming. “No you are very beautiful, I don't know anyone who wouldn't want to have sex with you. I am just not interested.”, I explain.

    She gets angry and throws a couch pillow at me. She storms into another room and I sit on the couch and just relax and go with the flow. I re-affirm that I am dreaming and look back to see her changing. I can see her panties now, she is bent over and I shake my head. It was quite nice to see but I reflect on how happy I am with my wife in real-life and how great our sex life is.

    She doesn't believe me when I tell her that even in my dreams I do not cheat on her. This is yet another example of just how tempting that can be. The girl dresses up in a cow-girl outfit with this really tight and short pair of shorts. She has a belt with two revolvers on it. A bra with a vest that is open with some tassels. Everything is white, she has a scarf and a cowboy hat and boots. Finally a whip.

    It was like a scene in a movie with the perfect woman standing there, holding a whip dressed in sexy role-play fantasy wear. I swear that when I looked her up and down, wind even tossed her hair. It's the kind of dream you wish you could at least snap some pictures. But that said, my intent on not having sex in a dream clearly was being tested.

    She walked over to me and I told her the bad news, “You look amazing, really amazing. I love the outfit and the whip just tops it off. You see, I'm married”, I show her my ring, “And I don't really know you. This is a dream and I don't want to use my dreams to fulfill sexual fantasies when there is more important items on my mind right now.”

    She doesn't like the bad news one bit, and this doesn't stop her. “You don't like the outfit! Just tell me you don't like it and I will change! What do you want me to dress up as. I'll do anything you want. Anything!” she pleas.

    “I admit I do love everything, its sexy and you are gorgeous. I love the detail it's like living breathing artwork, and I do love art.” I tell her. “I'm just not feeling it.”

    She changes again, this time into a mechanics outfit. I really don't know what kind of sexual fantasy I would want with a mechanic but that said, her big boobs and nice body certainly made this the best looking mechanic I have ever seen. I kind of digged on it.

    As much as she wanted to have sex, I really was genuinely not interested. It's not that I couldn't... clearly the opportunity was in front of me. All I had to do was engage the fantasy and fulfill what ever desire. Except there was simply no desire. I clearly remember my intent and know that this might just prevent growth opportunities.

    She was really upset and I gave her a hug and told her she was very beautiful. That if circumstances were different I would love to have sex with her. I told her that this is a dream, and I would rather just maintain my awareness and see what growth opportunities might come from it.

    She wiped away tears and smeared mascara from her eye and smiled. The phone rang and I told her I had to get that. I grabbed the phone and it was my family doctor. He told me the results of his test had come in. I wasn't aware of any tests so the dream gave me a “flashback” moment to fill in the blanks.

    In the dream that lead to the phone call; I was at the doctor's office for a normal checkup. I decided to ask him if he ever had deja vu. Then I asked him if he ever had deja reve. He didn't know what deja reve was. I explained it to him and we talked about precognitive dreams and some of the experiences I had. He took some notes and found it really fascinating. Happy to have shared that with my family doctor I left the appointment.

    On the phone however, the doctor had a more serious tone. He looked into what I described and said that I could be suffering from a serious delusional disorder called paramnesia and his colleagues urgently wants us to meet. I know I am dreaming and know that paramnesia in dreams is plausible as we often cannot make connections with language and symbols.

    “Well, it's funny that you have called with this prognosis because it just so happens that I am dreaming right now.”, I muse on the phone.

    “What do you mean you are dreaming right now?”, he asks.

    “Well, you are concerned that I might be delusional or suffering paramnesia however the fact is this is really just a dream. You're diagnosis is really just a fantasy and has no reality to it at all.”

    The phone goes quite and he talks in a very somber tone, “If you really think this is a dream, and we didn't have our appointment, you really need to come to my office right now.”

    “Easy peasy Doc, I'll be there in a second.”, I tell him

    I phase to his office instantly, I am sitting in a chair and he is there with his colleague. He doesn't seem to make note that I just instantly materialized into this dream focus.

    “We want to have you come and stay at our mental health facility”, says his colleague. “You are suffering from a serious mental illness and you need help.”

    I kind of laugh because this whole mind-play that the dream is pulling off is kind of entertaining. “What kind of illness do you think I have?”, I ask

    “You have a dissociative disorder with reality, you are claiming that reality is a dream when in fact this is a psychotic detachment from the real world.”, he explains.

    “So you are trying to tell me that this 'dream' is actually the 'real world'. Then what does that make the 'Real world' when I wake up? Is that a dream also?”, I ask.

    “It is still the real world, there is no dream world that you wake up too”, he tells me. “The dream world is part of your illness, and that is why we urgently want you to come to our clinic so we can help you return to normal reality.”

    I start to laugh, the whole irony of the conversation is killing me. “I'm sorry doctors, I appreciate your intent to help me realize that this dream is not a dream, but is in fact reality. Which I will say I cannot entirely dismiss. It seems certain that we are indeed here having this conversation and the details match what one does expect from a 'reality'. That said, this is still a dream in all context of the word.”

    “Why do you think this is a dream?”, he asks.

    “Why do you think it's not a dream?”, I ask.

    “I know it's not a dream because I know what reality is.”, he tells me.

    “You are going to have to do a reality check then. This isn't the reality that you think it is. It is a dream.”, I tell him. “Look, in my real-life I don't go around telling everyone that it's a dream. I reserve that for this reality. In the real-world I work hard and enjoy researching dreams. I love it when we share dreams, when we have dreams that come true and a whole myriad of experiences come with dreaming.”, I explain.

    I tell them both about precognitive dreams and how there is entanglement and interconnectedness with everything. That information and data are all parts of how consciousness processes and renders data. I hold up my hand and make it glow, rays of energy beam from the fingers.

    They look at it in awe and are stunned. I cause more hypnogogic mesh to appear in the desk and cause it to animate. They look at it and my doctor recoils backwards from the shock.

    “This is a dream, it is easy to prove. I enjoyed our conversation but I know I am waking up soon.”, and that was my queue.

    I woke up.

    Time Estimations:
    Driving car until I stop: 20 minutes.
    Walking with daughter on beach: 1 hour.
    At apartment building and elevator: 30 minutes.
    At home area: 30 minutes.
    With girl: 1 hour.
    With doctor: 30 minutes.
    Total estimated time: 3h 50m total sleep time 1h 30m total conscious realization cultivated beyond clock time: 2h 20m

  2. Re: YAD's Dream Journal

    Lucid Dream – July 27, 2010

    Time To Bed: 5:00am
    Time When Awoken: 5:40am
    Time required to fall asleep: ~10 minutes.

    The Techniques
    This is the WBTB method using MILD to prepare myself to have a lucid dream. My intent is to cultivate extra time; possibly share a dream and be fully awake and aware during the process.

    I set aside the following concepts: Ego, Fear, Expectations, Sexual Desires and lesser desires, belief in time, belief in physical body, belief in physical law leaving all of these concepts with physical systems so that while in the dream state only the raw experience can go as unfiltered as possible.

    The intent was to be lucid and aware, have full memory and extend time; open up to any mutual dreaming possibilities.

    The process of falling asleep.
    I was progressing naturally through sleep, but the little baby sleeping next to me kept kicking so I ended up having to use a technique where I let go of all focus and drop into fast sleep. It's not the best for lucid dreaming because I skip into unfocused sleep and have to WILD in the dream.

    The Lucid Dream
    The dream starts and I am driving in a car with my wife. I see all this couch foam on the road and begin to get angry because I knew we had a couch thrown out on the road.

    We stop by our house and the garbage is everywhere. There is a stack of couch foam that has been ripped up by animals and the wind blew the foam everywhere. On top of that mess, it had rained so the foam was all wet and soggy.

    My wife and I get out to clean it up. My mom is there, she may have been in the car. There are trees on the front yard and as I bend over to pick up garbage I get a twig in my eye. It scratches and hurts really bad. I grab my eye with my hand and start to cry like a baby to my Mom who I explain I was just poked in the eye with a twig.

    “What happened?”, she asked.

    “I was getting garbage and turn around and a twig caught my eye.”, I cry.

    “Are you ok?”, she asks.

    “Yeah, it just feels like a light scratch but it hurts.”, I complain.

    She talks about it with my wife.

    I stand there angry and waiting for the pain to subside. My eye is tearing up and I finally open it. By this time some kids from our house came out and I told them to help us clean. They start gathering debris. My brother is there and he tells me, “Why are you getting all the kids to clean up the garbage?”

    “Because there is nine of them and one of me. I am sure they will help get it done quicker.”, I reply.

    “Sure maybe your kid, but do you think it's fair to ask all of his friends”, he replies

    *Just a note, he was actually talking about his Son and his son's friend but the dream was kind of inverted on that detail

    “No, they're kids and like to help out, look at them.”, I say as I point and go inside the house.

    I walk into the TV room, this is clearly my brother's house. I recognize his leather couches in the downstairs. I see Hangover 2 being advertised as a commercial on TV. In the scene, there is Alan, the Dentist (Stu) and Teacher(Phil) no groom (Doug). It's funny what I see and I am excited that there is a sequel. In the scene the dentist is says something like, “I hate my ex, she was such a bitch.”

    It was like they were in some storm sewer or dirty prison and just feeling defeated. The place look dark and damp, not a clean place to be.

    I go to the bathroom. Walk to a door that has a nail-file jammed in the door-jam. It falls when I open the door and I realize that someone doesn't want us using this bathroom. A lady I don't know asks me if I am done with it and I tell her that it's not to be used.

    I walk to another Bathroom and it has a really crazy toilet. The toilet is like a wide mouth of flowing water with brick and tile. It is built into the floor and flows like a waterfall downward to a large open chamber... then slower down a 3 foot channel to wide sewer area. You could literally walk down this entire contraption that descended into the floor.

    I take a pee and watch it flow into the 1x1 brick first layer, then stain the water yellow and flow into the second chamber. The second area has turkey feathers that seem as if a wild animal had killed it in that area. I wonder how that is even possible and who would construct such an elaborate toilet.

    In the large area I start to see animals. A large Turtles surfaces and climbs over a rock and dives back in this mucky water. The water had leaves and all sorts of garbage on the surface. I notice there are also beavers swimming, fish and even bears.

    While watching the animals, they start to notice me, this really large turtle swims up and crawls onto this ledge. It looks up to me with it's mouth slightly open as if smiling. Other animals like the beaver and even a fish swim up to look at me.

    There is a small bear that looks at me and I decide to yell really loud with a growl to startle the bear. What I didn't notice was a large white grizzle bear that was eating a fish. It hears me growl and starts to charge up the channel.

    I run in fear out of the bathroom closing the door. In the hallway I open a closet and grab a broom. I turn around and take a defensive stance holding the broom handle out in front of me. The bear doesn't come out and I relax and walk back to the tv room.

    My mom is there and we talk about the new Hangover movie and I come to a realization that I am in New York and that I really need to walk around and be part of the city. I decide to go on my own.

    I leave the house and travel by train to Grand Central Station. I walk out onto the street.
    People are all wearing crazy outfits in groups. But man do they look amazing with makeup. It's almost like circus du soleil. One group is wearing white outfits with black circles and a round circular hat. They have face masks. Everywhere I look there are themed outfits that really strike me as being similar to the circus du soleil.

    I walk just entranced by Time Square and all these amazing people in outfits. Some look at me as I pass by. I am wearing an I love New York t-shirt and feel embarrassed about it. I think I must look like a tourist.

    I walk past the Late Night building. Think it would be amazing to share a dream with David Letterman. I think he probably wouldn't get it though and move on.

    I walk by a diner and I see Frankie Muniz, from Malcom in the Middle sitting in a booth. I want to go talk to him but don't want to disturb him. I want to ask him about dreams but think of all the harassment celebrities get and don't want to be a pest. It's not unusual for me to see a celebrity and just look and move on.

    I continue to walk on the street and it starts to rain. I feel the rain and start to get wet. I don't have a jacket or umbrella. I start wishing that I had both.

    There are three Islamic teens walking behind me, they pass by talking in Arabic. I don't understand what they say but I recognize the language. One looks at me with disgust and anger. I just hope they leave me alone. The do and pass on by.

    I wander aimlessly outside of the city into a suburb. I've been walking for at least 20 minutes before I stop and start to realize that I am dreaming. I realize that walking is no way to tour New York, so I start to fly.

    I get up a good 300 feet but have a problem with my horizontal thrust; the vertical is working great but something is preventing the vertical. I get this advice via a voice in my head, and it seems like the source was Tom Campbell saying that I am focusing on too much and need to let go and just flow naturally.

    I do and then I start to fly horizontally over the city. I do admit I was over thinking and analyzing the situation and was in partial conflict over being able to fly. Once I resolved this issue I was able to enjoy a spectacular birds eye view of New York and started to fly back to and over the city.

    The aerial view is amazing, the detail is exquisite. It's day time and I see people like ants walking about, cars driving and you'd think you were really there in an air plane except you are not; you are in a dream with amazing vivid realism and detail.

    I land near the NBC building and 5th avenue. I wish that I could do this in real life, that it would be awesome to just fly and travel freely around the world like this. It's a real gift.

    The I lift off again and fly. For some reason I loose lucid focus and become a super-hero who basically enforces traffic violations. It's really silly because I fly to cars for such silly crimes as Tail gating and talking on a Cell phone. I must be one of the most useless Super-Hero's New York has to offer. And I'm not nice about it either, I use my flight to smash into the person with a kick.

    Finally I get a criminal worth pulling over, a drunk driver. I fly and do a swooping double-kick on him, he bends backwards into his chair and is not very happy about being kicked like that.

    I lift up his car and push it onto a sidewalk near a market that has it's wares also on the street. There is a police station near by and I see it. I whistle at the cops to come.

    About 6 cops show up and it's really funny how they act. One office has a bottle of aquafresh (or some other cologne) and he sprays it in my mouth. Then he pulls out another one that is basically beer smelling alcohol and sprays it all over the driver.

    They arrest him I leave. I Walk into a building with my iPhone, looking at myself in the iPhone camera. I am controlling my super-powers through my iPhone setting flight and other powers.
    Walk back outside into New York and walk around some more looking for crimes.

    Then wake-up.

    Time Estimations:

    Total estimated time:
    Garbage Cleanup: 10m
    Hangover 2 and Bathroom: 15m
    Train to New York: (was in fast forward) 5m
    Walk until Diner: 10m
    At diner: 5m
    Walk after Diner: 20m
    Flying around: 10m
    Crime Fighting: 20m
    Total Estimated Time: 1h 35m
    Time Sleeping: 30m
    Time Gained: 1h 5m

    Some people were asking how I manage to log so much detail. One of my journal techniques is to quickly write down key words and phrases to help dream recall; this helps me create triggers that remind me of detail as the dream fades. Here is a log of how I start my dream in key-word point form then return and provide greater detail.

    The Lucid Dream
    Driving on a street
    See debris on road
    Wife is with me.
    Have to pick it up.
    Mom is there.
    Get twig in eye.
    Cry like baby.
    Get kids to help; there are about 9 there.
    Go in house.
    See Hangover 2 being advertised as a commercial on TV.
    Only see Alan, the Dentist and Teacher no groom (Dave)?. It's funny what I see and I am excited that there is a sequel.
    Go to the bathroom.
    Open door that is not to be opened.
    Close it and find another bathroom.
    The bathroom has a really crazy toilet. The toilet is like a wide mouth of flowing water with brick and tile. It is built into the floor and flows like a waterfall downward to a large open chamber... then
    slower down to wide sewer, you could literally walk down.
    Turkey feathers are in the second layer.
    In the large area I see animals: Large Turtles, Beavers and bears.
    I anger a bear eating a fish, it is white.
    I run in fear and grab a broom.
    The bear doesn't come out and I relax and walk back to the tv room.
    I come to a realization that I am in New York and that I really need to walk around and be part of the city.
    I leave the house and travel by train to Grand Central Station.
    Walk out onto the street.
    People are all wearing crazy outfits in groups. But man do they look amazing with makeup. It's almost like circus du soleil.
    I walk just entranced by Time Square and all these amazing people in outfits.
    I am wearing an I love New York shirt.
    Walk past the Late Night building. Think it would be amazing to share a dream with David Letterman.
    I think he probably wouldn't get it though and move on.
    I walk by a diner and I see the guy (need to lookup) from Malcom in the Middle sitting down in a booth.
    I want to go talk to him but don't want to disturb him. I want to ask him about dreams but think of all the harrassment celebrities get and don't want to be a pest.
    Walk on the street and it starts to rain.
    I feel the rain and start to get wet. I don't have a jacket or umbrella.
    I start wishing that I had both.
    There are three Islamic teens walking behind me, they pass by talking in Arabic.
    I don't understand what they say but I recognise the language.
    One looks at me with disgust and anger. I just hope they leave me alone.
    I wander aimlessly outside of the city into a suburb.
    Then I start to realize that I am dreaming. I realize that this is no way to tour New York, so I start to fly.

    I get up a good 300 feet but have a problem with my horizontal thrust; the vertical is working great but something is preventing the vertical.
    I get this advice, and it seems like the source was Tom Campbell saying that I am focusing on too much and need to let go and just naturally flow.
    I do and then I start to fly horizontally over the city.
    The aerial view is amazing, the detail is exquisite. I
    I land near the NBC building and 5th avenue.
    The I lift off again and fly.
    For some reason I loose lucid focus and become a super-hero who basically enforces traffic violations.
    Tail gating
    Cell phone.
    Drunk Driver
    Police office.
    About 6 cops.
    Aquafresh in my mouth.
    Alchohol spilled on the driver.
    They arrest him I leave.
    Walk into a building with my iPhone, looking at myself in the iPhone camera. I am controlling my super-powers through my iPhone setting flight and other powers.
    Walk back outside into New York and walk around some more looking for crimes
    Then wake-up.

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    Re: YAD's Dream Journal

    Hi YAD.

    I started reading your blog yesterday, looking at your entries on extending time in lucid dreams and on precognitive lucid dreams (and the link on all the deja experiences). I also joined your Facebook group. Nice to see your dream journal here. You have amazingly lengthy lucid dreams. I particularly admire the way you interact with dream characters!

    I set aside the following concepts: Ego, Fear, Expectations, Sexual Desires and lesser desires, belief in time, belief in physical body, belief in physical law leaving all of these concepts with physical systems so that while in the dream state only the raw experience can go as unfiltered as possible.
    Was this done as an affirmation or simply an intention?

    ...the little baby sleeping next to me kept kicking
    Been there, done that.

    Off to read more of "A Course on Consciousness."
    "A dream is a question, not an answer."
    (Therapist and dreamworker Strephon Kaplan

  4. Re: YAD's Dream Journal

    Hi Beekeeper,

    The real art I find is not always dreaming but in the ability to recall what was dreamed. The only real method is to record the dream right after waking up; because memory loss happens for me at least within minutes.

    The affirmation is intent drivin; I don't sound all that out, I just know all of that is what I want to set aside and stick it in my awareness before falling asleep.

    This is a non-lucid dream that seems to suggest at least 3 days but the memory collapse on waking plus inability to recall all the details compresses that time to about 7h 35m worth of recovered memory.

    Non-Lucid Dream – July 28, 2010

    Time To Bed: 5:00am
    Time When Awoken: 7:00am
    Time required to fall asleep: ~30 minutes.

    The Techniques
    This is the WBTB method using MILD to prepare myself to have a lucid dream. My intent is to cultivate extra time; possibly share a dream and be fully awake and aware during the process.

    I set aside the following concepts: Ego, Fear, Expectations, Sexual Desires and lesser desires, belief in time, belief in physical body, belief in physical law leaving all of these concepts with physical systems so that while in the dream state only the raw experience can go as unfiltered as possible.

    The process of falling asleep.

    The Dream.
    This dream had seemed to last over a couple of days. There is a lot of early detail that I just can't recall because of this long sense of time in this dream. There definitely was fast-fowarding in parts of the dream. Times when I slept in the dream. Had dreams within the dream. Even with what I remember, the time is quite lengthy and I am estimating at least 6 hours worth of memory; but the sense of time seemed to suggest a lot more but memory collapse and recall make it hard to really gauge. I woke up feeling like I slept a very long time, when in fact it was only a couple of hours.

    I was not lucid at any point in this dream; so totally unaware I was dreaming however the sense of realism was quite detailed and rich.

    What I am gathering is that I am living in a house for some time waking up and going to sleep. It's hard to remember how many days or when it started short of the last couple of days the memory seems fragmented and recoverable.

    The start of the memory that I can recover, there is a place with lots of people walking about. It's like a convention of some time; it's packed full of people and I am talking with a lady.

    She introduces me to a person who was from Africa who was attacked with machete, people cruelly called him Stumpy because he has lost his legs from the knees down and his arms from the elbow down.

    He tells me he is a fan of my work related to dreaming and tells me that dreaming helps him get his legs and arms back. He loves the dream world and is thankful that I have shared this with him. I look at him and feel sorry that he had to endure such life-changing violence and wish there was more I could do to help.

    At some point someone yells out something about shared dreams. I try to move through the crowd to go talk to him but he disappears.

    There is a big blank area here where I can't seem to recall more detail; it's fuzzy at this point.

    When memory picks up, I have been living at a house for some time and have a roomate. The roomate has a girlfriend who has red-brown hair, shoulder length. She has an attractive face, a nice body. We are talking about dreams and I share with her some of my interests. She really enjoys talking about them.

    We are making dinner and eating dinner.

    There is some faded memory here, not sure what happens but I do know my roommate is getting ready and we then drive him to the airport. (seems to fast-forward here) After he departs, I drive his girlfriend home, she wants me to pick her up the next day to talk more about dreaming. I agree.

    I drive home (seems to fast-forward here) get ready for bed and sleep.

    I have a dream within a dream; the whole process of falling asleep is similar to how I fall asleep in real life. When I wake up, I don't attempt to recall the dream; and only have a sense of dreaming. Time here is really hard to gauge; very suggestive of another fast-forward when I wake up as I don't remember waking up.

    The fast forwarding can also be memory lapse; because there are pockets of information that I just can't remember. I notice in typing some details; a few more pop in that were certainly forgotten. How deep or damaged the memory loss is, is hard to gauge.

    I am visiting with my Mom. We are at her house. We are talking about my work, my marriage and the kids. She is asking how everyone is doing, the usual expected conversation. When we are done talking I drive and pick up my roommate's girlfriend.

    The dream fast-forwards on the drive, this seems to be common, we just skip to the next location.

    At the house, I introduce the girlfriend to my wife and tell her that we are going to spend the day together talking about dreams and she wants to learn more about techniques. My wife doesn't seem happy about this at all. She has to go to work and she clearly suspects that I am going to cheat on her.

    She leaves to work. The lady and I just visit and talk causally. She is asking me questions about her boyfriend and wondering how long he will be gone for. I tell her he can be gone for months at a time with his work. He is seldom around. It seems that their relationship is very new.

    There is some faded-memory here; but I pick up where I am making some lunch. She was walking around checking out the house and we sit down and eat. I enjoy her company, she seems like a really nice person.

    I know there are several points where I feel attracted to her but remind myself that I have a wife. In stead I just enjoy her attractive qualities and view her beauty as a living artform; like watching a master-sculpture's statute come to life. I just appreciate the artistic quality that she naturally represents.

    In certain points in the dream I want to hold her hand and stop myself. After we finish visiting she asks me to drive her home. This time the drive takes time, I am talking with her and at one point I unknowingly have put my hand on her shoulder and rub her back while we drive.

    When I look at her I realize that I was doing that and pull my hand away and apologize. I tell her that I wasn't paying attention and I thought she was my wife for a second. She tells me she didn't mind and liked the way I was touching her, she said it was very comforting.

    I told her that I did find her attractive but I am married and love my wife. I explain it's easy to be attracted to people, and much harder to stay focused on the person you love if you let that those attractions get in the way.

    She understands and says she is only really interested in friendship and I tell her that's what I enjoy as well. It's just our natural instincts at work here and it was a natural habit of mine to touch my wife on the shoulder or hold her hand when we drive.

    The street has changed since we last drove on it. My mind rationalizes that the city has added more intersecting roads. The exit is now completely unrealistic as one has to do a complete u-turn against the flow of traffic to take the on-ramp off the highway.

    Which I do but the traffic is heavy; the car seems to have problems and is out of control. Cars dodge and weave. I finally get the car to move forward after a few minutes of slowly creeping forward. We make it on the ramp, and this is the point I wake up.

    I am a bit disorientated and feel like I have been asleep for a long time. I immediately start to try to recall what dreams can explain for this long sense of time I was feeling. By the time I type my keywords I have lost a large portion of the dream. I know this is a good example of time stretching in a dream. I'm confident there could be days worth here but with memory collapse and fast-forwarding it might only be about 6 hours worth. Hard to really estimate the sense of time on this one. It certainly felt like a long time definitely longer then 6 hours.

    Total estimated time:
    Pre-Convention: Unknown, memory loss.
    At Convention: 1h
    After Convention: Unknown, memory loss.
    At home with roomate: 2h
    Drive to airport: 1h
    Drive GF home: 20m
    At home before bed: 30m
    Dream within dream: Unknown, memory loss.
    Visit with mom: 2h
    Picking up roomates GF: 20m
    Visit with wife: 30m
    Visit with roomate's gf: 2h
    Drive home: 30m
    Sense of time: Suggests days of dreaming.
    Total Estimated Time: 7h 40m
    Time Sleeping: 1h 30m
    Time Gained: 6h 35m

    Seems my time gained fits with my waking impression of time where I suggest about 6 hours. I can't include time that I cannot account for loss memory of fast-forward, although I would like to boast at least two days possibly three here... I have to stay within reasonable estimates to better understand how this potentially can cultivate experience and consciousness through dreaming.

    I just recalled another segment in the dream; at one point I was at work and picking up a check for $1600.00. I was hanging with my employers and we went for beers. There was quite a lot of conversation and time at the restaurant and beer drinking so could be another hour. Not sure but this seems before the convention on the timeline.

    This is not to uncommon where over the day in dreams such as these certain memories just pop back into view.

    Adjusting the time +1h

    Time Gained: 7h 35m

  5. Re: YAD's Dream Journal

    July 29, 2010

    Normal Sleep Spontaneous Lucid Dream.

    I had a lot of information in my normal dreams prior to interrupting my sleep to practice lucid dreaming. I wanted to get it down asap. This is but a fraction of what I can remember; there was another entire sequence that I know I wanted to recall; the data was definitely intriguing but what I can recall is still very interesting but don't read too much into it.

    Just to note the baby woke up at the time I was going back to bed so she kind of killed my routine for the day. Busy working on projects however this is an interesting dialog within a dream.

    The Lucid Dream

    Where I pick up memory I am talking to some lady about truth seeking and she is really having her way with me intellectually.

    Lady, “You can't assume buzzing around here [non-physical reality] you are going to get it? [what everything is all about]. There is so much more going on then what you see.”

    “I understand; there is a lot of data to sift through here. I can't take it all in at once, it has to be processed over time.”, I tell her.

    Lady, “What makes you think you've figured it out? There are so many more realizations you need to go through. You're just a small fraction of the bigger picture. There are layers after layers of interconnected experiences and states you need to realize.”

    I get a bit dismayed at her constant assumptions that I have no memory or data of my own. “What do you think I've been doing all this time. It's all about deconstructing this experience to clear myself of ego and belief. I know I have existed before this lifetime. I know that I am entangled in this life so I must express myself as Ian, but that is just a filter. It's not who I really am, just who I am expressing myself as.”

    Lady, “And you think that's it?”

    “No of course not, there is a lot more... too much more that's the problem. The information is astronomical. All I can do is filter in what I know and act on that knowledge; which is limited and difficult at best.”

    Lady, “I see, you think you are an expert then.”

    I laugh, “Look, I exist. That there is the problem. I exist so I have to figure out this mess I am in and make sense of it. I've existed before this life. I remember that. I know I have had past-lives; I've seen many of them. I know that I have also been other organic lives; insects even. The spectrum of experience I have indulged in is huge. That won't change. My awareness and access to this data isn't always in my consciousness, I know it's here now and I can explore it when I need to understand it more.”

    I just upload all of this symbolic representations of things I have experienced; patterns I have been.

    “Now it's all about the current experiences; where I am at and how I get further past my limitations and given the nature of this experience; it seems a very large task. It's not self-serving by any means; it's the causality of existing which is the problem. I am dragging all of that down there with me.[my plight of being a non-physical being and having reality and existence entrapped in a human experience] “

    She seems to listen but she does really have a high and mighty attitude. “Really, you think any of that is real?”

    “It doesn't matter, are you real? Am I real? The data is real. At least until I dismiss it as such and even then; it's real enough to me. The data is something [dreams as organized thoughts forming reality] I've seen dreams come true; I've changed dreams that have come true. I know the data can be changed and I can change it. Not saying I have to change it or want to change it; just part of deconstructing the experience so I can understand it better.”, I tell her.

    She looks more concerned then anything, “And you think by changing anything that is going to make a difference?”

    “That is exactly my point, I don't know everything. I am not saying I know everything. There is too much data to just know. What I do know is right now I exist and I must endeavor what that means and how to grow from the experience of being.”

    I upload another set of data showing the precognitive experiences and alterations to some of it to her.

    “Well it seems like you have a lot of it figured out. [Causality through organized thoughts]”, she explains.

    “No, not really... there is so much more here then these small examples.”, I tell her.

    She replies, “Well, you should speak with Darrel then, he can assist you further. I can't help you further here.”

    I meet Darrel who is actually a person I know in real-life but here he's more acute to the inner-workings of things and full of confusing advice.

    “What is the most frustrating thing bothering you right now?” he asks.

    “Objectivity with others Darrel, you know how frustrating it is to go through this and not share this with others?”, I explain.

    “Why do you have to share it? [The dream experience]”, he asks.

    “Because it can be shared. We can grow into more objectivity. I can handle the subjectivity and I don't mind, but it's nice to connect with people. Nice to share the same experience [data] with them. It's frustrating to wake up and find very few that connect.”, I explain.

    “Have you tried telling them to meet at a place and go there and meet them?”, he asks.

    “No, most people are not interested dreaming, furthermore they lack the recall and skill usually to even remember if we do meet. Look, when I was younger all I did was get here, seek out my friends and tried to connect. Sometimes it worked, but for the hundreds and hundreds of other attempts it didn't. I finally just gave up. Can't keep kicking that old dog expecting results it wastes time. There has to be a better way.”, I explain.

    “Why don't all of you take some classes on being conscious, I know the Monroe Institute has a Gateway series, have you looked at that?”, he asks.

    “It's not that simple. I'd love it if everyone I knew developed skill in being conscious during sleep and remembered any mutual exchange. People are just not that interested. Trust me, I've proven it to friends and they still don't bat an eye. It's frustrating believe me. They don't want this as bad as I do so they don't pursue it. Or even worse, they have this connection and later in life they forget. I've been at this a long time. If it was easy it would be easy; it's very complex and difficult. Frankly, people there [waking reality] just don't get it. I wish they did, it would make for more interesting journeys let me tell you.”, I explain. “It's not objective proof I need that we can share here with each other. I already know that rather it's who to share it with. I want my closest friends and family to share this with me; and it's their choice not mine so I can't force them into this.”

    “Have you worked on your diet, here let me show you.”, he directs my attention to a tv. “Build up your constitution and eat healthy food.”

    The TV show is showing lots of fresh vegetables like broccoli and greens. The TV host is showing ways to make it taste a little better with fresh low-fat dips you can make etc.

    “Yeah, I could get more healthy. That is good advice. I eat like crap but as you can see diet doesn't prevent being here. The body is merely a filter for the experiences there. We are already here so all the food, drugs, alcohol and cigarettes we smoke down there doesn't mean jack ♥♥♥♥. It's attention, focus and intent. A crippled monkey can be here because “here” doesn't need a body.”, I tell him.

    He looks at me with some dissatisfaction at my reply, “Being healthy makes it easier.”

    “Does it? Seems pretty physical and less real to what is actually going on. You tell me all of the people with bodies who are here and don't realize it are because they ate garbage food and didn't think to check if that helps them realize this state or not? I really doubt it.”, I tell him.

    I continue, “I think it's all belief-systems, they don't believe they are here. They don't care that they are here... they don't value anything that comes from here, even if they themselves come from here. It's their beliefs and how they direct their awareness which prevents them from accessing the data here. Not the body as much. Can't say we rule out the body but when it comes to being here, we'll... here they are.”

    I upload a perception of everyone being “here” in the dreamstate and unaware back in physical.

    “Well what is it that you want?”, he asks.

    “Lots of things, I still haven't met another part of me that I realize yet; but that is just my perception everyone and everything could be a part of me and vice-versa so that's a technical issue that I have to sort out. The other problem is meeting my oversoul which I think I have done but it's not clear or fresh in my mind. I would like to get to know myself better and help others get here while they are still physical. Built more bridges; expand more experiences and create more purposeful data. Don't rush to wake up, take time to get more useful data.”, I tell him.

    He shows me a video about the Demigurge, and the black-iron prison of the mind. The video suggests we are somewhat trapped in fantasy land [waking reality] and are unable to escape to the dream reality where my focus is at the moment.

    “I've thought about that many times over, are we being controlled and used. I don't think so; it's just the experience down there is as intense as it gets for us. Really scrambles up the mind; have to go at it [the data] with a human filter. All that belief, so much belief... not enough practical knowledge. Scary.”

    “Crap, I am waking up!”, I blurt as my physical eyes open.

    Time to Sleep: 12:00am
    Time Awake: 5:00am
    Estimated Time: unknown; lots of lost information on waking.

    In reflection; this was an interesting exchange of ideas to different dream characters. It seemed like I was really just trying to sort out direction and intent as to what I wanted. Having all the memory to sort through, a maze of potential lifetimes stored as data was intense. The scale and scope of my arguments with these beings drew in lots of personal insights that indicate a greater reality then just the physical experience I am entangled in with at the moment.

    Certainly some food for thought.

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    Re: YAD's Dream Journal

    Very interesting, YAD. Lots of interesting insights. Insights to insights.
    "Stop acting as if life is a rehearsal" Dr. Wayne Dyer.

  7. Re: YAD's Dream Journal

    Thanks CTF,

    I found that information very interesting and had to get it on paper before I forgot; it was fading fast when I woke up by the time I had hit the computer most of it was gone.

    There was a lot more but it's blank to me now. I hate what I call waking induced amnesia.

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    Re: YAD's Dream Journal

    This is interesting indeed.

    YAD, did you take down your Course in Consciousness? I couldn't access it today.
    "A dream is a question, not an answer."
    (Therapist and dreamworker Strephon Kaplan

  9. Re: YAD's Dream Journal

    No I never took it down; Geocities where I hosted went down and I don't have a home for it... but it's on a lot of websites. Well not so much anymore lol... found it I really need to get this on stable hosting. ... ilson.html

    July 30, 2010

    When I am waking up, I have decided to also include my dreams that I can recall before I start the WBTB method of dreaming. I am noticing some interesting info seems to come in these dreams so I want to capture them and render them into textual format.

    If you are new to the Blog, you might want to read “Dreaming a 'Century of Time' During One Night of Sleep” and “Lucid Dreaming Techniques” before continuing. My current dream goal is to have an epic vertical of time that reaches the title of thread. So far, I am definitely cultivating time in dreams. However, there are certain details which suggest much of the time is fast-forwards and memory lapses. There is no question of lots of gained sense of time; as to how effective and acute this is can only be confirmed with further study and research.

    My dream log will include dreams that occur before I apply the desired intent; in the final dream where I use the WBTB method (Wake-Back-To-Bed) covered in the above technique posting and try to log as much detail as I can recall with estimates of time. There clearly are areas where there are memory lapses, the dream seems to fast-foward and skip to new sections. The fast-forward could just be memory lapse or deliberate it is starting to appear that it is genuine fast-fowarding. Regardless of this time-killing limit; in 50 minutes of sleep I can wake up with hours and hours of dreams.

    These are dreams that occur before I apply the WBTB technique.

    Dream 1

    This was an interesting dream that had a fun plot where my Father was living in the USA, he was working with the President of the United States as a spiritual adviser as part of a Secret Society where he was a high-ranking official (Nothing could be further from the truth, this is pure fantasy and dream fabrication... my father in waking life is a great person; humble and hard working. No secrets here).

    The dream started with a strange journey of food with my 18mo daughter. We were traveling down a gravel road by a river. I was foraging for food and found a small two foot patch that had onions and garlic. I harvested some of the items.

    There was an abandoned cabin that I crawled through the window and opened up so my Daughter and I could have shelter. We gathered in side and had onion and garlic soup and slept.

    This triggered a loop so the exact above dream repeated itself one more time.

    The second time we sleep and wake up, I am in Pennsylvania at an old Masonic lodge. My daughter is not with me. This is where I find out about my father, I tell the person at the lodge who I am and who my father is. They tell me how high-ranking he is and let me in.

    I walk up and there is Hilary Clinton there. She is happy to see me and excited that we finally get to meet. She said she heard so much about me and thinks it's marvelous to have both my Father and I working with the President. I shake her hand and tell her that I am having Deja Vu.

    She asks me how I know it's Deja Vu and I tell her I just know. This triggers some lucid awareness and I stop looking at her curious face and decide to show her. This is where the dream got very interesting.

    I stopped the dream and it became a kaleidoscope of colored textures and I started to move into the data until pockets of images appeared faded and mixed in the kaleidoscope. Imagine a multidimensional fractal with many nodes and threads of information all interconnected in a way that is not to different from the Mandelbrot Set. Except you can move in any direction and each direction has data and information that when you stop and look at it forms visual information.

    I was moving through one stream moving through the data and stopped at a scene with two zebras in it. I pause for a second and keep moving until I get to this dream. It was very interesting to look at the data of the dream from this perspective, I could slow it down, move it forward and when I found it, I was said, “Aha, here's the source of the Deja Vu”.

    I am fascinated by this database and I look at what is going to happen next, I watch myself leave and go down a flight of stairs to a basement. There is this little demon creature that has a cartoon face like a half-demon / half-dragon. It's olive green with a short stubby body almost like a miniature T-Rex, lizard like with a tail.

    It is following me but I didn't notice it until I had this third-person view, and it was trying to influence me in the precog. I could move into this data and be there first-person, move back out and watch it third-person. The demon creature didn't succeed in influencing me. The whole time I am having wave after wave of deja; as to what type of deja this might be, I'll have to ask a friend.

    When I fast forward, I get attacked by two people in the basement who think I am there to attack them. I watch us fight. I rewind and go into that point and change the dream so that in stead of fighting, I talk with them and peacefully resolve their fear without violence.

    I rewind to the part where the demon tries to influence the fight and enter the dream. This time I turn and look at the demon and smile and pat it on the head, “You cannot influence me, I have free will.” and I affectionate treat it like a child and am kind and compassionate with it. It responds to this positively and becomes happy and leaves.

    I started to recognize that this was a probability field within the database, that there were certain probability points and it seemed to have massive amounts of data in these small node like threads that made up the fractal kaleidoscope effect. The colors where all soft pastel and light, it was beautiful as a textured pattern and fun to traverse.

    I could move left/right/up/down... it was like seeing the Schrodinger's cat thought paradox brought to life in this amazingly detailed animated database. I was overwhelmed with excitement at having realized this is a natural method for accessing dream memory but slightly disappointed that The phone rang; interrupting this interaction. I wish it had not, this was felt like valuable information. My wife's father called at 1:28am waking me up. He lives in Zimbabwe so the timezone is an issue.

    However that said, in all likelihood I may not have remembered this dream without the interruption as so many dreams like this become layered and compartmentalized into sleep-induced amnesia so I consider the interruption a gift. I raced to my computer and typed out as much detail as I could. I felt this was a real gem of information to recall.

    It's still too early to so my WBTB method, so I decide that I am just going to go back to bed and free-style my dreams.

    Woken up by wife's cell phone ringing.

    Time to Bed: 12:00am
    Time Awoken: 1:28am
    Time-To-Sleep: ~20m
    Total Time Slept: 1h 8m
    Total Estimated Time: ~2h
    Time Gained: ~52m

    Dream 2

    This was kind of a fun dream, the plot of the dream was I was playing a type of role-playing game that involved a type of softball or tennis ball that we would throw and it would be intelligently rolled after someone in a form of tag.

    There were three players, three balls and we were throwing them not at each other per-say rather throwing them then using dream control to move them and chase down the other person. It was actually quite fun trying to run and dodge the ball; when it hit you it felt like a wave of energy rippling through you; so felt pleasant and fun.

    We played for a while until I was interrupted. I decided to just make quick notes of this and go back to sleep.

    Woke up by baby crying.

    Time-To-Bed: 2:35am
    Time-Awake: 3:12am
    Time-To-Sleep: ~10m
    Total Time Slept: 37m
    Total Estimated time: ~30m
    Time Gained: ~ -7m

    Dream 3

    This is another dream that had a lot of extra time. This dream was all about being in the Military and having been drafted. I was in basic training and vaguely remember going through boot-camp. I had some memory of waking up going to sleep and training; however when I started to realize and remember the dream that data was more or less completely irrelevant time wise.

    It was when I became more aware in the dream, not lucid but rather having more memory, awareness and perception did I start really sinking in a sense of time. There certainly was lots of potential time prior to the more acute awareness; but by this time it seemed to just be memory although I did feel that it had context of days. I certainly had a sense of going through this basic training and boot camp but all that data was now memory when my waking-self become more coherent within the dream. I hope that makes sense. It seems the introduction of my waking-self at any measure of acute awareness increases the sense-of-time greatly. Otherwise it's like that database, just there and I can zoom through it fast forward and stop where I want. I feel that is really important info. That many of these dreams already exist within this hyper-dimensional database [memory]; there seems to be a pre-planning even with dreams; however when and where that planning is occurring is certainly layered within this non-linear dimensionality of dreaming.

    It is the act of slowing down the data, and taking time to experience that yields a sense-of-time relevant to how we experience time here. Otherwise, that database has potentially centuries if not more of unrendered, unrealized data just waiting for illumination by the waking-self to proceed into the data-stream and render an experience relative to what that data represents.

    It is the act as my waking-self's participation that brings to life these experiences; otherwise they remain as unrendered and unrealized data... to my waking self only.

    This is all very fascinating to bring to my waking life through dream recall. I'm truly having the time of my life with my dreams right now.

    Back to the army dream. It is the rush of adrenalin I have when I know we are leaving to go into real life combat that get's me more focused into the dream. We are rushing to load our gear into an airplane. I have this 50' caliber sniper rifle in a large case and drop it off at a cargo-loading conveyor belt.

    I'm told that I can't bring my side arms on the plane so I have to leave them on the belt also. I'm then told by my sergeant that I need to make sure I have a flash-light so I leave to go find one.

    It is here where the dream shifts and instead of being back at my barracks, I am at a shopping mall looking to buy a flash-light from a shop. There is this bakery island shop in the center of the mall and they have all these large cake slices and other baked goods. I'm hungry and decide to sample some of the items.

    I eat a fluffy pink colored cake, it tastes really good, like strawberry cake, raspberry filling and icing. I love the texture and flavor. I then sample a chocolate cake. Again, full of flavor. Some guy makes a comment that I'm eating like a pig and will get fat.

    I walk to a shop that is selling flashlights but they are very expensive; ornate with gems and diamond some have these really nice clocks in them. Very strange to see such ornate work and prices ranging from $21.00 all the way into the thousands.

    This was too high-class for me; I wanted a simple flashlight and left to go find one. I get woken up again by the little one.

    Time-To-Bed: 3:30am
    Time-Awake: 4:20am
    Time-To-Sleep: ~10m
    Total Time Slept: 40m
    Total Estimated time: ~2h 0m
    Time Gained: ~ 1h 30m

    (Although this dream seemed to last a long time based on the memory of the dream or in the dream, I cannot say it gave me a true sense of that time. The awareness and perception needed to make the time dilate simply wasn't acute enough. So I have to only track the time that I feel was relevant to my waking memories.)

    Dream 4

    This is a short dream, probably about 10m worth where I am rock climbing with Bette, she's way up a large cliff. And I am basically just scaling the cliff with rope and harness attached.

    The kid is obviously restless so she kicks me in the face and I wake up.

    Time-To-Bed: 5:15am
    Time-Awake: 6:00am
    Time-To-Sleep: ~30m
    Total Time Slept: 45m
    Total Estimated time: ~10m
    Time Gained: ~ -35m

    What a restless sleep, but lots of dreaming and very interesting dreams so I am happy. I get out of bed after this final interruption and prepare for my 60m WBTB method. Sit and write out much of the above text.

    WBTB Method Dream.
    Dream 5

    It is this dream time that I deliberately try to be lucid and prolonged the sense-of-time in a dream. This one yielded a lot more time then the military dream as I managed to have more acute awareness during the days. I am running out of time however so I need to leave this dream in my key-notes so it will seem abbreviated to the actual time that passed.

    Day 1:
    Started a new job with 4 people at a startup company.
    Working in software development creating a flash game.
    Spending hours infront of a computer typing and compiling a game gets repetative.
    Breaking out framework and database details.
    Working long hours and hard.
    Leave work drive home. Sleep. Fast-forwards through dream.

    Day 2:
    Drive back to work, there is a parkade.
    Have to go to floor 2, walk down hallway.
    The office is on street level with glass windows open to sidewalk.
    Meet with Owners discuss direction. Other people doing art assets for game.
    Everything is coming along. Have an IT guy setting up more stations.
    Lots of time spent actually thinking typing and creating game logic.
    Making lots of progress on the game framework.

    Day 3:
    Everyone is happy with the progress so far. Hiring more staff.
    I'm in charge of the flash game; still the dominant coder.
    Company is branching into some other products so I just work on the game.
    It's a zombie game; building out levels, objects and asset management.
    Using google to try to find algorithms and code snippits to shorten time.
    Making great progress; everyone seems happy.

    Day 4:
    I had worked late the night before and came in at 10:00am to find my desk moved into a corner.
    My computer has switched, I have a crappy chair. I am angry trying to figure out what's going on.
    We have a new operations manager. The guy is a dick. I know him from before. He just wants to get
    rid of me. They are going to outsource my job to China.
    Instead of working the rest of the two weeks to help integrate this chinese team I just grab my stuff.
    Address all the staff that they are working for a company that is going to outsource all their jobs away.
    I tell them if they want to stay.. stay but I am getting the ♥♥♥♥ out of here right now.
    They cheer at me and the Owner is pissed. The Operations manager is shocked and I tell them both to ♥♥♥♥ off.
    I worked really hard and had fast results so felt they could suck my dick.
    All the new staff was definitely not happy with me leaving and why.
    I'm angry and I want to beat the piss out of the OM. But I decide he's not worth my time.
    The Parkade has an single-car train and tracks instead of an elevator and you basically go around the tracks.
    I get to my car and start driving but realize I left some important personal items at the office.
    I have to go back.
    I drive to the parkade and this time, I am lost and can't find the exit. The dream changed somewhat
    so the second floor access was now a concrete beam on and ends at a sign that says floor 2.
    About 20 feet up on this beam I look down and now see the door. I jump down.
    A person I worked with is there and he tells me that it was a dick move what they did.
    I tell him it's ok. I've decided to just work for myself and not deal with this kind of BS.
    I go to the office and lots of people have left. There is no OM and owner.
    I walk in and get my items and wake up.

    Time-To-Bed: 7:00am
    Time-Awake: 7:40am
    Time-To-Sleep: ~10m
    Total Time Slept: 30m
    (This is really hard to gauge because there was a lot of days here, fast-forwarding and memory lapses and I can't go over my footnotes to flush out; meaning lots of the memory has collapsed and faded. However, I felt like many hours indeed passed that I could recall, I'll estimate at least 5 hours.)
    Total Estimated time: ~5h 0m
    Time Gained: ~ 4 30m

    I'm off for the day, have to take the kids to go see Grandma... joy. Back late in the evening. Happy Dreaming everyone!

  10. Re: YAD's Dream Journal

    July 31, 2010

    My baby was sick today, so that kind of put a damper on my dreaming. I decided it was a good chance to just let-go of trying to dream to see how time perception would play out. I thought maybe just taking enough effort to log key phrases and just remember would be enough. It would also be an interesting control to see how applying focus, attitude and intent during a sleeping phase is affecting my dream awareness and recall.

    Here are the results.

    Dream 1
    This was an interesting dream because it had no physical symbols and was very abstract computational. The dream was in a creamy white backdrop with blocks of data that I was sorting out. What I was doing was connecting personal experience with articles I had read and information that was being researched. It was a connect the dots of experience and objective research.

    I would take a block of experience and connect lines like an object graph to other memories I had with other information I had read. It was all done in this 2D view with no real waking awareness. Something my unconscious was very busy doing and I simply was able to remember.

    There was a switch to another dream.

    Dream 2
    Another dream seemed to just be about the local area where I live in the complex. Nothing really fancy, I think I was just talking to a neighbor. She was telling me something but I wasn't able to recall the conversation when I was awoken by the baby.
    Time-To-Bed: 12:00am
    Time-Awoke: 1:45am
    Time-Till-Sleep: ~30m
    Total Time Slept: ~1h 15m
    Total Time Dreaming: ~30m
    Time Gained: -45m

    This is where I found out our baby was sick; woke us up crying then threw up on the bed. Poor girl. *sadface*

    I stayed up for a few hours to keep an eye on her and make sure she was ok before going back to sleep. By then I was really tired. One thing to note is I woke up with what I call waking induced amnesia. My daughter pinched my back really hard for some reason. She does stuff like this when she wakes up and well, I don't.

    I wake up and care for her first then realize I had dreamed something and forgot. What I did was work on finding just one key word, one memory to see if I could recover any dreams. Finally I was able to get just one mental picture and everything was deconstructed by following that dream backwards and forwards into all the other dreams I had.

    So just note, if you don't remember any dreams when you wake up, there is hope.

    Dream 3
    I was at a technology conference walking around in this really nice hotel. We were networking and talking with people exchanging business cards. My friend who was with me was really emphasizing on how important networking really is to our business. How we really need to connect with others and find how we can all benefit with what our niche interests are.

    We go to the buffet room. I saw a dessert table and the spread looked amazing; really ornate and sculpted deserts. Clear that they used molds to shape certain types of foods then decorated and topped them off with different fruit slices and icing etc. I was afraid to even eat any because it was so artistic. I just stood there in awe at how much work and effort must have gone into this spread.

    I walk over to the food table and grab a plate. There is Zach Galifianakis as Alan from the movie Hangover. Why I am having Hangover dreams right now is beyond me but welcome to the dream world. He is filling his plate with potato salad and I tell him, “Save some food for the rest of us Alan!”

    He dips his finger and scoops the salad into his mouth and mumbles with a hint of a wine, “But I really like potato salad.” He frowns and I laugh at him.

    “I'm just giving you a hard time, enjoy your salad.”, I said.

    He smiles and is eating it with his hands and I laugh. “You can probably be less savage when you it mind you; man has invented forks by now.”

    He looks embarrassed, looking at me in the eyes he gives me a funny look walks to the table, looks at me as he picks up a fork, flicks it up into focus between our stare and in a very animated way stabs it into the salad and eats with a fork.

    We sit down together at a table and he says something really funny and I can't remember it. Then this lady walks over; I know her from real life so will just use her initial “J”.

    Alan says, “I didn't know you guys got me a hooker! This is awesome!”.

    J looks totally offended and I laugh, “She's my friend. I guess she's coming over to say hi.”.

    Alan says, “Dammit, I really wanted to have sex with her.”

    My other friend says, “Don't worry she'll probably want to have sex with you anyways, and at least you don't have to pay for it.”

    J gets mad and she tells them to shut up or she will kick their asses. I know they are both joking but she doesn't approve of it. I tell her they are joking and she says, “Oh yeah, well tell them if they don't smarten up I will beat them up like this.” and she starts to hit me on the shoulder.

    “You hit like a girl”, I told her.

    She gets mad and really starts to hit hard and it doesn't hurt at all. “Now I know what fluffing a pillow feels like” I tell her.

    Alan pipes in, “You have really nice arm action, maybe you can punch my shaft like that.”

    I tell him, “She's got great hand-eye coordination. Must be all the video games.”

    She laughs, “You guy's are silly.”

    That is all I can recover from that dream, there was more however.

    Dream 4

    This was kind of a sad dream. I am in Penticton B.C. For a funeral. Apparently a friend of mine perhaps someone in my graduating class had died. The details are really faint so it was hard to get at specifics. What I could remember was that it was a male, he was driving in a car that had gotten into an accident with a semi-truck and was stuck on the driver-side door.

    We had a funeral schedule. I think my friend Bob was driving the car we were in. We drove past the old cemetery and had to drive to the one up near Munson Mountain. It was a full-casket burial with the whole lowering of the casket. I recognized my brother-in-law there and we talked.

    He said, “No one likes a funeral.”

    I told him, “Tell me about it. Death is really the end of something wonderful for us all. However, I really feel strongly we exist afterwards.”

    “Yeah, I like to think that too”, he said.

    That was about all I could recover from that dream.... hopefully it's not precognitive in anyway.

    Dream 5
    This is a more fun dream as it involves my 18 month old daughter and a fun amusement park where we could play. She was jumping in one of the inflatable style houses that was actually the size of an open room built in as part of the park. She started getting scared of the other kids so I had to scoop down and pick her up.

    Dream 6
    In this dream, I had some some strange Velcro that I was putting over my zipper. It made absolutely no sense. It had a glue backing that stuck to my jeans and Velcro on the front. As to what the heck is supposed to attach to it... well your guess is as good as mine.

    I just remember walking near a park attaching the Velcro thinking my wife will like my new zipper. However it clearly could not ever function as one. Just an abstract tangle of weirdness in this dream..

    Time-to-bed: 3:55am
    time-awoke: 5:56 am
    Time-Till-Sleep: ~30m
    Total Time Slept: ~1h 31m
    Total Time Dreaming: ~2h 0m (Hard to guage due to memory collapse)
    Time Gained: ~29m

    Woken up by baby as usual...

    Dream 7
    At nice mansion that my family bought. It is a multi-house complex that has accommodation for my Dad, my Sister, my Brother and my family. I had a nice office where I could work on developing applications for mobile devices like iPhone, Android and Internet Applications.

    I wanted a place where I could work late in the evening and not disturb anyone. The office had two adjoining rooms; I loved it.

    There was a really nice computer desk, and an art table. I had a printer. Everything I needed to work in peace and get productivity with my time.

    I had a client that was interested in my services, he was a film producer and also a fan of all the dream research I was doing. Apparently he liked dreaming just as much as I did and found my blog very interesting and useful to his own personal journey. I believe he was East Indian and was great to talk with on the phone.

    My brother was at the mansion with me he was going over some interesting designs for a game. He had large poster sized story boards and concepts written down. We were putting them on the wall. I showed him all the concept code to support the game development. We looked at all the different ways we could take the game to market.

    The mansion was like several adjoining houses that each family could live in. There was also a very larger garage that my sister had taken over for her business and she was making hoola-hoops and other crafts to sell and was quite happy doing so.

    The property was not as beautiful as the mansion; landscaping was not done and it seemed rather secluded and up on a hill. I did however love it. It was all very wonderful because I had this genuine sense of ownership and loved having all the family there.

    My wife also had her sister and son living there as well. We were all trying to co-exist as a community and family. It was a nice dream. One you wake up from wishing was true because it simply would be awesome if it was.

    Time-to-Bed: 6:15am
    Time-Awake: 8:30am
    Time-Till-Sleep: ~20m
    Total Time Slept: ~1h 45m
    Total Time Dreaming: ~1h
    Time Gained: ~45m

    As you can see; not applying any techniques or interest in dreaming short of minimal recall certainly seems to reduce the quality of the dreams. However, I cannot dismiss that dreaming always happens; it's how we engage the dream experience that reveals the quality of the results.

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