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Thread: Crystal Pendant for AP

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    Crystal Pendant for AP

    Hello Robert

    what is the best crystal pendant for Astral Projection?

    So far I heard about :

    - Amethyst
    - Moldavite
    - Calcite

    Best regards

    (ps. what is the best for meditation?)
    This collector of useless clutter.

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    Re: Crystal Pendant for AP


    Sorry, I am no expert on crystals.

    Best to ask this in another forum.

    Its also fun to experiment.


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    Re: Crystal Pendant for AP

    I've made that post 3 years ago. Meanwhile I believe that I do not need stones for helping me in AP.

    However, they might have other good purposes in waking and sleeping life. E.g. Amethyst is a good protection stone, as is e.g. Black Tourmaline.

    You need just to wear them at daytime or put under your pillow at night.

    Amethysts should not be exposed to the sun, for unloading them rinse them under lukewarm water, for loading them put them together with quartz crystals or put them out at night when full moon is on.
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