... unning.mp3 —Awesome description of kundalini in a spontaneous shamanic awakening and associated Druidic initiation into the knowledge of the Yew tree.

Listening to Michael Dunning's story and the symptoms he experienced...the breathing liquid, smell, amplified Presence, omenance...bringing incapacitation, amplified senses, deeper perception, unification with nature etc... are those of a spontaneous kundalini awakening associated with a shamanic death/rebirth awakening.
Its a classic would be good if he could bring some kundalini science understanding into his work so that people will understand that these sensational experiences are from changes in the quantum/atomic structure of our being during an auto-initiation experience. Greater understanding of the extreme nature of these experiences will help people not be afraid and collapse into insanity and incapacity after such experiences. More and more people are going to experience such events.

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