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Thread: visiting the Pleiadians

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    visiting the Pleiadians

    I don't necessarily need any feedback (though it's welcome,) but thought I would post this for those who are interested in Pleiadean "stuff."

    I lay down to take a nap this afternoon and had a WILD (went straight from waking-state to lucid-dream-state with no gap in consciousness.) I found myself floating in a void consisting of potential - in other words, the dream could have turned into anything from there. I decided to take advantage of the situation and set my intention to visit my Pleiadean brothers and sisters (the ones who I believe I was "one of" before incarnating here.) So I set my intention and also asked them to come and help guide me to them, or at least to where the astral/dream conditions were better for them to be able to interact with me.

    At this point I started whooshing down, back, forth, and around through the blackness, turning occasionally, in what seemed to be the "right" direction. (Generally it was down.) I would have been worried that I was taking a trip to the lower astral, but they were with me the whole way in the form of brilliant glowing lights of a light-blue color. At first they were tiny points of bright light, like stars, exactly as I see them in waking life before I go to bed every night. As I felt myself get "closer," these points got larger, resolving into spheres of light. These spheres were comprised of a number of smaller tiny points of light arranged in a geometrically precise sphere pattern. I made a mental note to draw them when I got up.

    At one point we stopped, and I saw giant blue dragons made of light, I think they were the same color as the spheres, maybe a bit darker/richer a blue. Then we continued.

    At the very "bottom" of the trip I arrived in a room that felt like a doctor's office and met with a friendly gal who I talked to. I can't remember what we said, but I remember at one point I got a bit self-critical internally, the way I often do in waking life...then I realized I had no reason to. She noticed and was about to reassure me, but I laughed to ease the tension and show her that I really wasn't that displeased with myself; she caught on and laughed too. I remember saying, "Dang, you got this human-humor thing down!" (by which I meant that I was impressed that she "got" my humor; I've heard that extradimensional beings and extraterrestrials do not always get humor and that it is somewhat of a uniquely human thing.) Then we kept talking as she asked me to turn around and took what looked like a weird white ink-pen kind of thing, and pressed the point of it against my back just above my right shoulderblade. I felt a little sting/prick, and it felt like something cool and soothing entered my energy body at that point. Then she did the same thing just above the other shoulderblade, and put a white cream down my spine, starting from the base of my neck. Then I felt myself waking up. I said goodbye and thanked them, and felt acutely disappointed that I didn't get past the "screening" in the medical-looking room before waking up. Upon waking I could still feel the cool/soothing feeling above my shoulderblades.

    Of the whole medical screening-room thing, I had the distinct impression that they were all like, "You've been on that weird planet for too long; we gotta make sure everything's checking out okay before you come into Pleiadean-space proper." Kind of like going from one country to another and having to get all sorts of vaccinations/medical stuff out of the way prior to visiting.

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    Re: visiting the Pleiadians

    cool Seeuzin.
    "We are spirits in the material world" Sting. The Police.

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