This dream seems deeply significant to current events in life. I have made some personal interpretations but would very much like someone elses input! Please have a go!

In my dream, a man instructed a smart guy, a friend of mine, to make a complex pattern out of some kind of board game. You could move small pieces around and create something. It was like a rubix cube but in board form. He seemed quite good but I did not see if he made the entire pattern correctly.

I was busy with building a miniature model of a train. I even took a picture of it with my iPhone, but the picture disappeared somehow, and I wanted to take one more, but it was o late. Someone had moved the train, and suddenly, the battle began.

Smoke in the sky, setting was a large modern city by a harbor in flames. There was ash everywhere. One enemy came from behind, and struck my friend with some weird acid stuff, and threw him into the water. I tried to defend him, but was struck as well. I fell into the sea and blacked out. The water was blue and quite clear.

I remember thinking something like: “I was so close. Does it end here? I can’t take it anymore.” Then I think I died.

But later I found myself waking up in a ragged bunk bed outdoors, nearby where the battle had taken place. The war had ended and we had lost. The few men and women that remained were utterly captive by the enemy. The smoke and the fire and the debris were everywhere, and I could not stop thinking about what it would mean for the future. There was no hope for a future.

Our flagship had been plundered and was burning. It looked like a long aircraft carrier. There was a door under the mountain to the left that was not shut tight. Golden light came from behind it. Behind there lay the treasure, but there was no enemy in sight. I suspected strongly that they were all in there.
I had to get up and do something. In the ashes before me I found silverware and a fancy silver clock. Had they not stolen everything? I wanted to enter under the mountain, and I felt I had nothing to lose. But I lingered some more.

Then two enemies came out. They were carrying swords. I picked up another blade in front of me and they got ready to attack me. I put my sword down quickly and they eased up. It seemed like they were no longer hostile.

Then I woke up.