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Thread: Neil Templar's Dream Journal

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    Neil Templar's Dream Journal

    Golden sun disc

    okay,i had this dream 3 nights ago..

    i'm in the park by my mum's house-where i grew's a beautiful sunny day-the park is full of people enjoying the i stroll down the path i see 4 or 5 kids climbing some trees.they are all wearing plain white masks.some are watching me,others watching the sun.they kinda freak me out a bit,staring at me,so i go back the way i i walk i look up and see a bunch of clouds,all brightly coloured-pink,blue,green,yellow.they form a straight line across the i look more closely i notice that behind the clouds i can see a few planets,all alligned perfectly.i walk further up the path and turn around to look across the park,and see some more of the coloured clouds.then i notice that the sky had turned older man next to me says there's about to be an eclipse,and sure enough an eclipse happens right then.the shadow crosses the face of the sun in about 4 seconds.then,as the sun regains it's brightness,a wave shimmers across it,and it transforms into a shining,golden disc,covered in what look like hieroglyphics.
    the sun-disc then sinks below the horizon,only to reappear moments later over to my right,coming up from behind the horizon,making a huge circle in the sky and finally stopping exactly where it had begun.then it comes flying down towards us,rippling as it flies,like a magic comes down to hang in front of me,in the air,about 2 m in diameter.i reach out and hold onto feels friendly,and i hear a voice in my head ask if i have found the book.i respond "no" with my mind.i then let it go,but as it flies away a piece rips of in my hand-it's golden foil,almost like paper.i fold the strip up into a small square,and put it in my mouth-this seems to me a sensible place to store it for the time flies around not far from where everyone is watching,amazed at what they are comes back down and attaches itself to a tree(i think,it may have been some other large object,like a van or something)
    it then changes from disc shape to become a flag,waving in the wind.
    i walk over to it,where 2 other guys are standing infront of it.
    it waves back and forth infront of each of us,and i understand it's making a choice.i tell it with my mind that i am the one it is looking then responds by waving directly at me,so i reach out to touch it again.
    i an sent images in my mind,symbols/hieroglyphics,and am told "you will find the book".the golden flag then folds itself into a small square,which i keep in my is covered in text-which looks a little like sanskrit,and symbols.these appear and dissappear as i look at them.i see diagrams,of what i don't really understand,but they seem amongst the symbols i see an ohm,which i recognise,but assume that i'm seeing it because i've recently started doing yoga.
    does that make it a lucid dream??i'm able to think and relate things to my waking life??
    anyway,with the golden cube in my hand,i walk away,hoping that no-one else saw or understood what just of the other guys from the selection follows me for a bit,trying to talk to me,but i know he's only after the cube so i quickly leave him behind.
    now at the top of the hill i follow the road along to a row of houses,where i expect to turn right.but as i look along the road,the row of houses slide out and across the road,rumbling and shaking the ground,blocking my way.also,the houses are now 4 storeys high,and derelict,covered in ivy,broken windows,obviously not having been used in many years.this seems strange to me so i stop and have a seat on the grass by the road,where i am joined by 3 girls-1 of whom i recognise from work,tho we aren't really friendly or anything.i sat with them and tried to decipher the text and symbols.some of the text became ligible,and i saw a symbol repeatedly appear,and realised i had to go look for this symbol somewhere.
    we all got into their car and drove into the street with the derelict buildings.all the streets were the same-completely run down,covered in plants,empty buildings all we got deeper into this ghost-town,i looked for signs on walls,and eventually found the symbol i had seen appeared on the side of a building when i looked at it.
    i went inside,only to find a luxurious hotel the centre of the room was a small altar/podium.on this was a series of symbols,4 of them,all looking like representations of old fashioned candlestick holders,very similar to each other,with very subtle differences.i chose the one that felt right and touched it.instantly a tiny purple covered book appeared on the was just like the golden cube-covered with ever changing symbols and i held it in my hand i heard a voice in my head tell me "you will become very influential" and i recieved more images in my mind.the text and hieroglyphics on the book seemed to be in layers-on top of one another,taking turns in being visible to me. the more i looked,the more i saw.yet none of the other people with me could see anything in or on the cover of the book.

    and that's where it ended.when i woke i felt elated.i wrote it all down instantly,which is something i don't normally do-tho i know i really felt like i had been told something very important.
    and during the whole dream,the colours,of the clouds,the golden disc,were so intense it was almost dazzling at times.
    "We are spirits in the material world" Sting. The Police.

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    Alaskans Guest
    Shouldnt write them down! thats crazy! you should write every dream down, even ones that seem pointless! Why did you say that btw?

    this dream is not just astral but epic and totally personal, it is packed full of messages for you, you should really work on translating it, at least the parts you can, I dont get why they use 'written' symbols in our dreams, we can never remember them right (pssst..... guys... symbols are useless )

    I just recently had one of these revealing dreams myself, told me lots of things I didnt know about myself, lots of 'behind the scenes' stuff that I needed to know. Mine was easy to translate though. It wasnt crystal clear, but the first astral dream was, it took me about a year to figure it out. I think the crystal clear epic dreams are like an initiation to astral dreaming or a practice (yoga?), and theyre probably all hard to translate, partly because your enlightenment isnt yet on the same level as the dream or it was so flashy and Lord of the Rings style CGI that you have a hard time focusing on the symbolic details.

    **That is interesting that you saw children hiding in the tree with simple white masks. I found 3 people hiding in a secret room wearing simple white masks. I knew they were energy vampires.

    I wouldnt listen to all the "you will become very influential" type stuff, it is probably those "children" trying to get you on an ego trip so you fail, that kind of thinking can never help you, and is something we must always keep away from.

    In my experience, what I felt was my house in dreams was always my self, my mind/soul etc. I just looked it up on dreammoods and they say the same. So, the houses are obviously damaged/misguided souls, people in your life, trying to stop you from making your journey. You should look within for the meanings, but if you need help, try the link below.

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    thanks for the reply Alaskans,
    i didn't say i shouldn't write them down- i know that i should indeed be doing that,it's just that i don't,or should say-haven't been up until now.i now have a journal i keep handy for just this purpose.

    yeah-the kids with masks-i got a strong feeling that they weren't friendly,the way they were staring at me made me feel very uncomfortable,it's the reason i turned around and walked away.
    and the houses-it's interesting that you think they could be other people in my life trying to get in the way of my journey-i have had alot of negativity from some friends when i have tried to talk about my experiences/interest in the astral etc.

    i knew this dream was very important when i woke up,i've never felt that so strongly after a dream before.

    i'll take a look at the link,see if anything else comes to mind...
    "We are spirits in the material world" Sting. The Police.

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    Pre-historic creatures

    a few nights ago-i'm standing at the edge of a dark forest,where a small terrier type dog is looking up a the tree i can see a number of birds-well all i can see is their eyes and beaks,looking down at the dog.they are squawking away-obviously worried about the dog's i turn to walk away,the dog takes a few steps with me,and two of the birds come out from behind the tree.i see that they weren't in the tree as i had thought,they were only hiding behind it.they are tall,flightless looking birds-like dodos.they look like very early they come out from behind the tree,the dog leaps at the throat of one,trying to kill it.the dog is smaller than the bird but the bird has no defence mechanism,so merely struggles.the sound is awful to my ears-the dog growling furiously,and the bird wailing in pain.i'm not enjoying it but decide to stay and witness it,as it's all part of nature,and i've never seen an animal kill another.the dog slowly overpowers the bird,and just as it dies-the other bird tries to defend it's comrade,squawking at the dog.
    the 3 animals fall to the ground and i loose sight of them in the low bushes,but the sounds of animals fighting for their lives is furious.suddenly a new sound begins-a kind of gurgling sound.when i look again i see an enormous white fish like creature has the birds,and the dog,in it's wide open mouth,and is gulping them down whole-like a the dog whelps it's final breath and disappears into the gaping maw,the white fish creature turns its pink eye to me.i'm far away enough from it to not feel afraid,but i also know that if i went any closer-the thing would have that point i walk away and the dream ends.

    it was a little disturbing-very dark,but i never really felt in danger during all seemed quite natural,even tho these creatures seemed to be from another time..
    "We are spirits in the material world" Sting. The Police.

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    also-the dog wasn't mine,but it did seem to know me.
    "We are spirits in the material world" Sting. The Police.

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    Alaskans Guest
    from DM; "To see a dog in your dream, indicate a skill that you have ignored or forgotten, but needs to be activated. Alternatively, dogs may symbolize intuition, loyalty, generosity, protection, and fidelity. Your own values and intentions will enable you to go forward in the world and succeed. If the dog is vicious and/or growling, then it signifies some inner conflict within yourself. It may indicate betrayal and untrustworthiness.?If the dog is dead or dying, then it indicates a loss of a good friend. Alternatively, it represents a deterioration of your instincts. Also consider common notions associated with the word dog, such as loyalty ("man's best friend") and to be "treated like a dog". "

    This is mostly from the site rather than my intuition; Some inner conflict within yourself is killing your old outlooks on things. Ideas that you have had for a very long time but perhaps were flightless/dead ends (flightless prehistoric birds). I would say the dark woods is unseen mysteries, where we go to try to divine truth become enlightened etc, thats why the birds were on the edge of the woods. The white fish... fish swim through water, water symbolizes emotion 99% of the time. DM says fish means lots of various things, but new spiritual insights from your subconcious is one of them, considering the dreams you have been having, I would say that makes sense. But where is the message/lesson that you can respond to in this dream? Thats the question I always ask myself. Its only usefull to decode a dream if there is something in there for you to learn from.

    "it was a little disturbing-very dark,but i never really felt in danger during all seemed quite natural,even tho these creatures seemed to be from another time.."

    Maybe thats it right there, you are just meant to observe this natural occasion.

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    I think you could be right about a few things there Alaskans.
    the stuff about dogs makes alot of sense right now,i had another dream involving dogs two nights ago too.a whole litter of puppies-all different colours,in fact colours seem to be playing an important part in many dreams lately...
    and new spiritual insights-well that's definitely dreams are becoming increasingly strange/interesting and seemingly meaningful of late.I've had a few that were too disjointed to remember well enough,even when i've just woken
    "We are spirits in the material world" Sting. The Police.

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    Neil Templar's Dream Journal

    Kundalini kids/levitation

    so this was a short one i had the other night.also i must state that i had been suffering from flu/cold symptoms for about 4 days leading up to it.

    i was in the street,outside a house we lived in as young kids.
    sitting on the pavement i met 2 kids-a boy and a girl.they told me they were gonna teach me how to raise my kundalini energy.
    the boy concentrated,then told me to put my hands over his i did this i could feel an invisible vortex of energy flowing up out of the top of his head,like an inverted tornado,pushing upwards.
    then the kids stood up and we all concentrated on a spot on the ground,putting both hands in front of us-palms downwards.
    the invisible energy came up from the ground-much stronger than before.i pushed down on it-i could feel it spiraling upwards-then said"watch this!"
    i leaned with all my weight on the energy vortex,and lifted my feet off the ground,levitating myself.
    we stopped for a moment because some other people were around and they might see-they weren't supposed to see this.
    we found another spot and raised the energy again,and this time i sat right ontop of the vortex and crossed my legs,being held up in the air about 1 metre from the ground.i could feel the energy going into me from beneath.then a few people came near and we stopped again,and i woke up.

    as i woke i could feel a strange sensation at the base of my spine-a physical feeling of something being different inside my body,like there was something new in there.this feeling stayed with me as i went back to sleep,for a few more hours,and until i woke again and showered.after that it dissapeared.
    as i left the house and made my way to work i suddenly realised that i no longer felt ill,infact i had alot more energy than i had had in days!!
    it was a really good feeling,and made me wonder if in fact i had had some small kundalini energy raised.there was no energy going up the spine or anything-i could only feel it entering me from beneath..

    oh,i'm not sure but i also had the feeling that the boy and girl might have been myself and my sister,as youngsters.they were the right age,we lived in that street a long time ago...but i can't be sure about that part..

    incidentally-when i went back to sleep after this dream,i had an excellent super-hero dream where i was leaping over buildings and kicking ass with some other random super-heroes(none of whom are actual comic book heroes)except spiderman-who was battling venom on the top of a building,while i was a really good,fun dream-which is always nice.i have so many dark dreams,the fun ones really stick out in my memory.

    anyway,any thoughts??
    "We are spirits in the material world" Sting. The Police.

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    Yeah, my son's got a cold and I'm coming down with it- would you mind sending over your Kundaini kids ove to give us a treatment? It would be much appreciated.
    AD Pedia:

    "Stop acting as if life is a rehearsal" Dr. Wayne Dyer.

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    hehe,they'll be visiting you tonight!!
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