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Thread: Neil Templar's Dream Journal

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    yesterday morning i had a dream,i'm sitting in the living room with someone familiar.
    i look at the flor and this tiny hairy tarantula comes out from underneath the sofa,crawls across the floor and under the other seat.
    i'm not too into spiders so i'm a little bit concerned.
    as my concern grows,so i see more spiders,all hairy lookin tarantulas.everywhere i look more and more appear,big ones,small ones,HUGE ONES!!
    as i look around the room it's like a scene from Indiana Jones.the floor,walls,everything are crawling with spiders of every size.
    they don't really do anything,just crawl around slowly,or sit where they are,but i'm getting freaked out by the whole thing.
    i'm never any further than 30 cms from the spiders.they are everywhere!

    then it becoms hazy...
    "We are spirits in the material world" Sting. The Police.

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    Re: SPIDERS!!

    Welcome to the Temple of Doom, Herr Jones!

    No, really, I see a funny dynamic at work here:

    As soon as you show concern about one spider, *more* spiders appear, as if the spiders react to your emotional reaction to them. Any emotion may go wild by freaking out about having it - that can be the making of an anxiety attack, for example. Or an aggressive outburst. All these emotional landslides start small and then it all goes downhill.

    Kurt Leland writes that dreams are our own uncontrolled emotions and thoughts playing themselves out. So the first negative thing in your dream keeps multiplying as your reaction to it grows:

    Quote Originally Posted by Neil Templar
    but i'm getting freaked out by the whole thing.
    Mind you, I can perfectly understand your reaction, but I think that beyond the obvious content of the dream you actually observed a deeper rule of the dream environment. Your emotional reaction molds the environment and drives the dream. Maybe this can lead to more lucidity and control in the future as you can pick up that pattern and either stop it early (learning a skill of emotional calm for real life, too) or observe it, recognise and identify it and become lucid when you hit the conclusion "Emotionally reactive environment => I'm dreaming!"

    Take good care,

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    Re: SPIDERS!!

    Think of holding a phone book next time you are falling asleep.. or better yet, size 15 logging boots.

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    Re: SPIDERS!!


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    Re: SPIDERS!!

    Alaskans,hehe,aye,those critters are gettin some trouble next time.

    in "real life" lately i've been working alot on trying to dissolve the ego,and controlling emotional reactions has been something i've been making headway with..
    and as always,during "experiences",becoming more of a passive observer..

    i had another VERY WIERD one a few nights ago.. i'll post that when i finish work..not for the squeamish tho..
    "We are spirits in the material world" Sting. The Police.

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    Re: SPIDERS!!

    You'll probably be doing a lot of fighting. I've had to kill/compete against hordes of 'monsters', some were very big and scary (epic battles!). They're usually symbolic for negative aspects of the psyche, if not, then theyre something else you dont want. So by killing them or beating them in a competition you are removing them. You dont have to beat them violently but you might as well, because they dont mind cheating at games.

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    Re: SPIDERS!!

    i reckon a flame thrower for a room full of spiders!!!
    "We are spirits in the material world" Sting. The Police.

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    MORE DOGS.... not for the squeamish..

    okay,so animal lovers (of which i am one),you may not want to read this one...
    i almost didn't want to post this but it was way too strange to not get some feedback about..

    a couple of nights ago,this is what i dreamt..

    i'm with some guy,can't remember who.he has these two dogs with him,whippets/greyhound types (a little like santa's little helper from the simpsons)
    anyhoo,nothing remarkable is happening,when one of the dogs begins to take a sh*t.
    what comes out is like a HUGE cocoon,which starts to writhe,then split open and some freaky lookin caterpillar beast emerges! this thing is HUGE,about the size of a large household cat's body!

    now as if that wasn't wierd enough,the second dog starts to do the same thing,lays a cocoon,same thing emerges.
    then dog no 2 starts again,only this time,as the cocoon,or what looks like the cocoon emerges..we realise that it's actually the dogs insides coming out!! it's disgusting!

    then the owner has to physically push his dogs insides back into its cavity..
    all the time the huge caterpillars are wriggling around on the floor..

    what the????

    Alaskans??Korpo?? any ideas?
    "We are spirits in the material world" Sting. The Police.

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    Re: MORE DOGS.... not for the squeamish..

    Way too much SciFi.
    I know why you didn't want my opinion.
    AD Pedia:

    "Stop acting as if life is a rehearsal" Dr. Wayne Dyer.

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    Re: MORE DOGS.... not for the squeamish..

    My wife occasionally has dreams like that.

    She is easily grossed out, so she is therefore always thinking of things that can gross her out. I think there is this subconscious thought that manifests her dreams thusly: "ooh, that is so gross, the only way that could get grosser is if _____ (fill in the blank) happens" then that happens, she has the same thought, and eventually she wakes up dry heaving out of being so grossed out.

    i'll spare you guys the details.

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