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Thread: Why relaxation preset before relaxation exercise?

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    Why relaxation preset before relaxation exercise?

    I´ve been starting up the MAP program and plan to do it right this time with 100% dedication!

    A question: The instructions say I should listen to the 20min relaxation brainwave preset before doing the relaxation exercises?
    Why is this so?, wouldn´t it be better to do the relaxation exercises and do the mind taming while listening to the relaxation audio, or is there any special reason why you
    should listen to it before?


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    Re: Why relaxation preset before relaxation exercise?

    Hello, magic.

    If you've ever experimented with a program like Neuroprogrammer 2, a pretty usual way to guide you into a certain brainwave state is having an induction. This would be a track that takes you from a usual, waking consciousness brainwave pattern to the trance pattern you want to achieve. Then another part would be played designed to keep you in that state, for example. This is the principle also utilized by HoloSync, where you have tracks like "The Dive" that serve this function.

    I would imagine that the given piece has the same function - taking you towards the state they want you to be in at the start of the exercise as a preparatory step.


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    Re: Why relaxation preset before relaxation exercise?

    Hi Karl.
    I'm going to quote a few of the things that I found when I looked at my copy. p.18-19, (2004 printing) in the first chapter, Week 1: Flexing the Astral Muscles.
    Week 01: Relaxation
    "The Steps in the deep physical relaxation exercise can take several days to learn. We do not recommend using the BWGen. for the first five days while you are still getting the hang of the steps.
    On day 6 you can begin using the first BWGen. preset, "MAP Weel 01: Relaxation". Put on the headphones, select the preset, and press the play button at the very beginning of the exercise. Start with the relaxation routine, then go straight into the breathwork and energy body stimulation techniques." So it's describing using it as you said.

    Since the preset use is entirely optional, you can use it at any time, and I believe the part you are quoting refers to using it as "warmup" before energy work p.19. But you tailor it to your needs.
    "Stop acting as if life is a rehearsal" Dr. Wayne Dyer.

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    Re: Why relaxation preset before relaxation exercise?

    Ok, I see, I will listen to it as described in the book then

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