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    i was watching David Wilcock's 2012 enigma on youtube. I have to say what a piece of work that is! i was wondering to awaken my energy body, to have astral projection & to release my kundalini should i meditate while focusing on my pineal gland? is feeling my pineal bad in any way since David Wilcock explains that this is the gland that makes OBE possible & after your kundalini rises for a normal person all the chakras get positioned in one place that is your third eye (pineal gland)? Also when im in trance i try to call upon a angelic friend to help me out of my body but it never works? any tips on that

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    energy work

    It is unhealthy to focus on only one chakra, particularly a higher chakra like the brow center. A balanced approach is best, giving some attention to all chakras. They need to be activated from the base center upwards. This provides balance and healthy energy body development.

    However, a little extra attention on the brow center will do no harm. And meditations that focus on the brow center will also do no harm, so long as you are also regularly working on your lower centers.

    As for calling for help, your intention and efforts here will help regardless of there being no apparent immediate effect.



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