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Thread: Revisiting the exit techniques

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    Revisiting the exit techniques

    .. Split from 'when you don't have vibrations'

    Alot of good information in this post thank you...I do have a couple questions though that probably have been answered in other posts.

    I am able to enter the vibrational state, when I do so it looks like I am in the middle of a cloud (eyes closed) and I'm just seeing clouds, and audio is going nuts(all kinds of noises), but It feels like I am trapped in this state, The only technique I have tried is rolling my body 180 degrees (someone told me that) and I was easily able to, It was so easy I think i fooled myself into that it wasnt working. but how can I exit this stage very easily? I dont really understand how I can use a rope technique though because my arms feel like they are stones and i cannot move anything, so i think the rolling technique is close to what I should use...Thanks for any input, and sorry if this is in the wrong section, my first time here!

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    Revisiting the exit techniques

    Any exit technique will do, once you're in the right state, provided you know how to use it.
    The rope method is a method that works better if you've climbed up a rope, and can remember how it feels to do it. Then you just imagine you're going up a rope (and I don't mean you 'see yourself going up it') and 'feel' as if you were. You're not moving any body part, but you are moving your energy body up the rope to remind you how it feels to ge going up the rope.

    The rollout method works well if you roll with your physical body a few times before you practice (side to side) so you can recreate the motion. Once again, it's about localizing yourself out of body, and if you do the movement you should feel yourself floating up (or being thrown off) your body- then you take it from there.

    If you don't know what to do once you're out, imagine you're in the bottom of a pool and are floating up- almost can't help floating up. Once you feel you're far enough from your body then fly superman-style.
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