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Thread: Aura and afterimage

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    Aura and afterimage

    Hello Robert,

    What does aura have to do with the afterimage? How are they related?

    An afterimage is an optical illusion caused when the eye's photoreceptors adapt from the overstimulation and lose sensitivity. This not an aura. As to my understanding, the aura is the object's (animate or inanimate) subtle energy field.
    Why I have to gaze at objects or at someone's brow center to learn to see the aura? All I see this way is afterimages...
    I'm curious why 99% of the "How to see the aura" guides on the internet instruct people to gaze at the objects to the point when one sees the afterimage and say that this is the object's aura.
    The peripheral vision is more 'movement' sensitive but this refers to physical movements which aura is definitely not. Even if you think of an aura as a vibration this is not the samе as physical vibration - a physical object(s) vibrating at specific frequency. So the physical eyes actually see physical objects which means that I cannot train them to see the aura. Even, I'm a bit skeptic whether that gazing at objects actually develops the peripheral vision. Not sure this is healthy for the eyes too.


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    Seeing auras and afterimages

    If you stare at a brightly colored object, after awhile, 30 seconds or so, you'll start to see an afterimage. This will be the opposite color to the object. This has the appearance of an aura, and appears in much the same way as an aura appears.

    Choose a large colored object, bright primary color, like a large beach ball, etc. This works best.

    Practicing the above gives the user 'personal experience' with seeing a type of aura phenomenon. This experience helps overcome belief system filters that block out the ability to see living human auras.

    If the above is practiced, one can then move on to observing a human aura. The method used is the same. Gaze slightly to the side of the object being viewed and allow the eyes to relax and unfocus.

    Use a neutral background for all viewing, of colors or living auras.

    When you move onto viewing a human aura, with bare skin and a neutral background, the colors of the aura will be seen to appear in much the same way as the afterimage of a colored object appears. First will be seen a creamy to pale blue outline about half an inch thick (1cm) extending from the bare skin. Next, the aura colors will start to appear out from that.

    But there is no color to produce an afterimage. This in itself is proof that you are seeing an aura that cannot be explained away as an afterimage.

    Focusing on a subject's third eye will not affect the production of an aura. Focusing on your own third eye (brow center) helps aura sight. Energy work also helps.

    I have an aura sight tutorial on this site, btw.


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