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Thread: Is affirmation the same as mantra?

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    Is affirmation the same as mantra?

    Is citing affirmations the same as chanting mantra? If not, what is the difference especially regarding the effect?

    Chanting a mantra as it is originally, is it the same as affirming exactly the same meaning with words in my own language?

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    Affirmation work

    Affirmations and mantras can be said to have similar principles.

    A mantra uses a set of sacred or spiritually significant words in order to relax the mind, or to tune in to a particular spiritual frequency. This may involve spiritual connections.

    Affirmations use repeated phrases that have meaning and intention, to attract or to bring about (to manifest) something. This works directly with your higher self, which is what brings about a manifestation.

    Language is important. A mantra that is written in Sanskrit, for example, will not work if translated to English.

    With affirmations, it is best to use your native tongue.


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