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Thread: The real key to effectively manipulate energy.

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    DarkCloud Guest

    The real key to effectively manipulate energy.

    Okay, when it comes to energy, there are so many applications of it is scary. Many people have different ways of using it, different belief systems on what it really is, and especially how to effectively manipulate it.

    Some like to choose visualization.

    Some prefer more "tactile" systems such as NEW.

    And some prefer other methods ( I won't name them, as they other two above seem to be the most popular and the most common.)

    The question is, which one of this appliciations is more effective? Most of you , I have know doubt, will probably think you ( speculation of course), and who can blame you? It's a good system with many benefits. Kudos to Robert Bruce.

    But does that mean visualization is in-effective? Certianally no. That is, if you use the right way of visualising and realize its only a mental/visual aid to help you get a better awareness of the force that is , and as always been, inside of us.

    Now, in my opinion, I disagree that NEW is much more effective than visualization is manipulating energy. What it all boils down to, is the will of that person. Simply.

    I think we all agree (those of us who have'd history with energy work) that energy follows your intentions and can be in some ways, controlled by thought? But what makes one person better than the other? Its not that they use NEW, its not that they visualize but their state of MIND.

    All you really have to do to move energy, is to will it too. But, the problem with that is that some people's will's are well , lets face it, pretty weak. And therefore need more development and more focus than some others.

    If you like to feel energy rather than try to visualize it, your still doing what the other person who is visualizing is doing, right?

    And I know, there are those type of people who take stuff like visualizing and run off with it and get carried away.

    But what I want you to realize is, that, with any given system, some idiot will think "Hey, since people say this more effective, I'll be able to shoot GIANT blast and by able to turn into a super saiyan". There. No matter where you go, somebody will always be there to turn something so simple and make it complicated. *sigh*

    Anyway...back to what I was saying. NEW, visualizing, and etc are just like aids to help you become aware, then using your willpower to move it.

    In the end, its not the methods themselves that determine how your growth in energy is, but you yourself. Your will.

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    jalef Guest
    i agree. the energy body is developed by moving awaereness through you body. visualization or tactile imagination are just aids for doing this. i stoped using tactile imagination because for me it is easier to move my awareness directly. for many people its easyer to learn a technique such as NEW first for doing this but the effect is the same.

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    Matthew Guest
    Besides the "tactile" systems of NEW and chi kung, I have worked with visualizations, flashing color tablets and sounds, and spagyrics (Western plant alchemy) to affect the energy body.

    Visualizations led to some profound interior states, but the problem I had was that I could not tell exactly how much progress I was making. I could tell that my ability to visualize was improving and that my experiences were more profound, but what exactly were the consequences to my energy body?

    I had the same question with flashing color tablets and sounds. These exercises may have performed some subtle activity in my chakras, but the most I experienced was an overall sense of being energized.

    The results with spagyrics were phenomenal. Alchemical tinctures and plant stones produced profound changes in consciousness and amazing energetic phenomena in my body. However, I feel that prayer and meditation had still not prepared me for dealing with the effects.... very powerful. Quite a bit of chi kung practice helped me cope with this energy influx.

    I have found chi kung and NEW to be very helpful for people in that these systems teach you how to "feel" the energy body. With this direct experience, you are able to chart your progress and to tell whether your efforts are producing the results you desire. With this in mind, I believe that these systems are better than strickly visualization-based practices. But, I am, of course, willing to have someone explain to me why my views should be otherwise.


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    LuciaUruguay Guest
    JAJAJAJAJAJAJAJA.. I really like this post Yes, Robert Bruce methos is THE method, I am not joking, the guides told me that an Angel indeed teach him the method in order to hel us cleanse the energy. After you cleanse the energy body then you have to use your intuition and ideas that pop up (litterally, you know it) Any way, they told me that Anime shows indeed show lots of abbilties that are gonna be able for almost anyone in the next year. I always wanted to do a KamKam HAAAA!! .. I did it the other day, and a big ball, jaja, the guides where loguhing a lots with the other spirits that whre int he place, jajajaj, They say that there was no problem with that energy ball because it ONLY hurts demons (they exist though I never saw any of them) and negs spirits (yes, I had problems witth thats, my fault but my guide Gautama had to kik him out of my place, then I did the sanctuary, so only good and neutral spirits can pass thru it. Advice, give authrization for ALL good spirits to do thing on your body (all of them), they helped me a lot with my senusitis!)

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    Lol, oh man that was a good post to read. Is the JAJAJA laughter? :p

    When I'm working with NEW I at first was resisting the visualization as I was trying to follow exactly what Robert had said to do. silly me. I was getting visual hints at energy blockages but I was ignoring them as I was tryign to focus just on the tactile.

    I get stuff like I'll be working on my arm and then I'll see my arm falling off at the shoulder, I'll reconnect it. As soo as my awareness goes over it again it falls off!

    I am beggining to just merge these two senses now with the work. Thanks for the posts as it just clears up my lack of confidence in my self! Seems silly to think about how unconfident I was even a few days ago. Growing so fast!

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    DarkCloud Guest
    Visualization is not limited to just "seeing". Over the years, I have found a major misconception on how it works. It can also pertain to "feeling" or "hearing"...Basically, using your imagination to trigger a reaction. Example, one can imagine "hearing" their energy rush through them. Or imagine a certian sensation moving through them, whatever they believe energy feels like. The more one focuses on things like these, the more noticable the become to that individual.

    Also, when visualizing, all you have to do is have 100% confidence it what your doing. Washing away any and all doubt will do wonders for you in well, any energy practice.

    I knew that NEW deals with directly with simulating the primary and secondary systems by focusing one's awareness.

    But, the point i'm trying to get across, is that NO MATTER WHAT you will do, you can still achieve the same results.

    For instance, for those who have trouble sponging (I.E. Me) or what not I instead visualize but I still do the same proceedure, I just move my energy in a different way. I can STILL directly simulatle my centers by using my awareness.

    I personally prefer a combination of both visual and tactile systems, as it really helps.

    I tend not to follow any body else's training program, if I do, I tend to tweak it a little to my taste.

    I find the NEW system to be very thorough, but not fool proof, as it does present slight problems as well. For instance, Robert developed NEW for the sole purpose of helping the Blind with their energy practices, right? Using their ENCHANCED sense of touch to manipulate their energy - for the people with normal senses, (some this may not apply to) they still may require a BIT visual aid to help them, as their sense of touch isn't as strong as a blind persons.

    But , don't give me wrong, if you can use NEW without any visual aid, more power to you. You certainally got me beat.

    So, ending my post, just do what is best for YOU. The level of effectiveness of anything , depends on the person, not the system.

    Okay. I'm going to go play Kingdom Hearts 2 now. Ciao

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    Matthew Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by DarkCloud
    For instance, for those who have trouble sponging (I.E. Me) or what not I instead visualize but I still do the same proceedure, I just move my energy in a different way. I can STILL directly simulatle my centers by using my awareness.
    Ahhh... I see your point. I stand corrected. When I said visualization, I was talking about pathworking ie. the visualization of complex scenarios where symbols are evoked and then you allow your imagination to fill in the scene and provide information.... I haven't had the success at stimulating the chakras with pathworking that I have had with NEW and chi kung.

    Your point about visualizing the energy moving to a location instead of sponging sounds very valid. I will experiment with it soon.


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    As an artist and hypnotherapist, I have been using visualization (imagination kind) for a long time. I'm a Master/Teacher Reiki practitioner, and was able to feel small amounts of energy during sessions. Learning NEW increased my ENJOYMENT of doing healing work, but I don't think it particularly increased healing abilities. When I became a Quantum Touch practitioner, where visualization AND feeling energy move is taught, I found that using NEW increased the amount of energy a lot, when used in conjunction with visualization. I can't say whether using NEW or just my own personal spiritual development was the reason for the increase in energy, though.

    I can definitely say that learning and using NEW has made me more aware of the joy in life. The energy just feels so friggin' GOOD! It's especially exciting when it just "turns on" when I'm not even thinking about it. Psychic powers have definitely improved as I've become more adept at moving energy with tactile abilities.

    For me, using NEW has increased all abilities. Or, maybe it's just my ability to feel the increase. Either way, it's been great for me. As everyone is different, using just visualization is perfectly fine. I really don't believe one is better than the other. I also do not believe using NEW is a crutch. If anything, for me, it is another step on my path of evolvement.

    I really feel that I should add that a blanket statement about anything is not very helpful. For example, I personally would not say "NEW is the only thing that really works", or "Visualization is the "best" way to go". Everyone experiences things differently, and one experience is not better than another. They are just different.

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    DarkCloud Guest
    I agree.

    I definitely like NEW, as well as the benefits and stories I always read about.

    My thing is, on moving energy, I prefer my own method (visualization/imagining). But other than that I follow the proceedures of NEW step by step.

    Usually, for me now, I've gained the ability to feel my chi moving pretty strongly through my body, just by visualization. So for me, visualization and imagination are triggers for me to FEEL energy.

    Tai Chi/ Qi Gong / Chi Kung are ALL helpful to energy work, as they make your energy more powerful. The more powerful your energy, the more easy it is to feel.

    Jing (a kind of extremely powerful, developed energy) is also very easy to feel as it produces some strong sensations. Strong electric like tingling and shocks twisting and circulating inside your body. It's awesome.

    No matter what system you use, it will never hurt to get into Tai Chi/Chi Kung / Qi Gong. It will really help your practice.

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    Matthew Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by Painterhypnogirl
    For me, using NEW has increased all abilities. Or, maybe it's just my ability to feel the increase.
    Yes, this was what I was trying to get at in my message. I don't know whether other techniques I tried actually had the intended effects or not... they may have been "adjusting" my chakras very effectively. However, I believe that NEW and chi kung give an increased ability to feel the changes going on in the energy body.... they're very validating systems.

    This was my point... apologize for the confusion,


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