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Thread: I saw violet energy! (after e.w./meditation)

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    I saw violet energy! (after e.w./meditation)

    Hi Robert

    Two days ago, I saw violet energy in the physical after a combined energy work / binaural beats / meditation session (I always mix these).

    Possibly I was still in a kind of semi-trance when lying on my bed with eyes open again and looking around at the walls before me and my hands. They were kind of misty violet specks, forming around my hands. I held them against the white wall, but they hovered also in between them. Some were like misty balls, but with no clear shape, always remaining nebulous, flying and forming and re-shaping in the air before me.

    I also could not control them, which means they were no energy products of my mind to play with (e.g. energy ball). More like a widened auric thing, but they also flew in the air, not just around my body. The foggy specks did not move with me when I looked away moving my eyes to a different spot, moving back showed they were there again/still.
    Thus I believe they were existing independently and were no imagination or any physical-eyes-after-image thing. Also, this state could be held up for minutes. It just stopped when I got off the bed, thereby ending the session, since finally I got bored and needed to go for a pee.

    Before that, during the session, I concentrated (also done affirmations and requests/prayers) on the stronger activation of my crown chakra. Secondly, I combined this with an Amethyst hanging on the wall at my bed's head end - hence dangling just a few centimeters from my crown chakra. (I did so on purpose since Amethysts are also attributed to the crown chakra).

    Well, my crown chakra work seems to have worked somehow, since I know that violet is a colour (next to white) attributed to the crown chakra. So is there a connection? And is this colour vision common? I remember you wrote sth in your books about it, also with regard to violet vision. I still think it was not just an aura (of mine, which is normally turqouise or blueish), but an independent kind of energy or etheric/astral sight manifestation. But what kind of energy could this be then (if it is energy at all)? And why /how does it come from chakra (healing stone & energy work) stimulation? What does the seeing of this energy mean?

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    Clairvoyance and spirit entities


    The little balls of light would be small spirit entities...good spirits. Attracted by your energy and what you were doing. This is a very good sign. It is consistent with having activated your crown and or brow centers.

    This is uncommon, seeing this.

    Next time you meditate, before you finish and open your eyes, press the palms of your hands over your eyes and gaze there through your closed eyelids. This method can yield interesting views of your energy, and even visions. Hold this for a minute or so.

    Keep up the good work....


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    Re: Clairvoyance and spirit entities

    Hi Robert

    I need to push this old thread now because I suppose it is related. First, FYI, I changed my nick to Sinera, so it's still the same person who asked this first.

    In meditation, I now often concentrated on my crown chakra. I also raise my eyeballs behind my closed eyelids (which I suppose stimulates the third eye). So it's "upper" energy work, if you will.

    What I see then behind closed eyes, esp. when I have managed to shut off my thoughts enough and focus on the imagery, is this:

    Purple (balls of) light coming from the left upper corner floating to the middle, every 2 seconds there's a new 'wave' of this light balls. It's a focal dot which is brighter surrounded by other light, but all is purple.
    As said, it floats into the field from above and the left corner (always), then diagonally across the visual field and joins a kind of 'pool' in the middle. It is a rhythmic repetitive motion, very pattern-like. Sometimes the middle starts to spin a little like a galaxy, but it's not always as clearly patterned and can become more chaotic, too.

    On this forum (Bruce Moen's), which I found through internet search for the topic, it is also said by the participants that most see purple colours during meditation, but none mentions the repetitive movement. For conventional explanations, I read up on CEV and Phosphenes but they do not fit the descriptions entirely and give no good explanation anyway in my view. Moreover I look for more spiritual explanations.

    So here's my questions:

    • Is this again the same 'good spirit entities' from below (which I saw then in the room after opening my eyes again, did not happen again though)?
    • Or is it (also) chakra-related (crown, third eye)?
    • Is there significance to the constant movement pattern (upper left corner to the middle)?
    • Is purple significant, besides it being a possible chakra colour?
    • Does the eye-raising behind my eyelids or my crown chakra stimulation cause or influence it?
    • If it is spirits, can I find a way to communicate with them?
    • If so: What do they want/mean?
    • If so: Are they elementals? Guides? Anything you know more about these specific spirit entities?

    Thanks and best regards

    This collector of useless clutter.

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    Re: I saw violet energy! (after e.w./meditation)

    Hi, Volgerle, old friend, didn't know Sinera was you . But it figures by the intellect.

    My question is: Do you ever get red? I can count the number of times I've gotten red on one hand. I find it exciting when I do because it is rare. At the same time, and perhaps for the same reason, I don't associate it with an enlightened or heightened vibration or energy state.

    The fractals I experienced were, however, in the red zone. At least the most intricate. I've experienced much more in a pale green light. The experience of this light whether in fuzzy blobs or points of light (which are a heightened phase) goes, for me, like a ladder. First I get pale yellow which (with more concentration) may evolve to green, gas-flame blue and finally purple/violet. At this point I know I'm well in.

    I associate the colors with the chakras and violet with the crown. Red, of course, with the lower reproductive chakra. I've gotten the whole rainbow before, but that was just lucky.

    I can't offer or elucidate any spirits in association with this phenomenon. I always thought this experience was merely a precursor to other desired phenomena. A sort of 'setting' the stage.

    Matter is only mind in an opaque condition; and all beauty is but a symbol of spirit.
    - E Hubbard

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    Re: I saw violet energy! (after e.w./meditation)

    Hi Richard,

    yeah, it's me, for a while now.

    I get other colours too. Mostly then it turns into green which for me fine since it's "the" healing colour and of course linked to the heart chakra, too. And even changes and mixes are possible, a sea of different colors can come up or fluctuations (orange, can also be red, or up again the chakra ladder into dark blue).

    However the dominant colour is now violet/purple. And it is the only one connected to the moving patterns. And since I once saw them without closed eyes (see first post above) I wonder if there's more to it compared to the other colours.

    (I also visualised chakra energy during trance in spiral form, but that is another topic, and thread )

    formerly k.a. Volgerle (never liked that nick in the first place )
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    Re: I saw violet energy! (after e.w./meditation)

    these visions relate to chakra activity in part, but mainly to clairvoyance and spiritual development in general.

    Try not to focus too much on the phenomena, as this in itself can be a distraction that will slow your progress.

    peace, robert

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