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Thread: trance falling technique and exit

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    trance falling technique and exit

    In order to enter a deep trance you sometimes need a mental falling technique, and an obe from what I understand I needs a upward motion (rope)
    Why is this so?, Is it harder to continue the mental falling technique and project downward?


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    Re: trance falling technique and exit

    Hello, magic.

    The rope is not designed to take you "up," I would say, but to trick you into moving your point of reference, where you perceive yourself in space, out of your own body. Going upward, "above your head" is one possible direction to go used in some techniques.

    Inducing the falling sensation is on the other hand an attempt to reach a deeper trance. A deeper trance by itself brings a loss of body image and sense impressions. I think the falling sensation is a reaction to this lack of input, without sense input you cannot make sense of the experience and one possible outcome is you feel like you are falling.

    Certain states of consciousness can be replicated by "refeeling" the sensations that accompanied. Falling sensations may then help to reestablish a deeper trance, but primarily because they're a possible symptom of the state. Since nothing on the physical plane ever falls upwards, the primary reaction is to think one is falling when having this eerie feeling of no reference.

    That would be my guess.


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    Re: trance falling technique and exit

    That makes alot of sense Helliac.

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