After working on legs yesterday, today I decided on trance meditation during which I work on fingers, hands, forarms, and up to shoulders. In my right shoulder, I felt pain, but I thought it was a good pain in a way, sort of like working out and ripping muscles?! After I raised energy, first in lotus position then laying down on back with arms and feet spread slightly, I took a short nap. When I close my eyes, I can see differently behind my eye lids. I am looking around, and remember Robert Talking about this when he does trance meditation how he is able to see behind closed eyes. It excited be a bit because I think I must be doing really good if I have only been doing this seriously for two days. I drift into sleep and have obe sensations but try to stop them because I feel I need to do more energy work before I try anything serious out of body. At least be able to see better in trance meditation. Besides that, there were some dreams and there were bad things in the dreams, I mostly tried to ignore them though because I am not looking to fight just yet. Mostly small fries and need to work up my emotion more before I want to fight anything. (think they are negs, been hearing things talk to me a lot lately)

Does anyone else having some successes?