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Thread: Meditative darkness

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    Meditative darkness


    My name is Sofia, I'm 23 years old and from Sweden. I want to ask you about something that happens when I meditate. I can easily put myself in a very deep trance, where I feel like I almost completely "disappear". In this state, I truly believe that if I was to open my eyes, I wouldn't see nothing. I often break lose from this state in horror, if not my boyfriend comes to wake me up in time.
    It is like some dark energy attacks me somehow. If I partly expect this, it isn't as bad as when I don't. If I meditate with the idea of reaching a calm feeling, this "dark energy" (in lack of things to call it) gets stronger and I get more overpowered. If I get afraid, it will just run right over me and I will come out of this state with a total panic attack, feeling helpless and not knowing what to do to "ever" feel alright again.

    Definition of the this dark energy: When I put myself in trance (or at least a deep meditative slumber), there comes a very compact and thick darkness/light/energy. It is like a wall which its me and presses up towards my eyes. My eyes then starts to vibrate EVERY time. If I go through it, I lose all my sense of room and space. I don't know what is going to happen or happens. Therefore I wonder if this actually can be dangerous?

    Afterwards: I feel all lost. Like I'm going to collapse. I feel like I can at any point be overtaken by some unknown force and become evil or controlled.
    I really wish to point out that I want to know "what" this could be, because it is definitely not something I create by reaching this state; it is something "I meet".

    I hope you have an idea of this, because it truly destroys the purpose of meditation for me, and it is something I love.

    Yours truly/Sofia

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    OBE and dream state conflict


    From what you have told me, this situation appears to be a conflict between your out of body state (re the mind split effect) and your dream mind.

    You are conscious in your physical body mind. You are also conscious in your dream mind, which is active. This causes the vibrations in your eyes, which is also called REM 'rapid eye movement' which indicates your dream mind is active.

    The dream mind can be active and causing rem even after you finish meditating, causing a continuing fluttering and vibrating in your eyes.

    Your astral body is most likely out of your body. The mind split effect does not allow you to perceive this, as your astral body exists independently until its projection ends and its memories are downloaded. If the download does not occur, which is often the case, then you will have no idea that a projection happened.

    There is nothing in your post that would indicated any kind of negative or dark force is attacking or interfering with you.

    I suggest you do some affirmations, especially at the start of each meditations, that you will have a happy time.

    It would help if you read (if not already) my 2nd edition of Astral Dynamics.

    You can download a pdf of the first edition from See the section concerning The Mind Split Effect.


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