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Thread: Sinera's Lucidiary

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    19/Dec/2012: Throat Chakra Activation For Overcoming Aphasia

    Throat Chakra Activation For Overcoming Speech-Paralysis

    Seems this one was repeated again, just for another purpose.

    Quote Originally Posted by Volgerle View Post
    Throath Chakra Activation Method For Sight?

    I was blind again, this time had just got out of bed but in an unknown room which I only 'mind-sensed'. Affirmations again seemed futile. Then I remembered the helper's tapping on the back of my neck. I swung my right arm up and around and put the hand of my astral body onto that spot and asked for vision. Immediately the light turned on and I could see everything VERY clearly !!(..)So I was definitely given another technique this way. No doubt for me. It worked. It seems I am more of the somatic/tactile-type regarding astral interaction rather than purley relying on verbal affirmations. I am certain it was about activating the throath chakra (from behind). It was exactly the spot (see pic). The last time (see quote) I was given sth to activate the one above it (third eye) also to gain vision.
    The only question remaining: why is the 5th chakra now used for gaining sight instead of the 6th? I thought the 5th was for communication. Well, maybe my command got amplified and 'heard' now by the larger reality system and that caused the effect?
    I get into the vibrational trance state and affirm I am looking forward to the Lightportal with joy. I get vibrations and wait til they are stronger and then try an exit. As usual recently, I have difficulties as I experience inertia and even tiredness (!) of my (physical?) body when trying to exit. Strange, I did not have this before. Never.

    I am out blind again (or not blind, actually I cannot even say what I saw, maybe it was again mindsight). But that is okay for my purpose as I had planned to work on my clairaudient technique again and thus concentrate on my hearing and 'speaking' to a helper. I might have grabbed for a hand but not sure if I really felt one, still I was sure of a helper being present (also since I asked for one the whole day in preparation).

    I try (not telepathcally but really by articulating) but I cannot get out a word. Maybe a whisper or a soft croak, but not a voice. I can speak mentally but I want to move my speech organs and use my vocal chords, but it seems I have a paralysis or apraxia of my speech organs (not aphasia as I mentally could still understand and speak language).

    Then it happens again: A helper taps with a finger 3-4 times on the back of my neck. I am reminded of this technique and immediately put my hand on this spot myself saying "chakra" once. I can speak immediately! I do not remember what I said then. I think I tried to activate also the chakra above for gaining sight, which means I had by then unfortunatly lost memory of my original goal - to try the astral hearing approach again. Then I lost lucidity again.

    Comments / Afterthoughts

    Interesting. Lesson repeated, only this time to overcome a dysfunction that made even more sense for the fifth chakra - being able to speak!

    Still, it's rather obvious: I seem to have a problem with carrying over my belief to use my astral like my physical body. Or it seems I was not 'loosened' enough from the physical. First there's the paralysis and tiredness of the whole body and moreover it appears that secondly I had somehow 'carried over' the inert (asleep!) voice/speaking organs of my physical body into the astral. Strangely, the weariness I felt is really by far outweighing the paralysis / inertia aspect. I was just so very very tired.

    Be that as it may, luckily the 're-taught' lesson to re-gain (astral?) abilities worked!
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    Re: Volgerle's Lucidiary

    You probably wouldn't experience "exit blindness" in your astral body. By now it should be rather well-developed. If you can see in your dreams, "astral blindness" may not be what's occuring. Especially if you had lucid dreams in the past.

    The third eye also is not so much about sight, but about coordinating your inner sense impressions from all chakras into a coherent mind picture. I believe for example that I had an experience pertaining to this where the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 6th chakra were active - I could not see, but I had a sort of "touch vision." I knew how far things were away from me (impression of having a body, 1st chakra), where they were in space (2nd chakra - awareness of space) and I could move (3rd chakra). All that information compiled together (6th chakra) gave me a coherent picture of my surroundings, just not one like I would have expected it.

    As for "exit blindness" - the "lights went on" for me around the time the 4th chakra would have come on in the energy body where I was aware of this developmental process unfolding. The heart chakra is about function, and that's why I think it has a lot to do with sight. Knowing what a thing or energy is is part of translating it into a picture. Before that I knew I moved, a relation to other things around me, but I did not know what these things were (their function) and could therefore not render them into images in my mind. (Imagine a world where you could not see a table if you did not understand what a table is...)

    Knowing the function of an entity or thing means knowing its purpose. What is it for? What can it do? How does it relate to myself? How does it relate to other things? These impressions started to happen. I would find sign posts regarding my whereabouts and could read them (at least I thought I've read them - maybe I just knew what was on them and did not question that). The pictures my mind would render of places I could bring back and interpret to get a clearer understanding of where I had been. The important thing is that this translation process picks your brain for the closest physical thing to approximate the nonphysical experience. This process gets more accurate over time. It yields more information and gets closer to the energetic truth behind the picture. The picture is just for your own understanding - and also shows the limits of that understanding. How the world looks like in an AC is a reflection of what's in your mind and on your mind and what you know. It's as much a glance without as within.

    Regarding the neck - all chakras are interconnected. A blockage in one might limit their overall interaction. Just a thought.

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    Re: Volgerle's Lucidiary

    Quote Originally Posted by Korpo View Post
    You probably wouldn't experience "exit blindness" in your astral body. By now it should be rather well-developed.
    I have a theory: It's the Etheric Body. That's also why it felt so 'weary' which is normally the case for the EB (according to many authors!). I also know a guy from another forum who uses the etheric body to produce raps and other kinetic effects (and validations) and does deliberately without sight because he says then it works no more when sight comes on. He claims that in the EB sight is not possible.

    But maybe physical-like hearing? If it is close to the physical body, which is the EB as the 'next' body, then it would make sense that I am able to 'hear' but still be in trance / projecting. I wanted to concentrate on my clairaudient ability discovered. So I can then 'hear' into the spiritual world already with this sense (connected to my EB or even the physical ears?). It always takes a while for the helpers to respond though. Seems they have trouble lowering their vibration in turn accordingly. Makes sense?

    Quote Originally Posted by Korpo View Post
    Regarding the neck - all chakras are interconnected. A blockage in one might limit their overall interaction. Just a thought.
    Yeah, we already had spoken about it a weeks ago: It is my weak spot. So I think the natural flow 'stops' there.

    When I had the Astrophyllite experience on Nov 5th I might have gone 'through" them all the way up to the Star Chakra or 7th chakra at least. That's why I believe I spoke to a part or aspect of my HS, as I it is my constant intent to view past lifes - or maybe it even was the incarnation 'Samantha' itself.

    On the other hand, this does then not explain the 'physical hearing' I also did with her because according to my new theory it should have been the Etheric body's sense then? *confused*
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    21/Dec/2012: Dr Walker

    Dr Walker

    I produce my vibrations with my timer/laughing method in a kind of high building appartment. I first do a test flight in the flat then outside and fly above high over an unknown city. I land in a kind of suburban neighbourhood. I try to remember my goals but to my annoyment have forgotten everything. I try hard but it really is a shame. Then I decide to make the best of it and explore. I then am around a kind of scrap yard (for cars as it seems). I hear a child shout 'Dr Walker, Dr Walker' and decide to go there.

    Then memory is blurred and I only remember bits of it. This doctor Walker seems to be a long-haired young shaman or whatever. In one scene in a kind of modest hut where he lives or has his 'practice' he holds my hand for a while, feeling 'inside' me maybe, while critically analysing / looking at me as it seems. Don't know if healing or examination was going on. Don't remember what he did then.

    Later I ask a woman (his assistant or another client waiting?) about this address. She says it's "Einstein 3" and also mentions sth with "path" in it. I then go back to the 'doctor' / shaman to ask him his full name again. He tells me it's "Burnson Walker" (or Benson as this makes more sense as a first name?). I repeat it twice ("burn" ... "sen") in order to memorise and he says jokingly that now (finally) I would "sound Irish". I tell him that I need to do this memorisation and ask twice for names as he might surely now that I am currently projecting and have problems with memorising things. He seems to understand in an amused way. Then I discover a crystal with a leather band on a kind of display or shelf. It looks like my own, a Cyanite/Disthen, which I recognise immediately. Mine looks very similar to this one:

    I say "Oh, that's mine, can I take it again?" which he confirms. Then I see another one (saying "oh, you've also got one") but it is only a picture on a kind of carousel display of more gemstone pendant pics, as if he would advertise, sell or offer them for free.

    Comments / Afterthoughts

    I'm using the Cyanite on my throat (chakra) during daytime for weeks now. I think that all my throat problems have become better. Maybe this was a hint to further use it and/or also apply (my) other crystals. Maybe I should also wear this Cyanite by night. It might aid in NV communications and with AP in general (it is said to do so).

    I have no clue about this shaman / doctor. Burnson/Benson or Walker or Ireland or "Einstein 3" so far make not much sense to me. The scrapyard for cars might be related to recycling / renewing / refreshing / healing of energy bodies (=cars) maybe?
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    Re: Volgerle's Lucidiary

    Quote Originally Posted by Volgerle View Post
    I have a theory: It's the Etheric Body. That's also why it felt so 'weary' which is normally the case for the EB (according to many authors!). I also know a guy from another forum who uses the etheric body to produce raps and other kinetic effects (and validations) and does deliberately without sight because he says then it works no more when sight comes on. He claims that in the EB sight is not possible.
    He might be on to something. I remember some etheric body experiences without sight, and with both physical and nonphysical sense impressions going on. I think if you affirm sight you might actually switch to the (more capable) astral body and "the lights come on." At least that's a possibility.

    But maybe physical-like hearing? If it is close to the physical body, which is the EB as the 'next' body, then it would make sense that I am able to 'hear' but still be in trance / projecting.
    Happened to me several times in connection with the etheric body. Once I would have trouble detaching it at the head, so I would have the feeling rotating around a fixed point - the feeling of movement and position was in the etheric body. But I still heard with my physical body I think.

    Similarly I would drift through the room in my etheric body but the sounds would get farther and farther away - as I drifted away from my physical body, I would hear what it hears, but as if from a distance! This also happened during a Monroe tape session where I was somewhere - not "in my head" - and could hear what my ears hear while being aware of not being close to them, so it was as if the sound came into my ears, but was far away from where I was.

    I wanted to concentrate on my clairaudient ability discovered. So I can then 'hear' into the spiritual world already with this sense (connected to my EB or even the physical ears?). It always takes a while for the helpers to respond though. Seems they have trouble lowering their vibration in turn accordingly. Makes sense?
    Yes, but I think the etheric body is not necessarily a good vehicle for communicating with high-level spirits (as guides and invisible helpers are). I think Bruce Moen does it right - he has established an ability to go to higher focusses and still bring that immediately back to physical reality.

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    18/Jan/2013: First Aid For Car Crash Victim (A Test)

    First Aid For Car Crash Victim (A Test)

    This one mainly is a dream with some semi-lucid insight and a 'false awakening' in it, so I can put it here. It is also highly significant (see analysis below).

    First I dream that I am in a kind of workshop or sales depot for wooden furniture and I am looking for a new chair. But no chair really fits me. I then decide on one but am not really convinced. One of the sales persons of this sales depot is a former boss of mine, but he's somehow not interested in me. When I finally make up my mind which chair to take (still not really convinced) they all seem to be out on their lunch break or so.

    Then there's a scene change and I am either driving or walking on the street where the university library is where I am going for learning for my Heilpraktiker studies a few times per week. (Btw: Fingers crossed: Two months only to go til the exam!). Before me I hear a short crash and then I see that a car (which acutally looks like my own!) has crashed somehow although there is no other car involved and one does not see with what it collided as it only stands half on the street and half on the lawn (of the university campus).

    I get there without hesitation to help (I am alone) and see that the front side is crashed and there is a tyre broken, so maybe this was the reason. I open the driver's door but do not see anyone, it is also dark inside. Then I go around and open the passenger door and I then see a young guy with long hair and (iirc) a white shirt somehow lying across the two seats. I do not remember if he was jammed between steering wheel and seats in this wreckage.

    I decide to pull him out first in order to then apply the usual first-aid chain of measures. But first, I address him. He seems conscious but 'groggy' and (of course) in distress as he is lying there on the front bench. So I ask him if he understands me and if he's injured and hurts somewhere. I then grab him and at this moment it changes: He smiles at me and grabs a doctor's reflex hammer from the dashboard and gives it to me.

    I am then laughing too and - also a bit relieved - say: "Oh, this was not real!". As we both are laughing I take the tendon hammer from him while I wake up. But it is a false awakening and I am lying somhow in the sales depot again where I bought the chair, as if I had fallen asleep and been dreaming there about this crash. All that remains from the car crash scene is the reflex hammer which I still hold in my hand. But it starts to crumble into little tiny mechanic-metallic pieces then, such as washers, balls, screws, bolts. They then seem to turn to grey dust and disappear thus rinsing out of my hands. I put the rest of a few remaining metallic tiny pieces on a kind of bed stand next to my "bed" (or whatever I lie on) then, knowing well then that 'by morning' it all will have disappeared. Then I really woke up.

    Comments / Afterthoughts

    "Not real" meant it was a test. Definitely. I was called to help and had to react and I did it. Maybe my Higher Self tested me because I had decided the night before that meeting "it" will be my only target from now on (until I have success). I now finally want to meet my other incarnations on a NPMR destination I created for myself in the Astral. It's a beautiful place. So I went to bed with the constant intent to get there (visualising it) and affirmation of "Higher Self Now!". I also applied the Amethyst dangling above my head chakra, which always connects me to my HS (at least in dreams to get messages).

    And indeed, not just the car looked like mine, but also the guy looked a little like the "young philosopher", one of the persons I met and assume to be parts of me. I 'met' him shortly in my "Puncture" vision and also in dreams. He was the guy that said the strange words "Humanity still lags so much behind in its development. It has not even reached 60 points of its potential on a scale of 700-800." to me before he vanished again.

    It is also amazing that this dream used so many recent incidents and develpments in my physical life. I had indeed bought a new chair and was not satisfied with it recently. But here, maybe the chair(s) that did not fit anymore was about my old life / job, this would at least explain the presence of a previous boss who was indifferent towards me.

    Moreover, I really bookmarked (on ebay) a reflex hammer only days ago for me online since I am now gradually beginning to gather equipment for my practice. Probably this symbolic act was a kind of encouragement to show me I am on my right path and will succeed (hopefully).

    And indeed, there was also a car crash in front of the university I witnessed, not quite at the same location where it was in the dream but just another street around the corner. 2 weeks ago or so I was just going back from the refectory to the library when I heard a loud bang on the nearby street. I could not see it first due to some grassy hills, but as also a car-alarm went off I knew it had to be a crash. I then got there to see. Concededly I was a little afraid despite my training that I could do mistakes if there were injured and first-aid was needed. Fortunately there were no inuries, just property damage, and also other people already standing - not in any agitation at all. So I was a little relieved. Maybe even this was already a test for me in physical life? I could have chosen not do go at all but of course that was out of question, especially as I am trained now. Maybe the dream repeated this test now for me and I passed it and was given a message by being given the reflex hammer.

    Another (additional) message could be that I could also choose (and I am considering this) to also become a first aid instructor which is another possibilty of self-employed work for me. There is an offer by a company looking for trained healing practicioners to work for them as freelancers.

    Last not least, coincidentally (or not), I had a doctor's appointment today in order to get an attestation of health for my Heilpraktiker exam. Of course, during his routine checks he also used a reflex hammer on me then. I somehow had to stare at it and laugh when he performed his tests with it then.

    I think I should buy one now. It's about high time anyway.

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    26/Jan/2013: Katja (Assistant Guide)

    Katja (Assistant Guide)

    I come up to lucidity from a dream and am in sleep paralysis lying in my bed. My visuals however are a room I lived in when I was student in a shared flat with friends. It is dark or dim, at night.

    I might have exchanged more words with her but what I remember of the talk is the following sentences. The voice is familiar. It is the whispering soft female voice I already know. So this is the conversation while I lay in this bed of the room of my past, as well as in SP in my bed:

    She: "You can see me!" (repeated) "You can see me."
    Me: "Yeah? I'll try. Ok."
    (Stretching my head I see her then)
    (difficulties): "What is your name?"
    She: "Katja."
    Me: "Are you one of the Reconnective healer teachers?"

    Two very notable phenomena during this conversation:

    First, I simultaneously feel in my physical body a goosebump / shiver crawling up the skin (or spine) of my lower to the middle back. More on this below as this is VERY significant - literally.

    Second, in order to see her, I lift my head with difficulty and see a woman's shape sitting in the half-dark at a few steps away from my bed. First I do not see her face because it is so dark (and a little 'spooky' too, concededly). Then for a short blip of a second, I recognize her face out of the dark room smiling at me. I try to articulate another question but I have a hard time speaking as my speech organs seem paralysed.

    Then I wake up and cannot get / await an answer.

    Comments / Afterthoughts

    I think I have met her before. Her face was familiar, too, so I believe. She is the one I have already been flying outside my portal over the city (hand in hand), e.g. in this lucidventure here, where both fit: first the voice and later the flight over the city. Funny how she told me then she'd been "on vacation" for a while.

    Quote Originally Posted by Volgerle View Post
    I get out with a helper's hand but first see nothing again. I then hear her familiar voice. It is the same whispering soft female voice of the same helper I heard before. I did, however, this time not understand what she told me.
    Then it seems I managed the exit again and the next I remember is that we were flying (as usual hand in hand) over the city. I look at the brunette girl and ask her if she is Gálaca, although I am sure it is another one. She says (as expected) "no". I then ask her for her name. A surprising answer comes:

    "Nonsense." I guess that wasn't her name but rather referred to my question.

    She then also tells me that she had not been 'on duty' for a while as she was 'on sick leave'. Okay... aha, I see... sick leave ... in the non-physical you get sick (leave)???


    I don't remember if it was another projection (semi-lucid) or just a dream. Anyway, there is coherence since it was immediately after Part1 and this same 'nonsense'-helper girl that was flying with me was now sitting next to me while I was lying in the bed in a hospital room. She smiles. (...) Somehow, 'nurse 1' (the brunette, 'nonsense') is the one whose whispering voice I heard many times before in 'blind exits' but it is not Gálaca. Her 'sick leave' - could it have been a leave from her job where she is attending to the sick (as a nurse?). Or did she just have a vacation in order to concentrate on other projects? Something like that, I guess. Definitely, there was again a lot of miscommunication and misinterpretation from my side.

    My helpers (some of them appear as nurses and monks ...) are consistent, but they keep taking turns, it's like they're working in shifts.
    And yes, it was indeed again the woman I called "Whisper-Lady" whose nice whispery voice I could actually 'hear' a lot (with my ears / brain / acoustic nerve) during many blind exits. It is still hard to differentiate her from Gálaca, as they might look a little alike. Katja's hair is darker, Gálaca is more fair or brown-haired. Or maybe I mis"heard" Kaja for Gálaca? Still a possibilty. Anyway, if they are different, both are quite pretty alike.

    Don't know why I asked for for Reconnetion healing teacher this time. Maybe I had done this before, but this time I had asked yesterday to be constantly sent a kind of assistant guide, but not my main guide necessarily. Rather s.o. to be "delegated" for some basic or 'dirty work' who would be willing to assist me in my data gathering attempts - e.g. for remote viewing (see thread) and past life or any other Akashic data. And this also by making use of the clairaudient etheric method I am currently trying to develop.

    When I asked for the assistant during meditation the day before I also was asking to be given a body sign (e.g. a touch, or sting, or twitch) to recognise this specific guide. I then felt exactly what I felt during the sleep paralysis: the goosebump / shiver crawling up the skin of my lower to the middle back.

    My voice organ not working was of course due to my mind-split and felt sleep paralysis. I heard with my ears (or brain) and thus it seems I wanted to speak with my physical organs of speech (mouth, vocal chord, larynx) too - which of course did not work due to the SP. Not the first time this happens in the obvious borderline state between "etheric" and "physical" for me. But I need this state as I want to use it for my new technique.

    Wow, this is amazing. So it's several corroborating confirmations for me that it's the same person once again:
    1. the specific (agreed upon?) goosebumps as a 'recognition signal' given by her,
    2. her face/looks,
    3. the "in-ear" voice which is very very unique and recognisable,
    4. the coming together of 2. and 3. e.g. as in the quoted lucidventure above (first hearing / then seeing her).

    I consider Katja now being a specific guide (probably an apprentice?) assigned to me for helping me developing any of my projection capabilities. It seems that she was the one who most often helped me out anyway already in the past. I'll address her more directly from now on.
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    Re: Volgerle's Lucidiary


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    17/Apr/2013: Card Validation!

    Card Validation!

    I get vibrations and am in my 'astral bed' experiencing blindness again. I immediately shout out to my helper(s) to be shown the card I had put 'blind' on a shelf two days ago in front of a little nightlight (for night view should I do the unlikely case of a "real" RTZ projection).

    First I remain in darkness, maybe holding a helpers hand or not (don't remember exactly) as I do usually when communicating with my helpers and do not see anything.

    I shout again "The card! Show me the card!" Then I see a card approaching me from far away. The background is still black. There is just this little card, still far away, a little to the right (Btw, it's also to the right in my physical room). I zoom in on it so it gets nearer. I recognise it and shout it out as an aid for memorising it: "It's a Nine Of Spades!". Then ask for confirmation: "Yes?". A guide answers telepathically (no in-ear-voice this time) "yes".

    Then vision comes on and I am in my "lightportal" (for those who don't remember my previous entries: it's the name I gave to my childhood bedroom into which I phase quite often, sometimes almost automatically) and the same card is on a shelf next to the bed there visible for me.

    The guide who answered is a woman. But if I remember correctly it is not Katja (see last post above) this time. I don't know or remember her. I look at the card again and it still is the Nine Of Spades. Then however I seem to lose focus and lucidity. It starts to fluctuate and the black Spades turn also into black Crosses/Clubs, the number unchanged. So it might also have been a Nine Of Clubs. The lack of lucidity also leads me then to defocus from the card validation and engage in a kind of semi-sexual encounter with the guide. But it seems to lead to nowhere and I wake up.

    Being annoyed at my loss of lucidity and (again) indulgence in my astral sexual urge I expected a failure for the card validation. I did not look up the card immediately but went to sleep after I wrote the result on a piece of paper in case I should forget which card I saw. This morning, I went to the shelf and turned the stack around: Shock! A Nine Of Spades!

    This is the picture I took this morning. I know this does not prove anything to anyone (except me), it is just a little act of celebration and remembrance of this success for me.
    It shows what I noted on paper that night and the turned around stack in its box with the 'astrally remote viewed' card on top: "pik 9" means "Nine of Spades". I also noted down the second "unsure" card which is "kreuz 9" (Nine of Clubs), but the call I made for this attempt was the first and "stable" one, of course:

    I did it !!!

    Comments / Afterthoughts

    I've made a "deal" with my Higher Self two days ago. Maybe THIS is what made it happen. I asked my HS to help me or send me helpers that would help me get the card validation done. Part of the deal was some things I would do in future and some I would no longer do. I will not reveal it all here for personal reasons, but one thing was that I would not try a validation again but use my projection attempts instead for 'higher' and less selfish purposes, such as retrievals and healings, but also to get to know ("meet") my HS (also past lives etc.).

    Thus it was a last 'desperate' act. I really asked my HS "give me this one success and I will let it be for good". I had not tried a lot of card validations since the last time (see link below) when I had a second (!) "near miss" (see link in quote) in September 2012, which then made me speculate on the following:

    Quote Originally Posted by Volgerle View Post
    It's a little intriguing despite the failure. Like the first time, it was just a little off the mark, a near miss. Maybe the larger consciousness system wants to tease me or tell me 'hey, you're close but not (yet) there'?

    From entry: 22/Sep/2012 - Card Validation Test 2: Close But No Cigar, Again!
    Maybe this was true. Maybe the "deal" was now making me hit the mark with one shot, at last.

    After that attempt in September, I only did one or two more card tests last year, but always with fluctuations where I saw many cards, so I could not make a definite call, which is why they didn't count as a failed run in the statistics. Only if I could settle on a definite card I would make a call and thus determine on hit or miss.

    Then, I also saw a few months ago (in October) a Jack Of Clubs in hypnagogic state. However it turned out to be the wrong card when I looked it up later. This was all. I did not do anything for months then.

    The other thing regarding verifications was the RV experiments in eyeoneblack's thread very recently. This failed miserably for me because I used the AHM approach (astral hearing method) but did never understand what Katja told me as I could somehow not translate her words, they sounded "foreign" to me. There's not entry here for these attempts, I was just too plain disappointed. So I had become quite despondent regarding any verified perception attempts.

    This was a last shot now, taking up the card challenge again. Yesterday night I tried this already but I did not get out of body (despite a short vibrational stage). Tonight it worked, however. And how!

    Again: I am skeptical enough and I believe I am not deluding myself by counting and disregarding many wrong calls before it. I swear: There were none! This new attempt with help of my HS and/or my helpers worked the first time. It was the first trial and the only and first call I made. And a clear hit! Wow! I know it's not a "RTZ validation" since I was not in my physical bedroom perception-wise, but that does not take away anything from me. Call it clairvoyant or astral remote viewing or whatever: the right card is the right card, true?

    Epilogue (if you will):
    Later this same night, I had a dream which is also part of the "deal" I suppose. One of my 'promises' was to try to work as a healer in or from NPMR too. Quite a few of my past dreams and projections already were going in this direction before anyway.
    This time, I had the idea to try healing children or animals, which I though might be easier for me to do as to human adults due to affectional reasons. Moreover I am a state-certified naturopath (a "HP" = "Heilpraktiker") now and will treat only human adults in the physical - that will do .

    The dream was as this: I was called out into our garden where a child or toddler was lying on the garden pathway, crying with severe problems. First (medical) aid was asked for in this situation. Other people were around but I don't remember if I knew some of them. One of them told me the child had been given tea before and maybe it did not agree with him. I started to speculate on too high histamine levels in the tea. This maybe reflects the topics I deal with in physical life right now. I checked if I remembered correctly in the dream: some teas indeed have high histamine levels and are not good for people with intolerance towards it. Anyway, I guess the dream was a sign from my HS that it's good to try working as an 'astral' as well as 'physical / HP' healer soon.

    Summary: It's all good.
    This collector of useless clutter.

  10. #300

    Re: Sinera's Lucidiary

    I'm still so happy. I also added my own validation now to my own little webpage about anecdotal evidence from OBEs/APs. Just as a reminder, here it is again:

    Being able to rely on my HS and/or helpers for 'reliable' info lends for me also more credibilty to other data / info I get from or via my HS, e.g. regarding past lives (Samantha, Sinera, the Indio, etc.), depite the fact that most of it will of course never be verifiable otherwise, by the nature of it.

    Of course I had other verifications before, mostly as precognition and telepathy in dreams and projections. Some can be found here in posts, some not since they occurred in dreams. Don't want to devalue them at all!

    Still, I feel I've made a huge leap forward now! I just wanted this so badly and also to be done and over with. (Darn! ... my ego has gotten hold of me again ... )

    Off to new shores now...
    This collector of useless clutter.

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