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Thread: Sinera's Lucidiary

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    Re: Sinera's Lucidiary

    Quote Originally Posted by dontco View Post
    Ohhh exciting! hope she gets it right.
    About the drawing- you can try to draw shapes, like a two circles for the eyes and then make them look more like Sinera's eyes, search for shapes in the face you can also look on the internet for photos of women who look like her and use them as sort of a guideline... there are excellent guides for drawing on deviantart, if you'd like I can send you some I really like (they're for drawing a photo actually but I'm sure you could find some for drawing from imagination...).
    Or maybe I will play around a little with this nice and funny tool:

    Quote Originally Posted by dontco View Post
    Do tell about your past life reading when you get it! Just don't get dissapointed if she doesn't tell you about Sinera, because it's also possible she will tell you about someone else if you didn't tell her about her...
    Yes, this might well happen. But I will be as happy with any reading. Could be interesting anyway. Could also be an ET life since this is a starseed-related forum. I only told her to go for a lady in France. Not more. Speaking of France, this will be my next focus session then. I learnt the map with the biggest cities by heart, most of them if not all already existed in the 1640s too. I will ask the "Akashic Void" for her place of living or birth there: North, South, etc. or ask for the cities directly or the nearest big one.

    I must admit I am still awestruck by this 'intelligence' that communicates with me and helps me in this way. It is definitely outside of me. I could not have made this up. I mean, yes the method was my own device (based on a tip from Tom Campbell, see post from 11 Feb 2014 explaining how I developed it). But the playful and creative way that "it/they" adjusted and customised it for me now for this purpose, that's amazing.

    What I saw was not a 'swirl' anymore - or at least not much of it. But two clear fields of light. One red one green. The parting in the middle was almost perfectly straight and centred. I made a simple graphic now, see below. I added that arrow of time with the years concerned as my interpretation (no, did not see that!). As said, the 'green field' possibly indicated the remaining options. The year 1650 and after, as well as 1639 and before were already ruled out by my questions then. Maybe it was 1645 still (not clear to me) or one to the left until '49. No doubt it's the 2nd half of the 1640s. This type of signalling and communicating, so simple and beautiful, truly amazes me.

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    Re: Sinera's Lucidiary

    Quote Originally Posted by Sinera View Post
    To Boldly Go ...

    Then I saw a funny young woman who was also flying but by operating a kind of old-fashioned looking tricycle as a flying machine, pedalling along through the air, relaxed and reclined, smiling and in good mood. I found that funny so I decided to fly after her for a short chat. When I reached her she had turned into a very old lady with a wrinkled face. I do not remember any detailed conversation, maybe she also just gave me a "rote". She also touched me gently once. I learnt that she was born in the year 16-something (17th century). So I thought she was doing this for quite 'a while', it explained her 'age' to me and also the old-fashioned looking carriage-like tricycle.
    Short addendum: I searched on Google with the terms in quotation marks to combine the strings "17th century" and "Sinera" and this brought up my own journal here ... but a different post from Aug 2012.

    Question: was it her? No mention of Sinera in that post but I had asked for her year of birth on August 1st 2012 (5 days earlier).. Was that the answer: first the young Sinera and then how old she got, maybe she lived to see the year 1700 after all. This lady clearly indicated the 16xx as her year of birth to me, unfortunately NOT her name.

    Could just be coincidence - but it leaves me with another intriguing conundrum once again.

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    15/Nov/2015 Akashic Void Session Transcript #6

    Lucidventure / Transcript

    This is from a few days ago, the night from Saturday to Sunday.


    Me: I know already she was married. Was she also a mother?

    Void: Yes. (swirl turns green)

    Me: Did she have one child?

    Void: Yes. (swirl remains green)

    (I decide on a control question and to exclude 'dumb literality' because you can still say correctly to have 1 child when you also have 2 children)

    Me: Did she have two children?

    Void: No. (swirl turns red)

    Me: Control question: Did she have three children?

    Void: Yes, kind of. (swirl turns more greenish again.)

    (Of course, I get confused now. I break my own protocol and demand acoustic communication instead. I am still in "The Void" and as usual after a while a voice appears. First I hear that of a woman from far and she seems upset or panicked but I do not understand a word. Then a sober and reasonable male voice starts talking to me.)

    Me: Ok. I'm waiting for acoustic communication still. ... How many children did she have? The conflicting info I got is confusing me right now!

    Male Voice (from what I got): .... poisoning .... there was a problem with (the) banana bottles. ....

    (I do not get more when I ask for clarification and fade out.)


    Of course I later wished I had not done the control question. All was so fine and clear-cut after the second green light.

    Still. I wanted to check my own methodical questioning and the entire communication mode system.

    First I was disappointed, of course. The word "banana bottle" did not make sense to me. I translate it here directly from the German version "Bananenflasche" (literally: bananas-bottle). I did not even want to make a research as I believed this term to be complete nonsense.

    I am now happy I changed my mind and did the research. Then I did the poll here online to check if it was also unknown to others and in the English-speaking world. As of this date 7 answers give 100% confirmation that this "historic" term was not known at all, probably not even to today's mothers? Thanks here to everyone who participated!

    Of course one can easily imagine a bottle in banana shape as a gimmick product - but still .... where's the relation to children born? And poisoning? It was nonsense for me but then found out to my very surprise: There was a connection. Even a strong one.

    In a nutshell: Banana bottles were invented to help lower the rate of infant deaths by feeding them with this more hygienic tool. Infants died very often due to 'germs' (poisoning) in the food/milk etc. due to the not so well easily cleanable vessels used before it.

    The only problem for me now is that banana bottles were invented in the late 19th century. But maybe there is a way to interpret it still: Possibly the guy meant the "non-existence" of these bottles back then? The poisoning was caused by the vessels that were used back then in 16xx?

    Below I post some links for information that contain also pictures of a banana bottles of the 19/20th century and as contrast a bottle that was typically used in the 17th century.

    Maybe he also used THIS word for me to do the research and get some 'kind of' verification of his communication to me. Also, time is different on the other side, therefore his reference to a tool still under way to be invented?

    Poor Sinera!

    So were 1 or 2 (hence green at 3) of her children early deaths? And one got through to a higher age (green at 1)? Was the upset voice an expression of her being upset about losing her child/children? Of course it's all a loose interpretation and I will re-question this thing again on the next occasion arising.

    Below the links and pics for who's interested on the 19th century banana baby bottle and the typical 16th century bottle:

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    02/Sep/2016: Real Heaven Is: The Higher Self

    Real Heaven Is: The Higher Self

    It's been a while since November 2015 .. so let's do another new one with a more philosphical touch (hence the longer comments-section which happens not the first time either ), but still related to deeper spiritual (Higher-)Self-searching by OBE. So here we go again ...

    Due to a lot of life problems again I had already the intent to meet my Higher Self for answers and support again before going to sleep. Later in a dream I get lucid maybe in a city and shout the famous Buhlman-command 'Higher Self Now!' and rise up into the sky.

    I realise soon that am not soaring alone but helped by s.o. but do not see them. I can feel the helper holding my left arm somehow and flying with me (they often flew with me to astral landscapes years ago, but as my projections got fewer this stopped).

    It is a 'she' when I ask the being. while we still fly upwards to some kind of light tunnel in white and greyish colours. Here's the remembered dialogue with a surprising information and twist, giving me intriguing thoughts at first but maybe only re-confirming what I already knew (once again):

    Me: „What is your name?“
    Helper: „Tina.“
    Me: „Did you help me before in this life?“
    Helper: „No.“
    Me: „Ahaa, again a new one. So there are really many of you who sometimes come to my help when I need it?“
    Helper: „Yes. You've got many friends in Heaven. We are about 2000.“

    When we arrived in a kind of city I somehow lost lucidity and the memory of the rest. Maybe I also had a false awakening trying to remember this dialogue with the helper.

    Comments / Afterthoughts

    Years ago in another experience I was told by Besh (one of my guides) that I had constantly 10 helpers / guides around me. This might be a confusing and contradicting information due to the difference of approximately 1990 helpers.

    At first look yes, but I have another theory. The first information were 'traditional guides' (from other HS?), this one with the "2000 friends" were aspects / incarnations / avatars / expressions / forms of my Higher Self.

    This can be assumed because as mentioned I did the command to meet my Higher Self before sleep and during the experience. The 2000 friends might thus be the number of incarnations or aspects of my Higher Self - not necessarily all Earth lives, I do not believe I have that much here, but all kinds of life experiences „anywhere“.

    There's reason to believe that these personalities somehow keep their existence as another expression of and a part inside our Higher Self, just like an avatar or a role we played, or - as the wonderful Mr. Monroe put it - a kind of flower in that carpet that is actually a huge family - called „friends“ by Tina in my case.

    And by this I now received another hint in the aftermath. As I rewatched this YT video now I was surprised that Mr Monroe even literally says „it is somewhere about/above 2000“ (see at 2:20) speaking about his own HS - so he gave the same number for his own HS (which he had different names for such as I There Cluster or Total Self).

    I of course had seen this vid years ago but did not consciously remember that he said this number (or mis-remembered it because I actually thought he might have given a higher estimated number like in the 10.000s of lives or even 100.000?). This is no coinicidence for me. I've been given these hints when doing research with videos or dream symbols so often. It is amazing and great!

    So with „Tina“ I again met one life experience package (as Tom Campbell calls them in his theory) of mySELF - my HS - and was told there are maybe 2000 or more „flowers“ in that carpet (as Monroe saw it).

    I often met Sinera because I asked for it in my research as I believe her to be one of my most recent (previous) incarnations, born in 1650-17xx. She even once kissed me on my head like a mother does to her child when I was in Sleep Paralysis, giving me a sign of unconditional love from my HS. So they are even more than just "friends" I believe.

    What is also interesting is her use of the word „Heaven“ which for me stands out. I personally never use this expression because for me the traditional concept of heaven is a Belief System Territory (BST) where some people of certain beliefs might meet after death.

    However, since the HS is for me a part of God/Source this makes total sense to me and only confirmed what I maybe already believed to be 'really' heaven. Heaven is not the astral cities or any lower or higher BST that we might go to after death temporarily. No, it is ourSELF !!!

    I will want to go there maybe even directly and no where else when I pass over. Hope I remember to demand it like I sometimes do in OBEs like this, but chances are good I might since during APs I am practicing for it right now.

    William Buhlman talks about this topic in this wonderful and in part a bit humorous speech. I bookmarked the part where he starts about the importance of reaching out to and reuniting with the Higher Self, especially after death:

    I recommend both videos of the Monroe Institute, Monroe's and Buhlman's, because it is the greatest explanation and exploration of „us“, of the HS that I can think of.
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    02/Oct/2016: Akashic Void On Standby

    Akashic Void On Standby

    Just a short but interesting one. I phase into the Void. I wanted to get a picture from a code for a Remote Viewing experiment in another forum.

    When I entered the Void from SP as usual, a nice voice greets me with a nice and very friendly "Hallo." (engl: Hello). It sounded like a young woman/girl or a child to me.

    This is not the only 'ready-for-service'-sign: There is again the screen split and I see on one side the green nebula ('yes'-element) and on the other side the red swirl ('no'-element). I do not remember this time which was on which side. Here's a slight approximation (not really what I saw) I made in a graphic program in 4 minutes or so, just to give an idea:

    (edit: see thumbnail below)

    It seems somehow as if the Void was waiting for my first y/n-question or any instruction. Standby mode.

    I give instruction but somehow it does not work. I demand the picture as it is about remote 'viewing' sth. But somehow it does not react and change. Then I phase somewhere else into an astral darker scenery but do not get ahead somehow and memory also escapes me as well as lucidity.


    It worked years ago when I was shown the card for my card validation. Need to figure out still how to get imagery from it. So far it is only trained to give red swirl, green swirl or both. Work in progress. But the standby mode is cool.
    Attached Images Attached Images
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    04/Oct/2016: Don't Roll For The Void!

    Don't Roll For The Void!

    Another technical short one, but for what it's worth...

    Again I get lucid and somehow seem to be in the Void. I am lying as usual on my side - the right one where I also was yesterday when I saw the standby screen.

    This time however I realise I am being hold down by hands on my shoulder and arm to be prevented from moving it seems, it's a firm grip. Apparently, a helper wants to keep me from doing a typical „roll-out-“action.

    I seem to ignore it however - a mistake. When I moments later somehow decided to move and get out into an astral (darker) room and other astral scenery I do not remember anymore my target despite trying hard to remember, the usual exit amnesia happened to me ... again, as so often.


    This kind of assistance in hindsight for me makes perfect sense. Actually I believe that the (best, only?) way to reach the Void is by phasing and not by any „exit“ manoeuvre. I cannot remember ever that I 'rolled' or floated or 'got up' into the Void. You have to use Sleep Paralasis as a launch pad and then just switch, phase, teleport, jump ... get lucid and 'be there'.

    This is what I was shown or taught. It seems I am really being helped. The day before with the greeting and standby mode and now with 'manual' help. S.o. tries to teach me how to use the Void and be there more often to ask my questions and get more information. I asked for this a lot and now it seems I am being heard at last.

    It is vital to prevent ANY "movement" because as soon as you have done that you are 'out of the Void' because you manifested an astral environment. At least that is what it is for me it is hard or impossible then to get back to the Void-state .

    In the thought responsive and chaotic astral it is almost impossible to get verifiable and 'stable' data streams. So the best way to get RV and other validation information is The Void and by communicating with it. This is what I tried to do many months ago. And now again. After a long break I am at it again and I'll keep trying!

    If only they could also help me to remember things which is almost the hardest thing for me. Often I am 'out' and stop to remember „what the ... did I wanna do after all?“. This sucks. A common problem for many projectors. And so for me.
    But it seems when it happens there is no real cure for that, except doing manifestations and trying to re-affirm the target next to the intent to go out of body during pre-projection preparations.

    That will be my next task to improve, next to not moving and just 'phasing', then meeting the Void for information. I will ask it if imagery is possible, if not (red) I will have to go without it and keep doing 'remote asking' instead of 'remote viewing' with my meanwhile infamous

    Keep yah posted.
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    Re: Sinera's Lucidiary

    Lucidventure / Transcript

    Can't believe that it's almost a year from my last Void communication transcript posting, after all I love to bore my dear readers (if any left) so much with it!

    Here we go with a short one showing that even failures can provide valueable insights and motivation.

    I get lucid from a WBTB method and remember not to move or wait for vibrations. I just phase into the Void and am indeed there although I'm only partly lucid and amnesic again (a common problem of mine!):


    (Struggling to remember one of my set topics I settle on a recent dream motif I had, 'playing tennis')

    Me: A.N. is one of the best professional tennis players in the world?

    Void: No. (swirl turns red or pinkish red)

    Me: C'mon! She is. Or at least we can agree that she is very beautiful!

    Void: Yes. (swirl turns green)

    (I do get annoyed and panicky to find quickly my predefined topics but fail to do so before I fade out again.)


    What a nice meaningless "chitchat" huh?

    And another epic failure by amnesia again. On a positive note, pior to failing I did well on a technical level by remembering to "not roll" or "cause vibrations" but instead doing "phasing" with intent. As I was taught recently! I just need s.o. to teach me how to take my memory with me. This is getting very annoying.

    Anyway. So why is this still a valuable insight again?

    Simply: I was wrong. The Void was right. I messed up completely due to leaving half of my reason and mind behind: Ms A.N. is not the best tennis player of the world. She is not a tennis player at all!

    She is a professional drummer and at least there I was right again: she's certainly one of the best if not the very best in her field. I am a former drummer and watched her brilliant drum/music videos lately again, so this explains the mix-up with the tennis dream before it. (Btw, although beauty always is in the eye of the beholder according to some common standards at least of your western society I believe most would say she is a beautiful woman, hence the green colour...).

    The valuable insight: This all shows that there is an independent 'intelligence' at work that is communicating with me. Whatever it is, an akashic field / database /records, guides, the higher self or the subconscious I cannot tell. But it is 'real' and I can use it to retrieve info that seem valuable, plus I get a lot of help from it.

    So this one is another verification! Like before with the playing card validation from the Void, the unasked assistance by holding me down to avoid rolling, the stand-by mode, the visual reply with the split field ('take the middle'), or the audio info with the banana bottles unknown to me and others in this forum before.

    In this case it was kind of correcting my own failing subconscious amnesic mind by 'disagreeing' to a kind of 'rhetorical' question where I expected the answer to be 'yes'.

    Although you might think you know sth consciously (even if nonlucid), your body/mind system and 'real' subconscious or (your/a) higher consciousness shows you differently. Maybe we can compare it to other methods of channelling, or any method of 'divination' such as drowsing, pendulum swinging, tarot. Also the kinesiologic muscle test comes to my mind.

    And it could be right! At least this is my conclusion now.

    Therefore I will go on with this project because I seem to be 'on to something' here. That's why I forgo normal projections now. Many might ask why shouldn't I fly through beautiful astral or mental higher realms again like most projectors want to do instead of playing around with green and red fields?

    As said. I'm an information nerd. Nothing wrong with that. At least for me.
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