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Thread: Sinera's Lucidiary

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    21/Jun/2011 - Multiple Exits & Energy Work In "The State"

    Multiple Exits & Energy Work In "The State"

    Wow, what a night. Not necessarily regarding quality, but rather quantity of the experience. The lucidventures themselves weren't that great and so not worth a greater mention (except maybe one, see below).

    I did my usual success-strategy and after a while I was "in the state" again. I could exit at will. I often "fell back" after a while. Some exits were more lucid than others, some even seemed to sink down into normal dream imagery with loss of 'some' degree of lucidity. But I got back to my body to 're-boot' every time. I think I must have been out 5 times or so. Ludmilla was not present this time, but maybe I am granted my own 'solitary' sessions in-between (makes sense, doesn't it?). For exit (without helping hands) I just get up - some would call it a roll-out, but for me it is just 'getting up' - pretty profane, huh? Only then I started to fly (most of the times out of the window of my current flat).

    What's interesting is that I was able while lying in bed again to do energy work in all parts of my body and even steer and control the sensations and even vibrations, and direct them to parts of the body, also running energy up and down! (I assume I 'felt' my physical body in bed, but it might have been my 'astral' body I experienced simultaneously - it is this borderland area). Wow, I repeat: I controlled the vibrations in my body! This is an enormous progress for me.

    In one of the exits/lucidventures I wanted to visit a friend (not the one from above, but a current one I have contact to). I tried to teleport there. The visuals then did not fit at all as I was hovering up and down from a balcony into a backyard of an appartment building (I saw lots of laundry hung up on lines). I did not know this or how it was related to my friend's location. But I heard my friends voice. It was almost as if I was calling him via phone. There were even some distortions. Some kitchen or restaurant and some speaking child (he has a son!) sounds came from the background. He told me he was in a location which name he then told me, too. Then the connection broke off again.

    Comments / Afterthoughts

    I first I could not make sense of this name. Then after some research and trying to remember, I found out it is at least similar to the name of a Greek restaurant in the neighbourhood nearby in a city where he lived (and still goes sometimes as it is the next bigger city). There is also a location with the same name in the city he works. Maybe he was there for lunch/breakfast/dinner recently? (With his son?). Or somewhere else and the name is just metaporical for any location where you can eat? Or maybe he was in his own kitchen preparing a Greek dish? It was early morning when I experienced this, but hey, time is different anyway, so it does not have to be a simultaneous occurrence.

    I emailed him now asking him about the location and am really curious about the answer I will get.
    This collector of useless clutter.

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    28/Jun/2011: Lesson On Soul Mates

    Lesson On Soul Mates

    I get out (drawn by hands) and fly (or am drawn flying) through a forest. In between I look at one of my hands and have a hard time counting the fingers. I also say to myself (for lucidity stabilisation purposes) "my name is XXXX XXXX [my full name] and I am in the Astral now".

    It is a dark forest and I complain that I want daylight because many of my projections are too dark. As if s.o. obeys I get onto a clearing in plain daylight.

    Something here is conveyed, shown, explained to me. I see in this forest or on these fields some hedged separate sectors always with a different couple in it that is somehow (inter)acting. The areas belong to them and they also don't want to be disturbed and interfered with.

    They act out some plays in different (ever switching) roles and constellations.

    The lucidventure does not last very long and I get back again.

    Comments / Afterthoughts

    The day before, I had thought about a woman who I have not seen for many many years. I suspect she might have been sth like a soul mate and I still feel sorry that it did not somehow work for us.

    Well, maybe this was shown to me now: Soul mates live out certain roles in (karmic) constellations and relationships, which also change from life to life (incarnation to incarnation). One might have to accept some acts/plays/lifes where it does or wasn't even supposed to work to come together.

    It is nothing new to me, maybe just a necessary reminder. But maybe I am wrong.
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    Re: 28/Jun/2011: Lesson On Soul Mates

    Quote Originally Posted by Volgerle View Post
    It is nothing new to me, maybe just a necessary reminder. But maybe I am wrong.
    Nope, sounds good to me.

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    05/Jul/2011: I Guess My Higher Self Can Be Pretty Sexy

    I Guess My Higher Self Can Be Pretty Sexy

    One of my craziest paranormal days so far. Can it get crazier? I don't know. I had two experiences today. One with a 'kind of' projection (but not quite), another paranormal one in physical life that is connected to a projection I did a few days ago, on which I will report later. (And if this one is crazy now, that one will be even crazier!)

    But first the (near-)projection of this night. Actually it was not a full projection, just another experience in "the state".

    Moreover, this night I also had a series of possibly meaningful dreams again and I still have to peruse them in a quiet moment. Before that, I had asked my guides "Tom" and "Ludmilla" (as I call them) that one of them please appear to me in a dream and explain sth I asked them.
    The reason was that I was uncertain again how to go on. I had some rather weird projections also with helping hands lately (not reported here) again, but it was so confusing and sometimes also too dream-like that I cannot even describe it in language. All in all it was very confusing and not really perceived by me as positive (but not too negative either).
    So I felt stuck again and was not sure if I should go on with the "helping hands" strategy or if I should rather rely on my Higher Self to help me instead of a helper or guide. I also asked a bit for reassurance or encouragement (hey, why not, sometimes I CAN be a real mollycoddle if I want to ).

    Anyway, I got shortly in a lucid state lying there in bed, but without "normal" vision. Actually, and by applying my mindsight ability again, I felt it was the bed of my astral "portal" again where I had been in dreams before that same night, too.
    I then had the idea (inspired by Monroe's great talk about reliance on the Total Self on youtube) to call out again for my Higher Self. (I did that before with an interesting result but I left it out here, maybe I also should catch up on it here, too.) Also, I should maybe add in advance here that at the moment I am single and am living (and sleeping) alone in a single flat.

    So this is what happened: I affirmed 'Higher Self Now!'. All remained dark but something changed. Still, all I perceived was more by 'mindsight' than 'normal astral vision'. Suddenly, I felt a hand (or perhaps two) caressing me. There was a naked woman lying beside me . I also felt her (naked) breasts brushing slightly against my arm or shoulder or so. Wow.

    And to make it clear: This was not a dreamed-up or typical astral telepathic interchange. It 'felt' physical to me. It was as physical as the voice of Ludmilla (I wrote about it in detail) that always creeps me out.
    Maybe, if it really was my HS, it was the same woman with the voice I heard myself speak in one of my earliest lucidventures - which, btw, had also been absolutely 'physical' and audible 'in the room', and did not feel dream telepathic in any way.

    Well, so what did I do? Grasp the opportunity for 'Astral Sex'? Well, honestly, this is not one of my set goals - and surely even less only with my(higher)self.
    And since I am a chaste guy so far in the Astral (hey, no pitiful looks, folks, I said "in the Astral") I transmitted sth telepathically to "her", a kind of ROTE, that could be verbalised as sth like 'ok, well, that's very nice, but it's not what I asked for, thanks anyway'.

    Comments / Afterthoughts
    This collector of useless clutter.

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    05/Jul/2011: Johnny Smith Reprise (I Now Know How He's Doing!)

    Johnny Smith Reprise (I Now Know How He's Doing!)

    So here is part two of today's amazing ride through paranormal supernatural wonderland (in and outta body) . Maybe even some people around here will not believe me, but I SWEAR this is the truth and nothing but the truth as it happened, and exactly in this way.

    As you see below, it is only 2 and a half weeks ago when I had that Johnny-Smith-lucidventure. In the Comments section I wrote "Not a very spectacular and enlightening lucadventure, ...". In retrospect, I must admit that sometimes being wrong can be so wonderful.

    So today at around lunch time I sat at my desk at work and got a phone call. It was an outside number as the display showed me. S.o. said "Hello, do I speak to Mr. XXX [my name]?" I didn't even have to answer with 'yes', I just said his name. This guy has always had a very recognisable voice and manner of speaking.


    Unbelievable. I couldn't fathom it. My jaw dropped to the floor. However, later it dropped even lower, because at that moment I did not yet remember the projection I had 2.5 weeks ago! It dawned on me 10 minutes after our talk. I was in the men's room then (btw, a good place to ponder over things ) when this occurred to me. Thank goodness, no one saw my face then!

    He told me he just had the idea a few days ago (A FEW DAYS AGO !!!) to look me up on the internet (which is possible since I don't have a John-Doe-name like him). He found the website of my employer and called the switchboard there to get my extension number. I was not there on that day (last week) so he tried again today.

    Despite this heavy surprise, I kept relatively calm (I have to as I work in a cubicle in a spacious office and did not want to attract too much attention with my reactions to this unusual call). After a short chat, we exchanged our cell phone numbers and e-mail addresses. We might meet soon as he does not live far away.

    And yes, just as me, he no longer lives in my home town, that is maybe why I did not recognise the gasoline station and surroundings! Then, next to chatting a lot about the good old days, I will also ask him if he knows s.o. who works in that city in a garage or filling station.

    After some reckoning I concluded now that I might have seen him the last time in 1994. That's 17 years.

    So ... what do I make of it? Did I 'create' this now as I set the intention of finding him (and asking s.o.!) in the Astral?

    Or is it all just an accident (though a very great one, as any skeptic would have to admit) that he only just and exactly right now (in 17 long years) pops up out of nowhere finding me by his own initiative, and just 2 weeks after my projection with me looking and asking for him. And he tried to find me last week already, so it's even closer to that date!

    Just an accident, huh? C'mon .... HOW PROBABLE IS THAT? This is f****** crazy!

    Hey, Mr R@ndi, what's your explanation?

    My view of this physical reality is starting to shift again a bit further. It's a heavy shift this time.

    Very very heavy.
    This collector of useless clutter.

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    Re: Volgerle's Lucidiary

    Nothing deep to say but... Wow! This is indeed NO coincidence...Do trust it
    We really do communicate at a spiritual level, in ways we may not yet fully comprehend perhaps, but we really do... How beautiful that is!

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    Re: Volgerle's Lucidiary

    That's wonderful, Volgerie!!
    "A dream is a question, not an answer."
    (Therapist and dreamworker Strephon Kaplan

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    Re: Volgerle's Lucidiary

    That's great V.
    Kinda makes you wonder what else you could manifest into your life, eh?!...
    "We are spirits in the material world" Sting. The Police.

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    Re: Volgerle's Lucidiary

    wow how great, yeahs what an amazing experience and shifting of permeating realities, so cool!

    also enjoyed to read your exciting meeting with your higher self.

    keep on this ingenuous path
    wishing joyful expansion, greetings from germany

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    Re: Volgerle's Lucidiary

    Quote Originally Posted by Neil Templar View Post
    That's great V.
    Kinda makes you wonder what else you could manifest into your life, eh?!...
    Thanks (actually to all of you for your encouraging words). Still have to digest it somehow . Actually, it is a kind of (unexpected) validation for me, although a very different one than the usual ones (like e.g. looking up cards).

    And yes, maybe I should try to 'manifest' my lottery ticket in the astral now?
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