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Thread: Sinera's Lucidiary

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    Re: Volgerle's Lucidiary

    Quote Originally Posted by Volgerle View Post
    ... the announcement of a REUNION (!!) which was given to me by Thomas, the singer, in a dream I had in July. .... And indeed, especially at the beginning of October I started to have dreams again about/with "The Band". ... And it does not end there!
    No, it seems it's just the beginning. Tonight I had two interconnected dreams (one with "the Band") that show the culmination of important life decisions which indeed take/took place in Oct/Nov. So the announcement really turned out right (albeit differently as first thought). Again, I put them here in the Lucidiary, as they are so important regarding the motif of the "Band" or the "Puncture".

    Scene 1: I am driving the interstate / freeway ('autobahn') with a bicycle and try to catch up with some folks I know who drive (as normal) by car. One of these people is my current boss. I cannot catch up or reach my destination. I turn around and think about driving home with my bike.

    Scene 2: I am on stage with the band (in a location where we once had a gig) but there is also additional musicians, a choir and an entire orchestra supporting us. I am amused of the additional musicians as they are very busy and a bit nervous about doing it all right. Then it occurs to me that this is only natural as the song is only familiar to me and my band. One musician (bass player of a friend band we had back then) runs around and spreads sheets of music. Everything looks professional and busy. There is even a conductor who makes funny summersault-like moves when conducting, which reminds me of the roll of the drumsticks I usually did between my fingers. We play a song of us (I hear it!) in a great orchestral and choir version, a song, btw, which dealt lyrically with escaping 'social roles' by enjoying the weekend's nightlife.

    The background is: I quit my job now. However, there's still a long notice period left til next spring for re-orientation. I was offered a new job by the company as the old was cancelled, but I declined. I am convinced that this was planned and is thus supposed to be this way (I received more signs for this, but too much to write here). Change must sometimes be radical. So this is what is said in the first dream. The playing with the orchestra is the preparation of the new life for me. I also quit my current appartment and move to another appartment soon. This also was "forced" in some way, but I ackknowledge (in both cases) the "force" to be indeed the needed impetus for change. I completely accept it and even want it this way. Out of every old death comes then birth of the new. This is, I am convinced, what is taking place now. It is reality creation in the making with help of my HS. There is no doubt for me anymore.
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    Re: Volgerle's Lucidiary

    Reminds me of the Blues Brothers... The band. The band? The band!

    Good luck!

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    Re: Volgerle's Lucidiary

    Quote Originally Posted by Korpo View Post
    Reminds me of the Blues Brothers... The band. The band? The band! Good luck!
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    Re: Volgerle's Lucidiary

    So what's your take on the phenomena of projecting into different locations? I believe you have called them "portals." One too many times I have projected, only to find myself in one of my old houses, or in a seemingly unfamiliar place altogether. Sometimes my astral location is more accurate in terms of its likeness to the physical, though. So what do you make of this?
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    Re: Volgerle's Lucidiary

    Quote Originally Posted by outofbodydude View Post
    So what's your take on the phenomena of projecting into different locations? I believe you have called them "portals." One too many times I have projected, only to find myself in one of my old houses, or in a seemingly unfamiliar place altogether. Sometimes my astral location is more accurate in terms of its likeness to the physical, though. So what do you make of this?
    I think we can create (consciously and/or subconsciously) our own save and private "places" in the non-physical. It is an access point and also a starting point from where you do further explorations. You can create any place you like and then "jump" / phase into it. It might be similar to what Xanth from the Astralpulse calls "Mental Rundown" technique. So I do not think it is the "RTZ" (not even back in time) if you ask me.

    As to my 'childhood bedroom portal' (also: Portal 1 / Home Portal): It is complicated, as many aspects seem to melt into it. It is best put in the resumé I did on March 15th after my "Agitated Mum" experience.

    'private' astral 'locations' can have a quite sophisticated structure: On the inside: dream access of other members who are sharing the same or parts of the same location (mother), entanglement with the physical place (mother/childhood bed location) as well as emotional entaglement (worries of mother); On the outside: the portals to leave (to the astral 'city') and re-enter (which I indeed did in another adventure!)
    First, I did my exits there just subconsciously. Later I also tried to re-inforce it by visualising the place e.g. during meditations or affirmations for getting out-of-body. So I kind of 'solidified' it.

    I am also there in dreams (steered by "subbie") a lot. I am convinced it is "the same place", the self-created portal in the Astral. Sometimes then (in dream-state) there are "people" that try to "wake me up" to get lucid in that portal. It does not always work as it is a constant fight against my "subbie", as this experience called "The Light Switch" has proved to me. Nevertheless, I still consider it "private" as these people or helpers that helped me out there during lucid experiences seem to be either trusted 'intimates', friends or even my"self" (aspects).
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    02/Dec/2011: Sleep Paralysis & Heart Chakra Visualisation

    Sleep Paralysis & Heart Chakra Visualisation

    This was my second night when I took Galantamine/Choline before sleep. It has definitely an effect. You get lucid at least one time per night it seems. I tried it 2 times now, so I have - by now - a 100% success rate. However, the experience is different for me. I have an even greater problem with control then. I learnt that being lucid does by far not yet mean that you are 100% in control of the situation(s) arising.

    My first night's attempt (about 3-4 days ago) was what I would call a 'rollercoaster ride'. There was a rapid succession of several scenes I phased into for about what felt a minute because I never could hold on to them for too long. And one time, after I decided it was enough, I even wanted to get back to body ("wake up") by counting down from 3 - but it did not work, so I was 'trapped' in the non-physical (not that I bothered too much, though, I never felt fear).
    So there were many different scenes then, and also in-between the hands again drawing me upwards through the velvety dark (so many projectors talk about) as I asked a guide to be taken to higher levels.
    One such 'high' level (literally!) was a nice one with me sitting at daylight in almost meditation style on a huge, white tree with wide branches, high above the ground, in a reality that consisted of a wide forest of kind of jungle. The branches were interconnected with other trees, thereby forming lanes. The whole thing might remind one of the Tree cities of some species in Hollywood fantasy or sciene-fiction movies, such as Star Wars' Ewoks or the blue people in Avatar. Along the trees' trunks and brunches was an intricate system of water irrigation, little water streamlets flowing down from the trees and along the branches, too. Sometimes the water was collected in little puddles on the branches' little dents. I remember I put my hand in one of the little puddles nearby and kind of baptized me with the water in a kind of ritual. Don't ask me why I did that. I was lucid the whole time, but my subbie was probably doing it. Maybe it was because it all (including myself) felt so 'holy' there.

    The second night: Again, it was another "different" experience. For the first time I experienced sleep paralysis consciously while getting lucid (not "awake" necessarily). I now understand why SP is a "creepy" thing (as double entendre) for many people experiencing it, especially if it's involuntarily. It really 'crept' over me. Like a different entity taking possession of me, it started from the trunk and then went to the extremities' distal parts. No seriously, I really felt it 'creeping'. Then there was split-body effects again: the paralysis of the physical body while lying in bed, and also partially ability to 'move' what I assume was one of my energy bodies. Sometimes I even felt my limbs in this partially paralysed state, like those injections you get at the dentist and then it slowly wakes up again. As said, I was lying there and could not exit. Unlike many others who suffer from SP, however, I did not at any point see my physical bedroom. Rather, I was either phased into a scene playing out dream-like before me or had some 'hypnagogics'. Actually one time I overcame the paralysis and 'phased' into the night sky of a city and flew over it. But it took only a little while and I was 'back in bed' feeling paralysed again.

    Then I did one surprising thing (to myself!) which brought about the following experience. I was not really scared, it seems I am beyond fear now. Nevertheless, I felt of course 'not comfortable' in this situation and I did not want to feel like a potential victim, so maybe I did this as a kind of precautionary defence (or as a kind of 'whistling-in-the-dark') measure: I started SINGING.

    It was a harmless self made-up tune, sung with my "inner" voice, not with my physical mouth or vocal chords (of this I am sure). And I just sang it in "La-La-la". Sometimes I added instruments to it. Sometimes I just sang again. I remembed the tune after waking up, but did not later. But I can say that it wasn't exactly quite like a masterpiece after all, so never mind .

    Exactly from the moment I started singing, something 'opened' in my visual field. And it looked like a galaxy of green pixels with its core in the middle dark and bright and thinning out and darkening to the edges. It might also have had a spin. IIRC it was from left to right - clockwise. Everything was green and at the core almost glowing in a shiny intense white, but still green-ish.

    It lasted as long as I was singing. Maybe I got bored and was a bit fed up with being paralised and not being able to really get started with an exit and lucidventure. So I aborted it by saying to myself 'this is stupid' which indeed woke me up as I could then also roll my physical body again on the back and opened my physical eyes.

    I took one of the many pics on the internet of rotating galaxies and edited it a bit on a graphics program. This one I came up with as the closest thing resembling what I saw all the time (and could have seen longer if I had wanted to). Just imagine it rotating clockwise and partially at times being a bit more pixellated.

    Comments / Afterthoughts

    Not when I had this experience, but soon after I 'woke up' I felt reminded of the Heart Chakra pictures. This is, of course, only an assumption.

    If it was, what was its cause? My self-protection purpose? The singing? The syllable "la"?

    Maybe the Heart chakra relates most to music and the arts and that's why it 'came on'?

    Maybe it is even more specific. I found on the internet that the chakras can be related to the 7 main notes on the musical (Western!) scale: CDEFGAB.

    The fourth (middle) sound is F and it relates to the fourth (middle) chakra. So maybe, just maybe, it is because I probably (without knowing, of course, since I have no musical ear) sang it in the key 'F'. Had I sung it in key 'E' I would have seen a yellow galaxy spinning round in my eyes?

    I also tried to find about about any kind of "la"-Mantra, but so far did not find to much information.

    If s.o. here reads this who knows more if not a lot about chakras and seeing them as spinning wheels or galaxies in the non-physical and what it all could mean, I'd be grateful for any comments.

    @Korpo: I know that Kurt knows a lot about the chakras and is also into music & spirituality as one of his books shows me. I do not have it but it seems from the contents that he also makes connections to the chakras ("expression"??). Your interesting comments in the Tool thread prove to me that you surlely have read it. I remember you told us you were in contact with him and could you ask him about it? I don't think he is still on this board. I would appreciate his knowledge as to my experience here. Of course, I am also looking forward with anticipation to your own take on it.
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    Re: 02/Dec/2011: Sleep Paralysis & Heart Chakra Visualisation

    Quote Originally Posted by Volgerle View Post
    Not when I had this experience, but soon after I 'woke up' I felt reminded of the Heart Chakra pictures.
    This was also my first thought when I read about this experience
    I am not sure if activating the heart chakra may be a protective mean… But it may be that you are currently working on balancing this chakra, and that you intuitively knew how to `bring it forward` and tune it up by using the F key connected with it.

    Quote Originally Posted by Volgerle View Post
    Maybe the Heart chakra relates most to music and the arts and that's why it 'came on'?
    I believe the whole body - all the chakras - and perhaps even all the energy bodies linked with each of them, respond to music (and art), but they respond to different musical stimulis, such as different types of songs, musical instruments and notes(accordingly to the different vibrations they `produce`).

    I googled the topic a little and found interesting information here . The page is in French but it basically mentions the following correspondances :
    From the first chakra (root) to the seventh (crown) …
    Lower pitched and `heavier` sounds to higher pitched and `lightier` sounds
    Faster and more rythmed music to slower and more meditative music
    From percussions (root) to bells and aerial sounds -singing bowls? (brow and crown)

    As for the fourth chakra, it would respond well to guitar, cello and violin (warm and balanced medium pitched sounds), and to the F key as you mentionned in your post…

    That said, I am not Kurt Leland and have been working with music more intuitively than really consciously, so maybe someone else could add more on the topic…

    By the way, I really love the metaphor of the holy forest with interconnected trees… As if each tree was a distinct consciousness and all of these distinct consciousnesses were linked with one another in a network pictured as the forest. And your `holy water` irrigation system reminds me of the Source … It’s a beautiful analogy...

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    16/Dec/2011: Card Validation Test 1 - Missed But Close!

    Card Validation Test 1: Missed But Close!

    This was/is an ongoing side project which was actually intended as a dream (programming) project. Anyway, it got mixed up with lucidventures, too. Some months ago, I had placed a card from a common skat deck face up on the high top of a wardrobe in my room. I intended to 'dream up' the face of the card. In 2009, I also had tried to do card validations by projections but it mostly failed due to fluctuating cards.

    Now, a little later after resuming the tests and placing a card, on 22 September of this year, I had a dream where I was playing cards with a friend of mine and the card being played out was as I remember it a King Of Spades. I already had the "intuition" before this dream that the card 'must be' a kind of person card (Queen, Jack or King). I did not yet make the check because I wanted to have more data accumulating.

    On another projection a few days ago, I remembered the wardrobe and went to it. Before that I saw a Mickey Mouse figure (pretty large one!) in my room - but I have none in my physical room. I saw a lot of stuff on the wardrobe during this projection but did not detect a card.

    Tonight, I was a bit more lucid in my dream, although only partially (probably with what I call Purpose-Focussed Lucidity = though in dream state, the subconscious can have a partial awareness of the waking consciousness' goals and acts according to them), when I was in my room and so I flew to the wardrobe again (flying shows to me that it was not a false awakening). I saw a card but not on the place where it should be lying, it rather was standing upright being leant against the wall: It was the King Of Spades again.

    After getting up, I knew I had this a second time now and so I finally checked in the physical: I missed it, it was the Jack Of Spades.

    Comments / Afterthoughts

    It's a near-miss shot if you ask me. I can, of course, not call this a success in validation. Still, the King Of Spades for the Jack Of Spades intrigues me. They have the same colour (Spades) and both feature a male person. They are to each other indeed the nearest possible cards in likeness. Compare:

    Maybe the leaning to the wall "next to" the place where the actual card should have been lying was an indication of its "(only) immediate nearness"? I admit this is mere conjecture.

    (Even more conjecture now: Micky Mouse's head with the black round oversized ears might resemble the Spades of a card when turned around, too? However, I also have other interpretations for Mickey as he comes up in a lot of dreams and projections for me. Dreammoods gives me this: "To see Mickey Mouse in your dream signifies the magic and joy of childhood. It is time to go back to a period where you can be more carefree." As my momentary situation is not really careFREE, it almost makes sense.)

    Anyway, I will keep up with the card tests, doing them once in a while, as this seems promising to me.
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    Re: Volgerle's Lucidiary

    Maybe the jack grew older since September? You did well in my opinion.
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    20/Dec/2011: The Exit Blindness Healing Hand

    The Exit Blindness Healing Hand / Left Temple Vision Activation

    Just a short one concentrating on one element I (might have) learnt, as most of yesterday's lucidventure was too inconclusive for me. I got out with helper's hands holding me on each side, this time I felt not only one hand but being grabbed at my arms with two hands on each side. So there were at least 2 helpers. I had exit blindness which I have often. I tried a lot with affirmations, but nothing worked.

    Then a hand (by a third helper?) was pressed slightly what felt like with 2-3 fingers against my left temple (front side). Then, finally, there was a light spot in the middle and it expanded to the edges, so my vision came on. I saw the lighted room of what is my 'Portal 1'. Then flew (still with helpers holding me) out of the window for other experiences.

    Comments / Afterthoughts

    I need to check on future 'blind exits' if this is a technique I was 'taught' this way and if it then indeed works for me if I put 'my own (astral) hand' on my (left) front side.

    Question: Does the left temple have any special mystic / energetic / chakra function? Is it possible to activate astral sight / the pineal gland by working on it?
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