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Thread: Sinera's Lucidiary

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    22/Apr/2013: "Besh" And The Castle

    "Besh" And The Castle

    I use my new High Speed Induction method (HISIM) to phase into my astral bed. I grab a helpers hand and am 'blind' again (as usual). I ask the helper's name as I don't see him/her. It's a female and communication is in the usual "in-ear-voice" mode (my term: GIEV-Method, "Guide's In-Ear-Voice"). This time it again takes a few seconds for each answer. The sound is strange, a more 'mature' female voice but with crackles in the background, like static sounds or a sound made by an old scratched record (you know ... vinyl - for the young people among us ).

    Me: "What's your name?"
    H: ... "Besh." (or Beige? pronounce -e- as in bet)
    Me: "Besh?"
    H: ... "Yes, Besh."
    Me: "Yet another one. How many helpers do I have altogether after all?"
    H: ... "Ten."
    Me: "Ten?"
    H: ... "Yes. Ten."
    (I then think about what to do as I have forgotten my target)
    H (responding to my insecurity?): "For infants (?) (taking) the hand is indispensable."

    Not much time to think about this cryptic remark. I somehow seem to be able to see and am in my Lightportal. I see her and she is indeed a middle-aged spectacled lady. I might know her as "the teacher" from some classroom dreams (not sure).

    She then makes another proposal by showing me a gesture that points at the window. She takes both of her arms with the palms up, curves them a little (not straight, like holding a huge basket) while she makes the move with them from her belly to her head movement upwards she says: "Or: For Egypt. Like this."

    I interpret this to be advice to fly to (ancient?) Egypt to view the Giseh Plateau. I fly out of the window trying her technique holding the arms before me and swinging them upwards. I indeed seem to change to another (higher?) plane and it is a beautiful one, but not Egypt. I see it's a sunny day and we fly above parks, woods pastures. People enjoying themselves, it's peaceful. Afar, I see a medieval castle. It looks beautiful, too. It is like you imagine a medieval or fairy tale castle, with towers, drawbridges, etc. Beautiful vista. We fly towards it.

    We are however just passing over it. My guide still is flying next to me and I seem not to know what to do next. I know I failed to go to Egypt. So I ask her for another target that occurs to me then: How to reach my Higher Self. While I ask this we somehow fly though a kind of gallery with veils and some people (looks like a Haarem actually). Then we somehow fly back in the other direction and the guide has changed, it is a middle-aged man now and he says sth in reply to my request which I cannot remember. Then I lose it and wake up.

    Comments / Afterthoughts

    I asked and received confirmation two times for both "Besh" and "10 helpers". So this is rather 'certain data' for me. I also have more trust regarding interpreting data given to me (visual, audio) by helpful sources since my successful card validation (see post above).

    10 helpers! My goodness, Do I have an entire legion around me?!

    The crackles / static together with the time gap might show the difficulties of direct communication with my guides when doing GIEV.

    My hypothesis explaining the delay and sounds of the replies:
    Guide: recording "linear audio" --> encoding, zipping ---> transfer ---> Me: decoding, unzipping --> "listening" to audio ---> interpreting
    The "record crackles" as by-effect could be a metaphor for it beeing a pre-'recording' of a message. I remember also it had a bit of echo in it. Very strange, but a little funny, too.

    The meaning? Well, it could indeed all make sense. Maybe "Besh" was actually reminding me of two of my targets? One was to help (heal/retrieve) children, hence the "infants". Should I grab the helpers' hands in order to let me guide to where help is needed? Or maybe she meant that I am the infant (translation error: newbie, beginner) and should keep using the "hands" method, although it is not clear which one: grabbing the helpers hand or looking at my hands for gaining vision or even the one she showed me with regard to "Egypt".

    Egypt was indeed yet another set future astral endeavour of mine since I wanted to explore ancient (prehistoric) Egypt by time travel / Akashic record lookup in order to find out who built the pyramids and the Sphinx (and how). Just the day before I watched a talk by Robert Bauval (fascinating!).

    The raised arms could mean just a technique of travel or be a reference to Egypt too. Some hieroglyphs have people with raised arms, it's a common motif actually:
    Egyptian hieroglyph: Man with arms raised: determinative be elevated; height; enjoy oneself; mourn; bald.

    Last not least, my research showed from a rare and old scientific resource that there was indeed a "King Besh" in predynastic Egypt (approx. (long?) before 3100 BC: who was from Southern Egypt but then conquered and ruled the Upper Kingdom. But this might be accidental. Anyway:

    "huge vases of alabaster and granite, which were dedicated by a certain king Besh in the year when he conquered the people of Northern Egypt. On the other hand, on a stela now at Palermo a list is given of kings who seem to have reigned over Northern Egypt while the Pharaohs of Nekhen were reigning in the south or how many centuries the two kingdoms existed side by side, sometimes in peaceful intercourse, sometimes in hostile collision, it is impossible to say. The fact that Egypt had once been divided into two kingdoms was never forgotten; down to the last days of the Egyptian monarchs the Pharaoh bore the title of “lord of the two lands,” and on his head was placed the twofold crown of Upper and Lower Egypt. Nekhen was under the protection not only of Horus, the god of the Pharaonic Egyptians, but also of Nekheb, the tutelary goddess of the whole of the southern land. From the Cataract northward her dominion extended, but it was [pg 040] at El-Kab opposite Nekhen, where the road from the Red Sea and the mines of the desert reached the Nile, that her special sanctuary stood. Besh calls himself on his vases “the son of Nekheb”; and even as late as the time of the Sixth Dynasty the eldest son of the king was entitled “the royal son of Nekheb.”
    Source:The Religions ofAncient Egypt and Babylonia The Gifford Lectures on the Ancient Egyptian and Babylonian Conception of the Divine /Delivered in AberdeenBy Archibald Henry Sayce, D.D., LL.D.Professor of Assyriology, Oxford
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    Re: Sinera's Lucidiary

    Bibi Blocksberg

    I use my fast method and this time wait for the vibrations to come and fade. Then I roll out, as ususal from side to supine position, then I'm in the void and grab the helper's hand. My original intent for this projection was to establish a kind of 'permanent connection' to the School Of Homeopathy which I had visited on a higher plane back in November 2010. I wanted to ask (channel if you will) a remedy and its dilution/potency for a friend of mine suffering from Atopic Dermatitis / Neurodermitis. Kind of like Edgar Cayce did, yeah, I know that's crazy, but the best ideas are sometimes the crazy ones.

    But I do not get the answer I want. A girl's voice answers (unkown, not Katja or Besh) and I do not remember all of what is said. I have a kind of pressure feeling at my right thumb and ask what's nagging at it. She says it is a little mouse that is harmless and wants to play. Then I ask again for the remedy but no straight answer is given. She then says "Bibi Blocksberg" and "kleiner Wicht" ("little Wight") before I fade out again and wake up.

    Comments / Afterthoughts

    This is another "kind of" validation!

    I have heard the name Bibi Blocksberg before but only knew it was a kind of children's audiobook here in Germany. I did not know more, neither did I ever listen to this radio play in my childhood. My first thought now was that it was maybe the character of a mouse due to the first remark about a mouse. A mouse also was once a hint to a job I should take and maybe still is, hence it could make some sense. However, my research shows that it was not a cartoon mouse, but rather a blonde girl who is a witch (a German H. Potter, so to speak).

    The "little Wight / Imp / Dwarf" is part of a rhyme spell she uses, but only once (!!) in meanwhile 107 radio plays (the Wiki entry of 98 is not up-to-date). This specific tiny detail I clearly could not have known before at all since I did not even know the play or the character before. And as said it is not a repeated spell, but Bibi uses it only once in this episode where she and a friend are trapped in a dark castle without light and it goes like this (nicely it rhymes also in English):

    "Ene Mene kleiner Wicht, wir haben jetzt Laternenlicht"
    ---> engl: "Eenie Meenie little Wight, we now have lantern light!"

    The most straightforward interpretation was that she told me to use it to switch on the light in order to gain vision, since I was still blind. Maybe I really should try this spell next time in the astral?

    Otherwise I don't know what this spell could mean. The Wight (Wicht) is originally a benign creature in German and Nordic folklore, so it is, like the kid witch, not really scary for me at all. No negs involved.

    "The Wicht, Wichtel or Wichtelchen of Germanic folklore is most commonly translated into English as an imp, a small, shy character who often does helpful domestic chores when nobody is looking (as in the Tale of the Cobbler's Shoes)."
    By the way. I found out that the pressure on my thumb was my physical body. I had kind of stuck my thumb between the pillow and my head when lying on the right side (my astral was rolling out on my back only). Since I often have full body awareness during these GIEV (void?) experiences it kind of bleeds through into the experience. Her "mouse" comment was thus a kind of joke or really a hint given.
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    Re: Sinera's Lucidiary

    Another idea: the Blocksberg episode could be a hint to do child retrievals, given the story of children getting lost in the castle and in need of light and guidance?
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    Re: Sinera's Lucidiary

    Quote Originally Posted by Sinera View Post
    Another idea: the Blocksberg episode could be a hint to do child retrievals, given the story of children getting lost in the castle and in need of light and guidance?
    This feel´s very true, and I count my self to the cathegory "children" because I am lost in the astral and in the "higher" knowing so to speak ...I need truly guidance

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    Re: Sinera's Lucidiary

    Quote Originally Posted by IA56 View Post
    This feel´s very true, and I count my self to the cathegory "children" because I am lost in the astral and in the "higher" knowing so to speak ...I need truly guidance
    That's a possibilty of course. As I wrote in the previous lucidventure, the guide could have meant me as a beginner when she talked about "infants" to be taken by the hand. But it is only one interpretation. The other could be that she meant another hand-technique and it was me supposed to be doing child retrievals. As always, so many possibilties of interpretation and I am afterwards more confused than before.
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    Re: Sinera's Lucidiary

    Hi, Sinera! Would you say Shakespear's Puck would be an 'imp'? Could shed some light?
    Matter is only mind in an opaque condition; and all beauty is but a symbol of spirit.
    - E Hubbard

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    Re: Sinera's Lucidiary

    Quote Originally Posted by eyeoneblack View Post
    Hi, Sinera! Would you say Shakespear's Puck would be an 'imp'? Could shed some light?
    Don't know. I've read this work when I had English literature as a subject, but I'm no expert in mythological races.
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    10/May/2013: The Grid

    The Grid

    There was more to this lucidventure but I cut it short. It's just to mention a known phenomenon I encountered for the first time in the astral and can put it on my list of 'haves' now.

    I am in my garden and try to lift off from the ground. As many times before, 'astral gravity' holds me down and I can only fly until up to the houses' roof tops or a little higher. I then decide to fly horizontally over the city. I make it a little higher and am right under what seems to be a cloud cover.

    I had the idea to test out if I can now get a little higher and indeed I make it into the clouds. Suddenly the vista changes dramatically. I see lines, pixels, some symbols all swirling around me. It does not last long, maybe about 2 seconds or so, and I dive down again into the astral realm. I did not try it a second time.

    Comments / Afterthoughts

    Are we all really living in The Matrix? Bodies and minds? Seems this way to me.

    It was funny how it seemed like I emerged from under water for felt 2-3 seconds, saw the "real" world behind it all, and then dived down again into the simulation of my astral / lucid dreamscape. The "water" experience was pretty malleable and dream-like, that's why I assume that it was my own creational space within the astral, or a dream simulation set up for me?

    In this space, there was - amongst other things - also a test where I helped a child who had a flat tyre on her bike. It was also a kind of healing situation supposedly. But due to the instability and malleability of the environment I assume it was a simulation as a training for the 'real thing'. It seems Besh and "Bibi", two of my helpers, are somehow waiting for me to become fit and help them with child retrievals.

    And maybe this kind of "simulation" was not intended to be broken free from unexpectedly, even if only for a short moment. I might kind of 'tricked' the creators of this mini-matrix simulation space set up to test me. It seemed like a glitch in the matrix somehow, a crack to escape from the training space. When I dived back down (like going under water) everything was normal again, like before, which I find amazing.
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    29/May/2013: "For Us Everything Is Information"

    "For Us Everything Is Information"

    I get vibrations and two helpers help me out each one grabbing me at one of my wrists left and right (not the first time), I laugh a little at the turmoil created, since it then needs readjustments for me to stand upright in the Lightportal. I do not see my two helpers, but always feel their grip around my wrists during the whole communication experience.

    I focus on the acoustics to perform again my CAVE-Method (see below for explanation). So I am standing there, literally cocking my (astral body's) ears and am asking their names. First left. I do not have to wait long and "Michael" is the answer. It is a kind of boy's voice. Then an adult male on the right answers: "Claus", and then adds "Red Claus". (Hope he does not mean Santa?? ).

    I then tell them that today's target it to get back to the Library (Department of Alternative Medicien) where I was 2.5 years ago. I ask them if and how they can help me or take me there. The answer is given by Claus to the right and it is surprising me:

    "We don't know exactly how. For us everything is information."

    Don't remember more. I might have faded out (disappointed) or fell into dream-state then.

    Comments / Afterthoughts

    It's a real conundrum with respect to how this sentence was meant. If it's more general it says that everything is data anyway (information = structured data with a meaning and/or for a purpose). So Mr Tom Campbell is maybe right with his theory that "all is data"?

    Maybe it was also referring to the helpers' specialty. Kurt Leland calls helpers with specific functions or a specific field of expertise "facilitators". Maybe they were facilitators to help me download / retrieve INFORMATION. This is what I normally wanted to do indeed during my last lucidventures. This includes the validation but also other "data" ("information") pertaining to e.g. past life, pre-history (Egypt), homeopathic prescriptions, etc.

    I wanted to use CAVE (formerly AHA) to retrieve info. I will now try to develop this technique even harder, maybe write sth up on how I do it and how it can be achieved. However, it surely isn't everybody's cup of tea and even might be boring to the average (experienced or unexperienced) APer who mostly desires to have full visual experiences. But I'm different. Really: I LOVE obtaining valid information and I find this technique is maybe a fascinating way to receive reliable (and sometimes, such as in the case of my card experiment, even verifiable) data.

    To explain CAVE: It's my fresh acronym for the old AHA (astral hearing approach):

    Clairaudient Astral Void Experience = CAVE-A

    A variant of this is how I did the card validation. It is when I was in the Void too but then just the card popped up before the full visuals (of the Lightportal) set in. This is CAVE-2 or CAVE-V for me:

    Clairvoyant Astral Void Experience = CAVE-V

    This time I was NOT in the Void at all but in my Lightportal from the start. Still, the decisive fact is this: I did not at all FOCUS on the visuals despite receiving them, so I intentionally shut them off by putting FOCUS on the audio, giving me the same result as if I was in the void. I believe this is why it worked to "hear" the voices again.

    And I repeat myself now: when I "hear" I really mean it. It is a hearing experience, no NVC, no thoughts implanted, no dream or astral telepathic communication. I hear their different voices, that's why it's clair-AUDIENT for me. The voices also feel 'real' to me, meaning: they are 'alien', a different (higher) consciousness and not necessarily my subconscious.
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    10/June/2013: "The Dislocated Girl" (Retrieval 4?)

    "The Displaced Girl" (Retrieval 4?)

    My guides let me down this time. No CAVE method worked, I put out my hand in vain into the dark Void. Then in one experience (there were some exits who were confusing) I managed to get out myself and then I was flying towards a church or cathedral but faded out back to bed into darkness again before I could reach it. Then in the state I stretched out my hand again, but again no hand grabbed me. I shouted out my now usual affirmation: "helper!". Then I heard s.o. say sth like "don't wait for one, be a helper" or similar. This was maybe a reminder for retrievals. I agreed and shouted ok, put me there where I can help.

    After a few seconds I was before a strange white-red house which then however turned into our own house. I saw an elderly lady outside, hanging out the laundry. First I thought it was my mother but her appearance changed then. I told mer my last name (telling her this was "our" premises). She repeated in shock while her eyes started to flicker strangely. She seemed not to be able to make sense of it. I then led her into our house and into the kitchen. We passed the living room and I saw people sitting there but recognised no one. Somehow I seemed to believe (and this is not the first time) that this was our future home when another family lived here with my family and me gone.

    We talk in the kitchen and I do not remember much of the details, just that I tried to find out if this woman really was my retrieval subject. I then saw that she was a beautiful young girl now in her twens. I asked of her how she got here and she somehow took a small and dark-blue pointed object from the kitchen sink. It's plastic and has a needle. I then see it as a blue canula of a syringe or a diabetes lancet. I therefore interpret her to have been a drug addiction victim (or diabetes, in hindsight).

    deep blue lancets:

    deep-blue canula:

    I might have asked more of her but I don't remember it all. I remember then she told me that she was a 'stranger' here and she does not like to be in an "outlandish family". This give me the idea to look for an exit (always with the 'protocol' for retrievals in the back of my mind). I told her that I know s.o. who can bring her to her home (country?) and together again with her own family (or a family in her country). She agreed with a smile.

    Then everything happens fast, also since I noted that I might start to fade out soon. I take her hand and we start to run through the corridor outside again (I might have had pretended that this person is waiting outside). Then just before we reach the front door again I note it might be too late and start the 'process' intuitively. The environment fades out. Everything gets hazy around us and dark, but I still see her and we hold both hands.

    I tell her that I have to get one of my hands free now. She says smiling at me (almost complimenting me) that my grip is still very firm just with one hand. I see her a little below me now as if I was levitating. Then I stretch out my freed hand into the Void and try to reach the guide who is to take over. But no one grabs my hand! This seems to fail. However, I note that she is still with me smiling (while me hovering a little above her). Then, just before I fade out of the scene the darkness turns lighter. It's as if you close your eyes in a dark room and then switch on a light and (still with your eyes closed) you move your eyes to the bright light. I've had this before. And so we kind of "dissolve" into the light. I wake up.

    Comments / Afterthoughts

    I am short of time now and might add some more thoughts later and put in some corrections.

    Just in short: I do not believe (again) this was a retrieval but just a simulation for me. Be that as it may, treating it as a retrieval my interpretation of some issues goes like this:

    The old lady (who could have died of diabetes) was maybe kind of bringing her memories in order or working through some things. This might have been symbolised by the laundry (cleansing? some 'old dirty laundry' maybe?).

    The dissolving into the light might have been the going home for her although I intuitively had it planned another way. But maybe I opened a kind of "portal" or did some phasing. I literally brought her "into the light" again.

    Why "my" home if it was a retrieval? I had this before with Ronald. Maybe in the Astral we kind of meet other souls by merging our own environments too? That's why she did not 'recognise' my environment and also reacted stongly to my "outlandish" family name. Finally she wanted to go to her home country and not be 'abroad' anymore which might reflect here need to find home.

    As said, I see it all metaphorically and not to be 'real'. Still, a nice experience worth sharing. The most imporant point for me is to see the value in putting out good and helping intentions in the Astral and it will bring back some good. I am happy about this experience despite its questionable 'realness'. As an exercise (designed by my helpers, tutors?) it was real enough anyway, like similar ones before.
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