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Thread: Sinera's Lucidiary

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    Re: 29/May/2013: "For Us Everything Is Information"

    Quote Originally Posted by Sinera View Post
    "Claus", and then adds "Red Claus". (Hope he does not mean Santa?? ).
    No, I now know he did NOT refer to Santa Claus. After more than 3 weeks past, the penny has dropped! I know now what it could mean.

    Klaus is a German first name, you should know. I was mulling over this "name" given to me and why this helper added a "red" then (and he almost seemed to say it in a joking tone already). It was a riddle of sorts and now I solved it by analogy.

    Long ago, I had this funny (cartoon-like) guide encounter before with the BLUE Monk (here). Blue Monk has since become for me a set expression, of course. "Klaus" might have alluded to this by way of analogy - giving himself the "red" title now. This I already suspected, but I had a hunch that there could be even more to this.

    Today while having lunch, I was musing again over what all the colour titles for my guides meant. I jumbled them up in my mind saying: "BLUE Monk, RED Monk, RED Klaus, BLUE Klaus ... wait a moment! Blauer (=blue) Klaus? Rings a bell!"

    Blauer Klaus = a cartoon figure of a famous 70/80ies game show in my country!

    And yes, you see it clearly: It's an ET with a Flying Saucer. They had a first version with green skin btw, then later they changed him, so he's a chameleon, so to speak. I have a red version now it seems (edited it and took it as my new ava now).

    Is this another message regarding a possible ET origin (for me and my helpers)? Perhaps. Or maybe my guides have a bizarre sense of humour after all. Hasn't been the first time, I reckon.
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    Re: Sinera's Lucidiary

    Just a short update: CAVE method does not work anymore reliably. I had "talks" with some people in the dark, some gave me names, some gave me information that seemed useless, some even said they don't know of need to "look up" the info I was seeking. Seems my "helpers" are none or left me alone.
    Really had enough of it now. I will take a break now since most of my other "normal" projections weren't any better, confusing and resultless to say the least. I've had enough now of this crap. I might cease, maybe for good, or at least for a certain time.
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    Re: Sinera's Lucidiary

    Sinera. CEASE???
    Am slowly working my way through your journal and it's so inspiring I want to remind you what you posted on 6th August.
    "BRING IT ON ". path of warrier for 2-3 years.!!!
    Go and suck your thumb for a couple of weeks then get back out there.
    Come to think of it,should your 'helpers' come to get you what will you say.
    Not coming..go away.. .

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    Re: Sinera's Lucidiary

    Take some time off..... and then come back. But really take that vacation.
    "Stop acting as if life is a rehearsal" Dr. Wayne Dyer.

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    Re: Sinera's Lucidiary

    Just want to add, had to finish last post early as hubby came back from shopping ( so quickly posted.).
    I take on board that I am learning , so when I post what I experience I am open to experienced person's interpretation whether on this board or from Authors.
    There comes a time after so much that I feel I can take a decision that may not go with what may seem the common interpretation .
    I am still open to what I experienced in my recent journal, but looked for an acceptable explanation as authors have understood to be their interpretation.
    I am 50/50
    So the more I read your journal the more I am seeing a resemblance.
    I agree with the eyes of what you thought to be Aliens as not being so prominent as depicted in photographs.
    In fact I perceived the jaw line to be a little wider than ours.
    Dare I tell you about an experience I haven't dared post where they took the shape of their body in what looked like dark shiny suites as if defending an astral plane.
    I'll stop there but can you see why you need to just take a break as CF Traveller suggests ,then get back out there.

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    Re: Sinera's Lucidiary

    Quote Originally Posted by Sinera View Post
    Really had enough of it now. I will take a break now since most of my other "normal" projections weren't any better, confusing and resultless to say the least. I've had enough now of this crap. I might cease, maybe for good, or at least for a certain time.
    ditto with CFT. burnout! just means time for proper digestion. when you've outrun your helpers/teachers/guides then you've outrun the pupil that was being taught. when a "thing" by practice becomes 2nd nature then it no longer is a "thing" of practice, and to continue as if practicing conflicts with where it now rests. this happens before one might themself come to rest. that thou art

    shifting the gears of transmission is up to the driver. but instead of gearing up, this calls for gearing down, stopping, getting out and away from the drive/practice, and walking until you realize that you are the vehicle that you are walking away from. sabbatical

    resting in that which rests as you when you will. other wise the next step a-walkin does not arrise, or rather, goes as unseen opportunity right in front of you, even as you've steppedly walked without notice. this because it cannot be behind you rested.

    any process/pratice is not about perfection, or such an individualist ideal of what perfection has to look like to suit the individual demands. demands will not allow rest when rest is called for. a practice takes on it's own rythym for that which is ever rythymless/centered and rested. if this is not so, then the practitioner is off-center, and, therefore, when rest is called for is not aware of it, just keeps on plying the practice toward the "ideal" of perfection.

    there has to be spaces for love to grow. why is this about love? to love thyself, to be centered, rythymless, to see the rythyms round about, calling as opportunity to be seen by the rested eye. an old saying that comes with practice, which points to ideals of perfection, "that's not too hateful to accept". point just so, one is thrown within as examiner of self-acceptance, which cannot be unless one is centered/rythymless.

    if music's rythym is round about me, it serves my self to realize that i am within and between my two ears...centered. from this placement alone may i rest, safely and securely. Ahyah (Asher) Ahyah

    Asher, meaning, That, also meaning Joy; Joy being the realization of That, as thou and i oned as that being you as yours. that thou art well met with I am that...

    thus is the art and the artist, or the creation and the creator. there is no art/creation without the artist/creator. yet, to be as that is to have practiced/grown a craft that crafted may be. simply put, give thyself permission to accept it as it is, "that aint too hateful to live with".

    There is the Life, and there is THAT which Lives the Life. what does Spirit not already possess as potentiality potently resting [every"thing"] as the given potential potently Being as You presently given...are? no"thing"

    a gardner best works with the daily nature given at hand, and the fruits of labor when arriving...just are. Zen. it cannot be but the best, for it has arrived from the best given forward, and not backward. a gardner doesnt give up when the fruit comes in, it is to be gathered in, then is rest. these seasons internal and personally perceptive, even as the fruit is to be impersonally received. however, of these fruits are the seeds/opportunities of the morrow. humans aint hybrids genetically disabled of seed bearing in due season.

    and dont forget the bees and other pollenators, that have cross-affected the fruited possibilities. as R.B. has intimated, "follow the bees"...that have gone inside, perhaps to rest. i see he has a chair up there now. to sit, to rest, to chew the cud, to cogitate, to ponder, to contemplate, to listen to the natural given silence of your centered self being, to be...etc. a choice within chosen actions is choosing inaction, where assertiveness is restfully away from rythym's passive-aggressive musicality potentially jamming twixt one's ears. like a logger's log jam sometimes, yet the e-motional river still runs upunder such engorged nonsense/ideas. let your helpers worry about it, seeing as they've run out of "ideas" too. the log jam makes for a nice bridge to at first walk over and across. such is the handiness of log jams.

    let the somewhere that love within you for you. It all comes down to you to from within receive, other wise you cannot give from within what is not yours to give out.

    I Don't Ever Give Up:

    peace to ya,

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    Re: Sinera's Lucidiary

    Back again, but never been really away, actually.

    I think I was misunderstood. I just wanted to take a break (or cease...) from AP - not from this forum necessarily. Since I was disappointed with my helpers I had deleted the avatar because it was related to one. The new pic now (also the other on my profile) come up when you pic-search for Sinera, so I found it nice and fitting. Sinera also looks like an angel a little, although from her looks alone of course I cannot tell if she was (is?) one.

    I'm still on a dry period AP-wise, but it's okay, that's life, I was never a good APer in the first place and might never become one. And I can always play with dream and dream programming in the meantime, of course.
    This collector of useless clutter.

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    14/Aug/2013: Kisses


    In order to break the dry spell I took sth (after a long time of abstinence) out of my 'special purpose supplements' stock of Galantamine + Choline + Lecithin/VitB last night after 2 hours of sleep.

    After falling asleep again it normally works reliably after only a few minutes to get me into "the state", so it was this time again. What happens with Galantamine-induced trance is hard to put in words, I'll try:

    When it 'sets in' you feel a wave of numbness that almost "brutally" sweeps over you body, there's no vibrations, just a kind of feeling like you're suddenly wrapped numb in cotton wool. The onset can also come with a kind of cracking sound, accompanied also by a rush of energy. Then you know you've reached the state where you can after seconds easily just get up from your bed out-of-body or also - in my special case - grab a hand and communicate. I've become fairly intrepid in the course of my practice since 2009/10, but I would never recommend this to any total newbie, it can be very disturbing. So whoever is a beginner and reads this: DON'T DO THIS AT HOME! Try some of the many traditional methods of induction please.

    So, then I was half-blind or in a darkened room, probably in bed of even my 'real' room this time, and stretched out my hand calling out for my Higher Self, as planned. I wanted to talk to Sinera, after having seen (been shown) her so many times I wanted to hear her voice and also get the basic data from her (year/place/name of/at birth).

    It seems the first thing kinda worked. The second not (again).

    I felt two hands I held - assuming it's my Higher Self - but only heard a faint voice. I told the voice to speak up because I did not hear her good enough. It was a female voice, maybe teenage or twen girl, sometimes with giggles in-between, but nice and also a little reticent or shy. I do not remember much of the 'conversation'. I might have asked specifically for the year of birth. When I heard her say a year I did not believe it. Simply for the fact that it was my own year of birth, but I might also have "misheard" it.

    Frustrated again, I let go after a while as I did not receive any more understandable answers as her voice became even more faint through the "interference noise". Then it happened. I might have asked my HS again what all this was about? Then I felt kisses over my forehead, lots of them, repeatedly. As always in this state when in bed, it was 'physical', like the voices, the touches, it is always felt like physical.

    During the kisses, I was still holding the 'invisible' hands on each of my own hand left and right. Then when the kisses stopped and I saw the hands that then let loose of my own hands and I saw them disappearing into the walls next to my bed. This sight couldn't have been better done in any ghost movie.

    Since Galantamine trance is like a roller coaster ride, it was far from over and I had several exits after that, always starting out from my bed again, then mostly by flying through the window and then trying something. But as so often, it was useless stuff not worth being reported here.

    What's really memorable for me is of course this:

    Comments / Afterthoughts

    A message of love? Probably.

    Crazy stuff.
    This collector of useless clutter.

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    Re: Sinera's Lucidiary

    Kisses to the forehead usually represent platonic love and strong affection. Repeated kisses then would be an emphasis.

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    16/Sep/2013: Gillighan


    This is another 'validation of sorts' for me personally. And it proves to me the fact (more and more) that such a thing as fairies clearly and without doubt exists. It's Magick!

    It also proves that the larger consciousness system "knows" that I do thorough (internet) research afterwards and gives me clues to find sth interesting which then is a 'message' of sorts. If you've read parts of my journal here you will know this is by far not the first time.

    A seemingly unspectacular projection turns out to have been sth amazing in hindsight when I conclude my research, if only by entering the name or term into the google search field and see what comes up first. This is definitely a way of communication.


    I get lucid and call out for "Roter Klaus" but it's not the helper I meet. It's a small little lady, her height maybe about 1 meter or less. She's one of the 'little people' I meet occasionally in dreams. I also ask for her name and she says "Gillighan". We are in my "Lightportal" and she leads me to a table where there are things placed on top of it to choose from or at least to be shown. Unfortunately I am too fixed (as always) on my pre-determined goal and do not concentrate on what's on the table but ask her directly where "Roter Klaus" is or if she knows him and knows what he's doing. She tells me with a smile that he is playing drums right now. Then I fade out of the scene and wake up.

    Comments / Afterthoughts

    I noted down "Gillighan" on a piece of paper and wrote it exactly like this. The name was unkown to me. English is not my mother tongue but I found this spelling to be natural (also compared to the spelling of "Gallagher" as it's known to me). I now found out there is also a version without an -h- after the g (Gilligan) but this is what comes up as first entry when I use "my" naturally chosen spelling:

    Located at Knocknashee, one of Irelands' ancient sacred hills, and traditionally known as "the Hill of The Fairies" you escape into a land of artistry and imagination. It is a magical place adults adore and children love. Miniature villages and delightful faerie habitats nestle in beautiful water and botannical gardens, with a stone tunnel entrance, dolmen and amphitheatre. Enchanted glade, secluded picnic areas, pet haven, water cave and spectacular panoramic views from the Celtic Faerie Fort. Gillighan's World is truly "the Field of Dreams".

    It's a fairy. No doubt.

    And I swear I did not know about this "mini"ature (mini people!) fairy park before. How could I? I'm not from Ireland, never been there and I do not believe it is a 'famous' place outside of the English speaking world. Even if I knew it subconsciously by cryptoamnesia, it would not take away anything from this amazing way of after-the-event-communication.

    Another issue is the meaning of the "drumming" activity of Klaus (Claus). It might refer to my Higher Self as in the past in dreams it was symbolised to me as a former band of mine with "ME" being the drummer in a harmonious set of people, metaphorically. Is Red Claus just a part of my Higher Self?

    Other meanings of him being busy with drumming might be that he has his own projects to pursue with eager- maybe as he is part of (= the drummer) of another Higher Self?

    Dreammoods says:
    "To dream that you are playing the drums indicate that you progress through life by your own terms. You are strong willed and stick by the decisions you make. The dream may also be a metaphor to indicate you are "drumming up" business. You need to be more aggressive with your new ideas."
    Should it still refer to me instead of Klaus, it might indicate that I need to pursue my life goal with even more eager now and 'drum up' business for my envisaged naturopath practice. I will indeed tomorrow inspect a room which is for rent in a joint practice located within a naturopath school. I still plan to start my practice at January first although the situation looks rather bleak due to my shortage of money (to be honest: I am completely flat broke at the moment). However, due to manifestation techniques I try to touch the right 'resonance fields' and that's why I do the viewing anyway, even if it all then should turn out unaffordable (or Jan 1st too early) in the end. Maybe that is what was meant by it after all. Again, as always, just guessing, of course.
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