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    If you are familiar with Samuel Sagan's book, Awakening the Third Eye, you may remember the distinction he makes between the etheric, astral, and astral space.

    Sagan indicated that meditators may commonly experience the etheric through the third eye as a "vibration, tingling, a feeling of pressure, weight, or density."

    The astral, likewise, can be experienced from the third eye as "non-physical light;" it may take form as "a vague haze, cloud, or glow, to colours and organised patterns."

    Finally, the astral space can be experienced as purple light, dark blue, or even black. It appears in the background and "gives the feeling of an expanse or of a space that extends in front of your third eye."

    I wanted to know if anyone else have had these experiences? I personally have experienced the etheric and astral through my third eye as Sagan described. I have also experienced the astral space or purple light but only very vaguely. I would like to go further in my practice, but I cannot seem to maintain the purple light/astral space. Once in a while I would see it. I notice it as a tiny spark of purple light appearing in my field of vision but only long enough to see it vanish in a matter of seconds. In short, I have trouble going pass the astral and would like to explore more of the astral space. I wonder if anyone here have any tips they would be willing to share.

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    I believe he is describing what we call 3D Black, the Void, 3D white, and I know I've forgotten a few more terms. We consider it the 'space' in between levels/dimensions/locales/focus levels, and can be used to access the astral, but isn't the "astral proper".
    There is more info on the OBE sections of this forum and the AD Pedia.
    AD Pedia:

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    Thank you for your response. I will check out the OBE section and AD Pedia.

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