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Thread: Needed Science for the Times

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    Needed Science for the Times


    Much of the Kryon information is about science. This particular message impressed me.

    What Humanity needs the most right now

    We're going to give you one other insight: This is not new, in that the following information was known, then inappropriately sold and pocketed by industry. Since the idea is already known, I'm going to give it to you here so that the public can see it and anyone with synchronicity who listens to, or reads this message, will understand it. Even you sitting in the chairs will understand the concept, but the scientists and the physicists will then have to implement it. We would not mention it here unless it were very timely.

    The resource that humanity is going to need the most as the population grows, as the weather changes, is what you probably already had guessed: Fresh water! Already it's becoming scarce. You will notice the snow is falling more and more in the wrong places, and often in areas that have no infrastructure to capture the runoff. The reservoirs and aqueducts are built for the old energy with the old weather patterns. As the population grows, water will be the issue.
    The solutions were explained in the thread.

    It would be nice if we were able to implement this. Any ideas on how that could take place?


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    Interesting read. It reminds me of an idea I once had, I don't know why, when telling a short story to myself, that what we would perceive as intelligence might actually be contained in the same formula for simulating a fluid - in a sense without lines.

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