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Thread: Affirmations your son used in the Manifestation and Healing Program

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    Affirmations your son used in the Manifestation and Healing Program

    Hi Robert.

    Love your Manifestation and self healing program.

    One thing that stuck out to me was the story you told about your son manifesting some of his desires.

    Im 18 and find myself in a similar position as he was. I was wondering if you could help me with it.

    Firstly, like him, i dont like coffee lol, so what would be a good affirmation to manifest a glass of coke into my life? lol

    Second, a Job. Im not sure what kind of job i want, but i would like one that makes some decent money, i need to save for University and for your Astral Projection Program! Also i need to enjoy what i do as well! So what kind of affirmations can i use and what can i visualise if i dont know what job i want?

    Willing to put in the work. Manifested tickets to see the Dalai Lama as well as a few other things with Affirmations. I know they work, i just need help in the creation of some for these 2 things in particular.

    Love your work, love your programs, love you LOL!

    And very thankful!

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    Here's one i just thought of:

    'I easily and joyfully earn $500 a week' Or perhaps it may be better to say 'each week'

    Then i can let higherself take of the other details. Seeing as i don't know the job i really want to do yet, HS can direct me to the best option. Are there other good affirmations and is that one there any good at all!? lol

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    Affirmations work

    G'day Jeremy,

    First of all you need to have a good think about what you want. Come up with a list and fine tune it. Be specific. An affirmation like "I have a cute and sexy girlfriend" can backfire on you badly, as you will get that but she may not be very nice.

    Get your list, then break each part down into an affirmation.

    Yes, a list of affirmations is okay.

    Examine your fears and limitations as you craft the list, and work on them, getting used to accepting these things so you are okay about it on the inside.

    Phrase each affirmation present tense, as if it already existed. So you would say "my girlfriend is pretty, sexy and kind"

    Avoid words like no, not, don't can't that are reversals.

    Clear, simple english.

    Present tense.

    Get some picture frames and insert pictures of some of the things you plan to attract into your life.

    Leave the pic frame of a person empty.

    Put them somewhere where you'll see them often, and stop and think about them now and then, as if they were already there.

    To manifest a good job, something like "I am gainfully employed and well paid" "I love my job" "I live well and easily save for university"

    If you have some idea of what you'd like to do, try to be specific.

    Read your list through many times a day. Carry it in your wallet. When you can, speak them aloud. Make good use of alone time and driving time. Speak them firmly and loudly, and don't just repeat them parrot fashion. Try to say it 'better' and more 'meaningfully' each time.

    The more time and energy you put into this each day, the faster and more powerfully these things will manifest.

    Keep it up.

    Look for opportunities that arise and act on them. They may not be what they seem. EG, you get an invite to a party from someone you hardly know. That makes it stand out as unusual. Accept and go. You never know who you'll meet there. You may meet a few people and through knowing them and interacting with them over time, opportunities arise.

    take care, robert

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