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Thread: Clairvoyance Program

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    Clairvoyance Program

    Hi Robert, really curious about your Clairvoyance program coming out next year. Can you give us a bit of insight in what's gunna happen with that?

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    Cool sight space


    This program will teach all I know about clairvoyance, starting with how to see auras, energy work and affirmations and commands to help develop this. Beyond the 'how to' side, I'll also impart how clairvoyance works, and how to understand and interpret what is seen and perceived. I'll also be including some work on psychic sensing, as well as surrounding phenomena, including the vision screen of high level clairvoyance and its various formats. Of great interest, I will be also including my thoughts on the various 'training programs' and 'tests' and 'initiations' that are built into the collective consciousness... these are triggered by certain energies the chakras produce, and certain activities and events. Knowing how these work can save a lot of headaches and confusion.


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    Re: Clairvoyance Program


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