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Thread: dream or obe??

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    dream or obe??

    Hi, just logged on to the new site. My first post I read was about the HELMET.I nearly switched off until I read the replies.
    I know this is very late in saying but well done guys, I thought you had introduced loonies to the site. Didn,t notice the date.

    Now on to problem,

    A few weeks ago I tried the card test by putting a card face up at a hight that I could not see without a chair.
    I,ll make this short or I could go on for ever.Thought I was having a real OBE. (have had them before). Constant thoughts whilst raising energy, vibrations, raising and floating downstairs to put myself to the test. (I knew that if I walked I may think that I was sleep walking.)Problem was that when I got to the living room the new floor was down that I ha d thought of for the future and the fire was removed (planned for the future)I must emphasize that the SHADE of the floor I would NEVER choose.Went to the dining room where the card had been placed on the top of a high clock but could,nt see the face of the card. There seemed to be paper on top of it.
    I must of gone to sleep and the next morning my mind was trying to work out what went wrong.Has everything I,ve experienced just been my imagination??

    If I was to guess what card was there what would it be? JACK OF SPADES came twice, but I put this to playing with my imagination. Next day I couldn,t resist it. I climbed on a chair . There was no paper on top of the card. Just the card. JACK OF SPADES.
    was this an obe or have I obe'd at a different time and stored the knowledge or???

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    Re: dream or obe??

    Just decided to mention at the last minute that another thought that was repeating in my mind was

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    Re: dream or obe??

    Greetings Susan
    That certainly Does seem to have been an OBE. The vibrations and floating down the stairs are both common phenomena associated with OBEs. The floor color could have been due to 'reality fluctuations'. This is a term (coined by Robert Bruce) denoting minor differences between the astral/ethereal Real Time Zone (RTZ) and its correspondent physical location. This fluctuations are usually quite minor. I have noticed them during a few of my projections.
    Congrats on getting the card experiment correct. It has been done a few times by others but getting the right card is actually quite rare.


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