I have some notes about some of my dreams written down I try to find my snake dreams.
I found one snake dream in 2007..The snake was very impertinent and I felt nearly offended by him...I asked if anyone
see where the snake went...I said...It was preagnant....someone said...he is in Olas pants???...I never understood
this dream at all and still do not...

Last night I dreamt several dreams...The first one was with a big Alsatian or German Shepard..he was huge, the owner did let the dog be without leash and I said to him that if the dog was mine I wouldnt trust it because it showed to be little bit caprisious, the owner did get little bit afraid and did run after the dog to leash him....( I am trying to go deeper in feeling about the dog but do not succeed for the moment)

In this episod I was with my son he was driving the car, he wanted me to get some stuff of his from a house he have sold but still had his stuff left there...he specially said one cupboard was important because he had some money hid in it...so I knocked on the door and said who I was and that I come to get some stuff...yes they said..it is over there...and they pointed towards the old stowe...the lady of the house showed me a handbag and wondered if it was mine...No I said I do not recoqnize it at all..and she did smile...it was a test.....and I past it....now I found the handbags what was mine..and I showed her...See this is mine...and I opened it and it was full of Smurfs??....Now I asked about the cupboard and she asked if I was looking for the money..Yes I said...she gave me a huge hip but to my dissapointment it only was 20 Skr bills...I thought it would be 100 Skr bills..I was wondering if they had switched but I did not know what to expect so I couldnt call in question...
(This is my dilemma in life, I never get right information so I can know the reallity, I like have to act like blindfolded)