In last night dream I was wrapped in a blanket and wearing my night dress?? I went out to visit my cousin P but did all the time be disturbed
and ending up in situation of various happening, like when I went into the house to take the staires up a book-schelf was blocking my way,
so I turned around to take the elevator but in the elvevator was a women moving out of the building and she was sitting in a Wheel-chair,
telling me that she have got to know a place with much lower rent than this flat she has in this house, and she was going into the garage,
I helped her with her bags out of the building.
I took the elevator and reached my cousins door, someone unknown opened the door, her appartament was in disaray and I was wondering
what has happened, she told me that one of her friends with several children has moved to live with her. I appologixed me not being dressed
properly and that I felt such a urge to visit her quickly and therefore I was not dressed and was wearing my night dress.
To my surprise she was knitting a jumper with many details, I tried to ask her how much did it cost her the material and how much does she
sell it out, she did not want to tell me?? But she said, I have already sold one. It was so much work with one jumper that I was thinking that
it is not cheep the yarn to it and it will take such a long time to knit it, I tried to help her but I am so much worse in my hands that I was so
dissapointed that my knitting was so bad that it did not have the quality what it has had before.

I am sad today......