On 2 occations has happened odd things and I am wondering who it is??...for some days I did awoke when someone was checking up on me...and this morning someone did touch my stomache and said...I go now...like someone watching over me??

This night I did dream very stressed dreams...I was walking on a road and it was winter, moonlight and very much snow..the road was like from my childhood village road...I had my handbag with me, I see a man coming on a moped, it did stop when seeing me, and I said...go on...and did a gesture with my hand that move on...and he hesitated little but did drow away...I was thinking about what can happen on this road, stanges coming and may get dangerous for me...so I did take my handbag and rolled the handbag-band around my hand if robber coming they will not take it from me...I tried if I can fly and it did work, but I was not able to rise higher did like fly about an inch over the road only...so I started to walk again...now I see 3 men coming...I tried to pass them quickly but one of the men did notice me and did get interested in me...he come besides me and put his hand around my shoulders...(the man was read headed and with frecled face)...and saying he will followe me home...I said...what if I have a bf...he said..then I have to kill him...so here I awoke myself it did become too much for me....(the man who beated me up in -80 ties..did say...that he will kill everyman I try to be with, so off course I am afraid this will happen now when I really are in love with my bf and fear this very much)