Last night dream was more than comfusing...I dreamt that I had married my teen boy-friend...we did not tell
anyone we got married...and his mother did be so angry...he told me that she had given him an angry look, so I told him that she has never liked me and now you did dissobey her off course she is angry....I told him also that I have not ever bean able to build an relationship to now when I won she will never forgive me....but at the same time I did have a near relationship with my father...I in the dream did say to my father...this is not right...I have to choose...and off course I choose my husband...but my father are trying to talk over me to be with him....I felt embarressed in the dream if my father was in the same room as my husband and more embarressed if he did kiss me...The dream continues...I meet my mother in law and she is saying....say something to me...I asked what it could be she want to hear...he say to know prices of suggar prices...I cant understand this...and me and he has not bean in stores at all...I am not interested about stuff...I do buy if I need something...but I do not go to stores for fun to look at stuff...ever....but she me being so different than her..we do not have much to say husband is also somekind of teacher...we are gathered in a class-room and with lots of books on the we are dressed up and he has given me a flower as they have in USA when they graduate and go to school bal...have the flower on the arm....he had bought total black flowers to me...and he had hung an jewelery to have on me person gave me a black long skirt...I said I have a skirt on me...and it is black..but not I asked my husband if it is okay me to have my own skirt...and I had a orange blause...the neacleass was blue and white jeweles....I did find it odd combination of colores...but I do feel this dream is deep and profound in many ways...The details in the skirt was also telling was pink....but I do not remember more about it...I was very happy to be married to him....the feeling last.